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Video On Demand

We’re proud to announce that some of our most popular and beloved series—Jasper the Mule, Those Magnificent Mules and Training Mules and Donkeys, as well as our new training special, “Give Your Equine the Athletic Edge”—are now available for rental on demand. It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to any of the series or finish up an episode you may have missed. Maybe you need to brush up on Bishop Mule Days before you head out of town, or catch a Jasper holiday special with the family, or review a certain aspect that’s proved troublesome in your equine training… now it’s up to you!

Give Your Equine the Athletic Edge

World-renowned trainer and equine expert Meredith Hodges shows you what it takes to give your equine the athletic edge. Unlike many other trainers, this program focuses on building up the physical conditioning of your equine’s body in a comprehensive way that positively affects their mental and emotional well-being as you progress. This training is applicable for all equines including horses, donkeys, mules, ponies, zebras and equine hybrids.

Training Mules and Donkeys

Meredith Hodges uses her resistance-free and humane training methods to demonstrate the process she uses to teach her own championship equines. The methods used are applicable to all equines, including horses and zebra hybrids. She’ll also show you how, without the use of gimmicks or tricks, you can develop a deep bond with your animals through mutual learning. This is the long-running, award-winning television series that began with airing on RFD-TV, Discovery and Outdoor Network.

Those Magnificent Mules

Join Meredith Hodges as she takes you on an adventure, exploring the unique culture of mule people and longears enthusiasts. Through interviews, live events and go-for-broke competitions, you will get to meet the people and animals that are so unique to American culture. The series also explores equine assisted therapy or therapeutic riding and the work being done with mentally, physically and emotionally challenged riders.

Jasper the Mule

In Meredith Hodges’ award-winning animated series, a young mule named Jasper, along with his best friend, Moxie the dog, and the rest of the gang, have a series of adventures packed with excitement, laughs, mysteries and plenty of fun! Each of the Jasper the Mule animated episodes teaches a valuable life lesson while supplying non-stop fun and adventure the whole family can enjoy. Suitable for all ages.