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GivingTuesday Is Next Week But You Can Give NOW!

This is an update from All About Equine Rescue. All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. Thanks to the support and generosity of our AAE family, you've helped turn a challenging year into one filled with hope. AAE moved to our new home in Pilot Hill. It has been a difficult transition at times and it is still a work in progress. In the coming year, we need to set up more equipment, including a new barn, and cross off a few other to-dos on our list. Nevertheless, we are beyond grateful to be here and are thankful to everyone who helped us make the move. We are excited for what the future holds and all that will be able to accomplish with this larger property. This year we received an increased number of requests from families who needed to surrender their horses. We always strive to rescue as many as equine as we can, but with the increased requests along with the soaring hay costs and California fuel prices, we unfortunately weren't able to help everyone who needed it. Thanks to you, we did rescue some equine who had special needs and gave them a second chance for a better life. Horses like Gabby, a retired racehorse who was emaciated and battling chronic issues; Elliott who struggled with urinating freely, and instead, had urine dribbling almost continuously, scalding his skin; old Granger who arrived undernourished, having to fight for food in a herd of eight other much younger horses; and most recently, a pair of donkeys (one in dire need of care) who were abandoned by their person.  Our goal is to raise $7500 for GivingTuesday, beginning now until next week on November 29, and at least $25,000 this holiday season. We need your help to reach our goal. Tis ...
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911 for Starving Senior Mare. Will You Help Save “Grandma Gladys”? Clock is ticking to save this poor mare! She needs you now!

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Another EMERGENCY Call, ANOTHER 911! Will you help us save "Grandma Gladys"? Look at that beautiful face and those sweet eyes. The pictures do not show how skinny she really is under all that hair. Gladys has been suffering in single digit temperatures and going without food for days at a time. She stands shaking and trembling through the cold nights,SHIVERING violently to try and stay warm. If we don't do something now, it is going to be too late. She is literally starving to death before our eyes. Enough is enough, she has been suffering far too long! Will you PLEASE help us give her the love and care that she deserves? Starving is a horrible and extremely painful way to die. She is probably close to Sparkles' condition under all that hair. Her head looks enormous because her body is so depleted and she is so emaciated. PLEASE HELP ME HELP HER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! I can't take another heartbreak like Sparkles, and Grandma Gladys is in extremely critical condition. No horse deserves to starve/freeze to death. Thank you for everyone for your love and support. Y'all are amazing and together we are changing the world, one life at a time. Let's change Grandma Gladys' life too! Let's be her Thanksgiving miracle. Please call 509-773-0369 if you would like to help with the vet bill. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN HELPING SAVE THESE PRECIOUS LIVES Please check out our Adoption page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/543121366934903 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP HELPING US SAVE MORE LIVES, YOU CAN GO TO: -<You can go to gofundme<- You can go to Paypal<- PLEASE NOTE - Paypal shows Wild Horses in Need, as we are dba- Chilly Pepper if you would like to ...
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Is Your Donkey Cold??

The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue: Blanketing Donkeys Many of us New Englanders are already feeling the effects of the cooler temperatures, the shortening of days and the frost on the pastures in the morning before the sun comes up. There’s been quite a bit of debate online about whether or not donkey and mule owners should blanket or not blanket their long eared family members. So we wanted to share our two cents on the topic to hopefully shed some insight to donkey owners. The short answer to a complicated question is, it depends. It depends on where you live, how cold it is, how wet it is, the age of your donkey, if they have cushings disease or any other types of illnesses, etc. What we normally hear is, “But my donkey gets so fluffy why would he need a blanket?” But the truth is your donkeys fluffy fur does not have the density or insulating properties that a horses natural coat provides. Not only that but donkeys lack the oil horses have in their coats that act as a natural water repellent, which in turn keeps their skin dry. This is also why horses have that sweet horse smell that we all know and love, and donkeys do not. (Sorry donkeys.) Donkeys descend from desert species, they use dust and sand as a way to “bathe” themselves. Since it doesn’t rain often in the desert, donkeys have not evolved to have oil in their coats to protect them from our freezing rain, sleet and snow that our northern winters bring. Mixing a lack of a waterproofed coat, plus a lot of extra winter hair without insulating properties and wet weather- is a combination for a very unhappy donkey, and can sometimes even ...
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Chilly Pepper – Urgent Help Needed – Justice for Sparkles and a Dry Barn for Mercedes and Her Unborn Baby

