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Meredith Hodges in Books

*The Mule, by Lorraine Travis
Copyright © J.A. Allen & Company Limited 1990
ISBN #0-85131-503-0
Published in London, Great Britain
LTR photos on pg. 128 (Leslie/Ciji jumping), pg. 130 (Jane/Bea in pack equipment),

  1. 131 (Gary, Sally, Sheri, Mer before Stock Show with: Bucky, Walter, Bea, Sunny),
  2. 132 (Bea, Surrey, Jill)

*Draft Horses Today, by Robert A. Mischka
Copyright © 1992 by Robert A. Mischka
ISBN #0-9622663-6-1
Published by Heart Prairie Press, PO Box 332, Whitewater, WI
LTR photos on pg. 159 (Dena Hodges, Fara-Mammoth donkey foal

*Alles Uber Maultiere
by Helen von Gugelberg, Cordula Bahler
Copyright © Auflage 1994, ISBN # 3-275-01095-6
Miller Ruschlikon Verlags AG, Gewerbestrasse 10,
CH-6330 Cham
Photo of Meredith Hodges and Little Jack Horner at Bishop Mule Days, pg. 96

*The Official Flying Turtle Cookbook & Guide to Social Graces
Copyright © 1994 by The Flying Turtle
Lucky Three Ranch advertisement with Little Jack Horner and Lucky Three Sundowner

*Let’s Show Your Mule,
by Robert Mischka
Copyright © 1994 by Robert Mischka, ISBN # 1-882199-02-2
Printed in Hong Kong, Published by Heart Prairie Press, Whitewater, WI
Pictures and captions, 2 of Bea jumping and one of Ciji side saddle, pg. 33; Little Jack Horner, Western Pleasure,  pg. 56

*Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Production: Science and Technology
ISBN # 0-8134-3050-X, by Lee/Embry/Hutter/Pollok/Rudd/Westrom/Bull
Copyright © 1996 by Interstate Publishers, Inc., Danville Illinois, (800) 843-4774…
Meredith Hodges mules are featured in the section about Mules,

  1. 353 (Bea dragging log/Sunny dressage), 355 (Vinesse and Vicki foal)362 (Foot Care), 364(strong fences and stalls/lunging), 366(Bea Xmas parade buggy)

*Horse Tales For the Soul, Volume One, 
by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Copyright © 2001 K & B Products and Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
ISBN #0-9646181-5-X, Printed in Canada
Fourth of July Surprise by Meredith Hodges

*Fort Collins & Larimer County: An Illustrated History
ISBN # 1-886483-58=2, By Thomas J. Noel with Bond Slader
Copyright © 2002, Heritage Media Corporation, Carlsbad, CA,
Quality of Life, Lucky Three Ranch, Inc., historical growth
Pictures of LTR Bea, Vicki (Foal), Zee (on camera), Ciji (side saddle), Stormy (Champion w/belt buckle)

*Horse Tales for the Soul, Volume Two, by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Copyright © 2002 K & B Products and Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
ISBN #0-9646181-6-8, Printed in Canada
Joker by Meredith Hodges

*Mules et mulets: Des animaux d’exception,
ISBN # 2-84561-085-8, by Eric Rousseaux
Copyright © 2003 – Geste Editions
Tous droits reserves pour tous pays

  1. 134-135, Pictures: Bea/Ciji team, Side Saddle Group, Bea Bidless Jumping, Bea Cross Country Jumping

*Horse Tales For the Soul, Volume Five,  by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Copyright © 2004 K & B Products and Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
ISBN #0-9740841-1-5, Printed in Canada
A Miracle For Excalibur by Meredith Hodges

*The Natural Superiority of Mules, ISBN # 1-59228-864-2, by John Hauer
Copyright © 2005 by John Hauer, All Rights Reserved
Logical Long Ears: Resistance-Free Training Techniques by Meredith Hodges
Ten laws for Shaping Behaviors by Meredith Hodges

*Colorado: An Illustrated History of the Highest State,
By Thomas J. Nowel and Debra B. Faulkner
Copyright © 2006 American Historical press,
ISBN 13: 978-1-892724-52-6, ISBN 10: 1-892724-52-9
All Rights Reserved, Printed in South Korea
Chronicles of Leadership: Lucky Three Ranch, pp.328-331
w/Pictures: Sunny bronze; aerial ranch view; red jacket Meredith/Ely/Jasper by ranch sign; Bonnie/Meredith, Bea/Ciji in snow smiling, Bea jumping at Abbe Ranch Horse Trials hay jump; LJ jumping;  Sunny dressage

