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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Longears! is the online home for Meredith Hodges, her champion mules and donkeys and a valuable resource for all things equine. Be sure to visit our complementary MEREDITH HODGES PUBLIC FIGURE pages on Facebook and other Social Media sites.


Building a Lucky Three Legacy!

From her beginning as a horse-crazy girl growing up in Northern California, find out how Meredith Hodges caught Mule Fever, revolutionized training for mules and donkeys and built the LOVELAND LONGEARS MUSEUM & SCULPTURE PARK at Lucky Three Ranch.

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Mule and Donkey Movies Part 2

“I love your podcast … I’m working my way through all the episodes. I’m looking forward to hearing about how folks have worked with unhandled or mishandled mules and helping those mules overcome their fear of humans. Thank you for all the work you put into your podcast and sharing interesting conversations with trainers and mule enthusiasts.”

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Mule and Donkey Movies Part 2

Training should facilitate optimum performance from your equine and to ensure the best possible relationship between you, focus on building your equine’s core muscle strength in a balanced posture from early on helps his skeletal frame to develop symmetrically throughout his body as he grows.

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Chasity's Challenges

These diaries were compiled while working various rescue equines through the Lucky Three Ranch routine for management and training:

* Another Augie and Spuds Adventure

* Rock & Roll: Diary of a Rescue

* Wrangler’s Donkey Diary

* Chasity’s Challenges

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Ask Meredith

Check out MEREDITH for answers to numerous management and training questions. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for on the website, please email any questions or concerns to and receive a prompt response. And don’t forget to sign up for our LTR NEWSLETTER!

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Come visit us on the Ranch

Do you love animals, especially mules? Then give us a call at 1-800-816-7566 for a private appointment and come for a visit of the beautiful grounds on this one-of-a-kind working ranch and sculpture park.

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Equine Events

Looking to get involved in the equine community in your area by attending an equine-related event as an exhibitor… or just a spectator? Check out our regional event calendar!

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Wild Horses out on the range.

Equine Welfare

Get the latest news about equine welfare and updates on the issues facing wild horses and burros. Learn about legislation affecting our equines and find ways you can get involved and help the organizations on the front lines of equine rescue. Get contact information and the latest news from their own newsletters in this section.

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Jasper the Mule

JASPER THE MULE: Share the Jasper the Mule and Moxie mystery holiday stories with your kids and enjoy the numerous games offered on the website at

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For comprehensive explanations of nutrition, general management, behavior, tack, showing, breeding and more, visit the Ask Meredith page. You can read Meredith’s detailed answers to readers questions and you can ask one of your own.  Need some information before purchasing a mule or donkey? You’ll find lots of information to help you be a smart buyer. Get all the latest news and information on equine career opportunities, training, breeding, showing, recreation and much more. Visit our Training Section for short training tips or rent full length training shows. We even have a children’s site that lets kids of all ages play while learning about equines.

Whether you are trying to find training that is safe, humane and successful, or just looking to explore the world of equines—we’ve got you covered. This website is a place where the entire equine community can come together; to share and learn from each other…and have a lot of fun in the process!

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Meredith Hodges is a judge, Animal Inspector and Representative of the American Donkey & Mule Society. Founded by Paul and Betsy Hutchins, Leah Patton (Registrar).