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Licensing & Retail

Licensing Information

The Training Mules and Donkeys and Jasper the Mule product lines from Lucky Three Ranch, Inc./Lucky Three Productions, LLC already enjoy worldwide recognition, and we continually seek new opportunities for product development and expansion.

We offer authorized licensees access to copyrighted and trademarked material from Meredith Hodges’ extensive collection of articles, photos and images from the Training Mules and Donkeys books and videos and Jasper the Mule.

If you’re interested in becoming a licensee, please complete and submit the form below, and we will contact you promptly.

We encourage your proposals for new products and marketing opportunities and will work with you to incorporate your ideas into our marketing efforts.

It’s our goal to help educate people about mules and donkeys and help foster patience, kindness and consideration for all animals. We strive to inform and entertain with comprehensive, wholesome products of superior quality, and we support all our partners in their efforts to do the same.

Retail and Wholesale Information

If you have an interest in wholesale or retail sales of products from Lucky Three Ranch, Inc. and Lucky Three Productions, LLC, we want to hear from you.