*Horse Tales For the Soul, Volume Six, by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Copyright © 2007 K & B Products and Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
ISBN #0-9772372-6-5, Printed in China
Follow Those Dreams: Dancing With Mules by Meredith Hodges

*Horse Tales For the Soul, Volume Seven, 
by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Copyright © 2007 K & B Products and Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
ISBN #0-9772372-7-3, Printed in China
Follow Your Dreams: Maybe Combined Training? by Meredith Hodges

*US Equestrian Federation Membership Directory
Copyright © 2010 United States Equestrian Federation, Lexington, KY,
(All rights reserved), SSXH-P410-R8-31.9VA
Direct inquiries to Harris Connect,
Meredith Hodges and Lucky Three Sundowner, pp. 60, 590

*The Passion For Horses & Artistic Talent: An Unrecognized Connection
Copyright © 2010 by Robert M. Miller, Robert M. Miller Communications, Truckee, CA
All rights reserved. ISBN # 978-0-9844620-0-1
Horse Lover Since Childhood: Meredith Hodges, pp. 114-115

*Mules, Mules, and More Mules
Copyright © 2010 Rose Miller
All rights reserved. ISBN # 978-1-60910-493-1, Inc. 2010
Introduction by Meredith Hodges

*The Great Horse Breeds of the World
Copyright © 2011 Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
All rights reserved. ISBN # 978-1-935122-25-8
Whitehall Publishing
PO Box 548
Yellville, AZ 72687
Donkeys picture of Little Jack Horner, page 24
Mules by Meredith Hodges, page 64

*Donkeys & Mules
Copyright © 2011 Popular Farming Series, Stephanie Staton
Bowtie Magazine, Inc.
Printed registration # 126851765
Get a Grip: Improving Your Handling Skills by Meredith Hodges

*Mule Behavior Problem Solver
Copyright © 2013 Cindy (McKinnon) Roberts
All rights reserved. ISBN 978-148129-50-24
Published by Every Cowgirl’s Dream

*Thee We Adore
Copyright © 2014 Bonnie Lee Tancre
Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
Mustang, Oklahoma 73064
Acknowledgments page 114

*United States Equestrian Federation 2015 Membership Album
Copyright © USEF 2015
All Rights reserved EHRH-W1115-R5-12.4VA
(800) 877-6554
Lexington, K Kentucky
Acknowledgement on Page 80

Peanuts Jubilee
Copyright © 1975 by United Feature Syndicate
Holt, Reinhart & Winston
All Rights Reserved ISBN 0-03-015081-7
Mentioned on page 81

Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography
Copyright © 2007 by David Michaelis
All Rights Reserved
Harper Collins Publishers ISBN 978-0-06-621393-4
Mentioned pp. 422-434

A Charlie Brown Religion
By Stephen Lind
Copyright © 2015 University Press of Mississippi
All Rights Reserved ISBN 978-1-4968-6
Mentioned pp. 20, 21, 25, 53, 54, 112, 161-62, 173-75, Back Cover Testimonial

The Naked Truth About Mules & Donkeys
Copyright © 2017 Cindy (McKinnon) Roberts
All rights reserved. ISBN 13: 978-1542984935, ISBN 10: 1542984939
Published by Every Cowgirl’s Dream

Barney the Lopsided Mule
Copyright © 2017 Liz Hughey
All rights reserved. ISBN #978-1-935122-59-3
Published by Whitehall Publishing
Wrote the review on the cover.

The Performance Bred Saddle Mule
Copyright © 2019 Cindy (McKinnon) Roberts
All rights reserved. ISBN
Published by Every Cowgirl’s Dream

The Way of the Donkey
Copyright © 2019 Nancy Willard
All rights reserved. ISBN # 978-0-9724236-5-6
Published by Nancy Willard
Photos of Little Jack Horner (pg. 31) & Lucky Three Sundowner (pg.36)

Running With Sherman
Copyright © 2019 Christopher McDougall
All rights reserved. ISBN #978-1-5247323-6-3
Published by Alfred A Knopf, a division of Random House, LLC, New York
Meredith mentioned and quoted on Page 239