Wrangler’s Donkey Diary

I first saw Wrangler on Facebook: “Wrangler is a SWEET 2008 model 13.2 hand gray with red saddle donkey gelding…No problems with worming or spring shots. He wilderness camps with hot wire fencing or hobbles…My six year old daughter has been riding him for the past 3 years (I ponied him most of the times). He is very good with children…The only reason for sale…daughter has gone to a horse! This is a wonderful riding donkey…he is NOT a pasture buddy. He really likes a job and will take care of you on the trails.”

After losing my own Little Jack Horner in 2014, I really missed having my little gray donkey in the first stall and run at the barn. Wrangler looked so much like L.J. and seemed like he would be a really nice animal, so we bought him. I have not been disappointed at all. Not only does he look like Little Jack Horner (only 2 inches taller), but he has the same exuberant and willing personality that made L.J. so great! Wrangler is everything she said he would be and I couldn’t love him more! Wrangler wants to let everyone know about his experiences at the Lucky Three Ranch. So, we decided to include his personal diary on the LTR website so he can help people to learn how to get the very best from their donkeys.

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Wrangler’s Donkey Diary: Modeling Blanket for Trailering

7-17-17 When "Wrangler" was delivered in 2017, he came in with awful sores on his rear end. This is not unusual for donkeys. When I was showing "LIttle Jack Horner," we used to have the same issues when trailering him to shows. Of course, it was critical to prevent those sores, since he was showing, and would be docked points for something like that. Like most donkeys, he would lean back and brace his rump against the wall where it ...
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Wrangler’s Donkey Diary: Sarcoid Treatment

7-20-18 Wrangler has almost completely shed out and during my last weekly grooming, I discovered a small sarcoid on his left forearm and decided to consult with my veterinarian, Greg Farrand. Wrangler munched in the fanny pack while we talked. Dr. Farrand Carefully inspected the sarcoid and determined that it was not a candidate for removal because of it’s precarious location. There was no way to grab loose skin around it like there was with prior sarcoids on other animals. I shaved the area ...
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Wrangler’s Donkey Diary: Wrangler’s Summer Bath

7-11-19 It was a perfect hot day for Wrangler's yearly summer bath! We tried taking a "selfie" with a Canon camera and telephoto lens...not too bad for our first try! He's a real ham! He loves to smile for the camera and eat oats from the fanny pack. Just tell him to and he perks his ears for the pictures! Wrangler is now an 11 year old gelding and softens my loss of Little Jack Horner in 2014! Wrangler is ...
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Wrangler’s Donkey Diary: Sarcoid Treatment Again

1-29-20 Wrangler had his first sarcoid removal on 7-20-18, but we found another one just a few weeks ago starting under his right side. It looked like he had been rubbing it as it was a bit crusty. I had a mule that did that to a sarcoid and it eventually disappeared as did the other two that were on his body. He apparently built immunity against the sarcoids. So, we opted to wait and see if this one on ...
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3-30-20 Wrangler came to us in 2017 and has had to be in turnout by himself because he was so rambunctious that he didn’t really fit into any of our turnout groups. He was always turned out next to “friend” like Sir Guy but never with anyone else. Mr. Moon was his stable buddy, but still, there was always a run fence between them. Mr. Moon recently turned 32 years old and developed a condition that required that he be put down. Wrangler’s “stable ...
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