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Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Baling & Stacking Hay


It’s summer time, and there are tons of adventures to be had for two mini donkeys on a bustling ranch like Lucky Three. Today, Spuds and Augie explore the hay field with Meredith and test their bravery against a fearsome, loud machine.

Hey, Spuds! I hear Meredith calling…what’s up?

She’s kinda silly, Augie. Who ever heard of saying “how do you do” to a swather, Augie?

Whoa….look what’s coming!!!

WOW!!! That’s super noisy and REALLY BIG!

Oh look, Spuds, it’s not so scary. This is how they make our hay!

Yeah, and look how they pick it up with this other big machine so they can put it in the barn!

What a fun adventure in the hayfield…we learned a lot today!


Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Farrier & Grooming


“Hey, Augie…watcha doin’?!
“I’m practicing my halter stance…you know, four-square!”

“Good idea, Augie! I guess I’ll practice my halter stance right here!”
“And I will wait for my turn at the hitch rail…I wonder what’s up today.”

“Hey Augie, you’ve got some pretty dirty feet down there!”
“Cut with the wise cracks, Spuds!”

“I sure like it when they come down to our eye level, Augie.”
“Yeah, it’s not as scary as it is when all you see is their legs…whatcha doin’ back there, Dean?”

“Your turn, Spuds! This isn’t bad at all!”
“Yeah, it’s all peace, love and OATS!”

“It doesn’t get any better than this!”

“Dang, I was working on a Mohawk…it’s the IN thing with donkeys, you know!”
“Just be happy with your crew cut, Spuds. Crew cuts are always IN!”

“Oooh, here comes the baby oil again!”
“Aah, nuts! Now I can’t chew on your mane and tail…baby oil tastes just awful!”

“Yeah, but we sure are handsome now!”


Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Surcingles and Obstacles


Miniature donkeys Spuds and Augie tried out some new moves in the indoor arena!

Augie navigates the cones

Check out the rest of the pictures below!

Hurry up, Augie…we get to go to the indoor arena and play with the obstacles today!
Are we supposed to go over the bridge or around it? She’s so tall I can’t tell by her face!
When she comes down to our level, I understand what she wants!
Turning around in a tractor tire? On the ground? That’s pretty cool.
A serpentine through the cones? Easy as pie!
It’s a little tricky going through the tires here, but she’s supportive!
It’s okay, Augie…just take it one step at a time!
Here I am, right behind you, Augie! Looking good!
Oh, I shouldn’t have been joking around…now it’s my turn!
What was it you said to Augie…one step at a time?
Here we go, the cones…no problem!
Whoa, this tire’s a lot bigger than me! Help!
I’m getting out of here!
Back on the bridge… this is actually pretty fun now that we know what to do!
Yee-haw! Let’s play!
Oh yeah, the gate again—this is easy now, too!
Aww, I guess it’s time to go back to the barn… and I was just getting warmed up, too!

AugieSpuds82012 7

Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: More Ground Driving


“Hey, Augie! Vacuuming isn’t scary when Mom is the same size as us!”

 “That is so true! And she is really careful not to hurt us!”


“Say Spuds, what are the long lines for?”…”Who cares, Augie, when there’s oats on the floor?!”

“Okay Augie, you get to go first! Walk on!”


“I get it! This is why she wanted us to go ahead of her the last lesson!

 “And Gee means go right! Wow! This is easy and even kinda fun!”


“I see what you mean, Augie! Haw means go left!”


“And then we just keep on walking ahead of her! This really is fun!”


“Okay, now she has us tied together again. What do you suppose she’s going to do now?”


“Hey Spuds, Now we get to walk on together. I think I like the games she plays with us!”

“And now a back up…we can do that!”

“You little guys are the best! Thanks for a great job!”

To learn more about Meredith Hodges and her comprehensive all-breed equine training program, visit LuckyThreeRanch.com or call 1-800-816-7566. Check out her children’s website at JasperTheMule.com. Also, find Meredith on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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Another Augie & Spuds Adventure: Castration


It’s a special time in any young equine’s life, when he makes the transition from boy to… gelding. Our brave mini donkeys Spuds and Augie recently made the switch, thanks to the steady hand of our trusted veterinarian and a little something to encourage their naptime. When they woke up, the procedure was already done… perhaps it was only a dream?

A brave Spuds stands with Meredith.


“Oh, boy…another big adventure! I wonder what’s in store for us today!”
“What’s she doing?!” “I dunno, this seems a little different from our normal haircuts!”
“I’ll get to the bottom of this! Right after I… take a little… nap…”
 “Yawwwwn! Much better. Now what was I gonna do a minute ago…?”
“Hmm, something seems different. But what?! I’ve still got my ears, my tail, my nose…”
“I’m gonna be a gelding? What does THAT mean? And will it make me any taller?”
“All done! Time to wake up, Augie!”
“Why’s everyone staring?” “I’m not sure… just keep standing here and looking cute!”


Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Mini Mania


Spuds and Augie had a very special adventure this week. Though the two mini donkeys have been getting along with each other and the mules in the neighboring stalls, they’d never met the other “minis” on the ranch—Frances, Franklin and Mirage. That changed today when they all came out for a playdate in the indoor arena. Seeing all these little guys working together really proves that size doesn’t matter!

“Yippee! It’s a good day for an adventure!”
“Hey, who are these guys in our usual spot?”
Augie and Spuds, I would like you to meet Frances, Franklin and Mirage!
“Wow, I’ve never seen so many minis in one room!”
“Whatever's next, I guess we’ll want to look good for our new friends!”
“Oh, Spuds, quit being silly. It’s just the indoor arena!”
“Hey, where is Meredith going? And where are those other little guys?”
“Oh, here they come! Looks like we get to hang out with them in here, too.”
“This playtime is pretty fun with so many minis!”
“Spuds, what could be next?”
“We’ve never been in the round pen with them! I wonder if they’ve been practicing like we have?”
“Hey, Spuds, turn around—I think we’re supposed to follow the others!”
“Okay, I get it—look at us go!”
“Oops, Spuds, did she just say ‘Whoa?’”
“Move a little faster, Augie, I can’t get this horsey hotshot off my 'ass'!”
“Hey, Spuds, they’re gone now—let’s go play!” “Just a minute, Augie, I’m being praised.”
“Come on, Spuds, she’s calling us. It’s time to go!”
“Hey hotshot, get out of here! It’s our turn first.”
“I told you so!”

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