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Granger Needs A Home!

This is an update from All About Equine Rescue. All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. GRANGER Granger came to AAE in July 2022 after law enforcement's intervention with a neglect situation. He was malnourished, having to fight for food in a herd of eight other horses. Once at AAE, he was started on a refeeding program with soaked alfalfa pellets, and he received long overdue hoof, dental, and vet care, including vaccines, bloodwork, and a microchip. (He tested positive for Cushings and is on a daily medication he takes without issue.) Over the past several months, Granger's weight and overall health has improved substantially. Granger is an oldie, late 20's, maybe 30, but as long as you don't look at his teeth, you'd think he was much younger. He's a handsome guy, but tries to be a cranky old man. Once you call his bluff, he usually agrees and enjoys some attention. He's buddies with Elliott, and the two play like two young geldings, rearing, chasing, and bucking it up. Uncle Granger is pretty darn cute! All said, he's got a hitch. He can be defensive around food, like many starved horses can be. Early in his stay with AAE, he kicked at humans, defending his food. Unfortunately, he connected a couple times, but fortunately, no major injuries. He's learning to be more respectful with humans, and we haven't had any issues since. However, humans have also been more aware with him, reminding him humans are not an acceptable target. Once you understand this guy, he's pretty sweet. Granger is looking for his forever home. This old sweetheart was reportedly used on a ranch for trail rides in his previous life, but is now best suited as non-riding companion horse. That said, with appropriate evaluation, relearning, and rebuilding, he may ...
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Who’s Ready to Party? Ballerini’s Bash is Today!

This is an update from All About Equine Rescue. All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. Are you ready to party?! Ballerini's virtual birthday bash is today! Ballerini's cake smash will be live streamed today from our barn at 12pm (PST)!  You can also look back at Ballerini's first 12 months with a special video.  Click on the button below just before noon to join the celebration. The party will probably last about 10-15 minutes Attend Ballerini's Virtual Birthday Bash! Can't party at noon? No problem! The festivities will be available online to view at a later time, too. Just use the same button above! But what do you get a horse for her 1st birthday? You can show Ballerini (and all of her herdmates) some love with a gift to her birthday fundraiser! Your donation will help support all of the horses of AAE! Donate to Ballerini's Birthday Fundraiser! ...
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Happy Hearts from AAE!

This is an update from All About Equine Rescue. All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. BRODIE Brodie is a very handsome 2009 (est) Appy gelding. He arrived at AAE with pasture-mate, senior mare, Kyrie, in March 2021 when their owner was moving cross-country. The new home she arranged for them fell through at the last minute, and she reached out to AAE. Brodie lived with Kyrie in a large pasture, and he enjoyed following her lead, though he wasn't too sure he wanted to follow her into the trailer when it was time to leave, though he did. Once at AAE, his teeth and hoof care were updated, and he received vaccines, deworming, and microchip. This sweet guy was big and athletic, but he was like the cowardly lion. His confidence came from his ol' gal pal. If he wasn't with her, there was a bit of a crisis. He would get mighty anxious and nearly lose his mind. Over time, his confidence has grown, and he's evolving into a bit of a gentle giant. Brodie is a beauty as you can see. He's also a big sweetheart. He's got the looks, the body, and the brain is coming along. Before our move, Brodie spent time with a trainer (on his own) building his confidence and learning new things. Besides basic groundwork, he was introduced to a saddle. Though he looked mighty handsome, and he tried hard to understand and do what was being asked, it was really hard. He needed more confidence to carry a rider, so we gave him more time. Brodie lives comfortably in the middle of a herd of ten with no major issues. He's neither dominant nor a pushover. He can be pulled out of pasture without a meltdown now for handling, grooming, or work ...
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Chilly Pepper – Another horse dumped on Hwy 97, heartbreak and some desperately needed repairs on the vehicles

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: It's been quite the couple of weeks. Above you see Lenny, our latest Hwy 97 rescue. Lenny came in late at night after being dumped in the same place as Trooper and Smokey. He apparently spent a night out there before I got him, and was HIT BY A VEHICLE. I have no idea if it was the 1st night or not, or how long he suffered after being hit. However, it is clear he had been suffering for some time with his cancer. He had broken glass all over him, and you can clearly see he was split open on his hindquarters. Lenny was the sweetest and most beautiful soul ever. He planted his head on me and begged for help. Doc had me give him Banamine to see if we could ease his pain enough to properly assess his injuries. As you can also see he had penile cancer and had it for a VERY long time. It was excruciating for him, and was spreading internally which is why Doc thought he was starving. After he got the banamine he could finally urinate. It was obviously extremely painful and clear that he had not done so for a very long time. You could see the relief through the pain as he emptied what seemed like gallons from his bladder. Sadly, with the extent of how far the cancer had spread and being hit and old, Doc said the best thing for him was to end his suffering. We talked about amputation, but that would be horrific for him and with the cancer and injuries from being hit, it would be stupid and cruel. I was so desperate to be able to help him. So we had to let him go to end his suffering. I didn't have ...
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Save Your Ass Rescue Newletter

The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue: Need A Long Eared Valentine? Let’s give some love to the rescues this Valentine’s Day! All the long ears at SYA are looking for you to be their date on Valentines Day! It costs $20 a day to shelter and feed one rescue donkey. With a $20 donation you can take one long ear of your choosing on a donkey date day! Thank you for being their date on a day where they don’t have their own home yet. Because of you and your support they will soon! Take A Donkey On A Date! Thank you for your help and support to get the long ears this far, we couldn’t do it without you! We hope your day is filled with love and donkey hugs. ❤️ Love, The SYA Crew and all the animals! Paloma, Bunny, Apollo, Athena, Benjamin, Finley, Fern and Stephen. 2023 Calendars are 20% off now through the end of February. Take Me To The Shop ...
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Attention Party Animals! You’re Invited!

This is an update from All About Equine Rescue. All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. Join us as we look back at Ballerini's first year and enjoy watching her partake in the first birthday smash cake tradition! This will be one party you won't want to miss! Web link to follow. Thank you for your support helping horses each and every day! Your donations, volunteering, adopting, and social media shares & likes allow us to make this work possible! ...
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