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: JUSTICE FOR SPARKLES!!! CRIMINAL CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED! After so many heartbreaks, there is finally a tiny bit of justice for Sparkles and Peanut. This is the news I promised was coming. OUR VET BILL is EVEN HIGHER because we fought so hard for JUSTICE for her. After she passed, Chilly Pepper had to pay for her Necropsy and to have a piece of her Femur removed and shipped to Michigan State for Bone Marrow Testing. We also had to run additional bloodwork for her case. This was CRUCIAL EVIDENCE to allow her case to be fully prosecuted. Please donate for this and know you are actually HELPING HONOR SPARKLES by letting her death mean more horses will not suffer from this man. By helping get this "gentleman" charged & prosecuted for 1st and 2nd degree Felony Animal Cruelty/Abuse charges, we can show the world we will not tolerate this type of cruelty. I also need funds to pay the 1st Vet bill. The exams for Peanut and Sparkles and for the 1st blood draw, labs etc. was also a crucial part of the documentation for the case. I have not received the initial vet bill from the Doctor who first drew blood and did the initial reports on both her and Peanut, but need to pay it upon receipt.. As you can see by the above pictures, we are flooding and I need to get the barn fixed asap. Apparently when the buildings were moved, the roof was damaged. I need to hire someone asap to fix it. Mercedes and her (unborn) baby will need it to stay dry and warm until we can head home. The nursery building is insulated and it has to be fixed asap to avoid mold etc. ...
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Chilly Pepper -HEARTBREAK & HOPE Please help now!

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: SPARKLES Update - As I write this, the tears are streaming once again. My heart is literally shattered and I am wondering if I can really keep doing this. I was firing up the truck to go pick up Sparkles, and heard "Doc needs to talk to you 1st". My heart felt like it was exploding. I knew it was not good news. Sparkles had crashed again and this time it was too much. I rushed down to the vet and my heart broke. Her eyes were covered in a blue film and were almost vacant. She whinnied once, but then almost seemed catatonic. I wrapped my arms around her sobbing like a child. I was so angry, and I am still so angry. I prayed so hard and I still don't know why God didn't let me keep her. Sometimes it is just too much and I don't know how to keep breathing. There is no justification for her condition. It is beyond comprehension. All I know is our beautiful girl now knows no pain. She is not suffering and she died wrapped in love. The hurt is beyond words. I do have some news regarding her that I will share later. It is important and no one will want to miss it. Peanut is doing well,PTL! but my big concern at this moment is the vet bill. (Thank you everyone who donated for sparkles. She was buried with love and respect thanks to y'all).. It is at $3000 including all the donations but NOT her euthanasia or burial or tests that were needed. As you can see, Mercedes is a whale, and she is showing small signs that she might actually deliver???? My concern is that the baby seems to be huge, and IF I NEED TO CALL DOC, The vet bill ...
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Updates, Happy and Sad

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc Our gratitude for our donors, volunteers, and supporters is immense. Your contributions make a difference in the lives of horses each and every day!  Thank you for making possible the work we each day. Gabby Update! Though Gabby looks like a completely different horse than the emaciated, sickly mare that came in earlier this year, this beautiful red head has had challenge after challenge. If you aren't familiar, Gabby came to AAE through law enforcement. She arrived with chronic eye and sinus infections. She had a space (diastema) between two teeth and an opening in her gums that extended into her sinus. When she chewed, food packed into the space and ultimately pushed into the sinus. She went in for surgery to extract a tooth to prevent ongoing food packing and to allow the fistula to close. Once sedated and preparing to extract the first tooth, the fistula was much larger than anticipated, and the tooth on the opposite side of the fistula needed to be removed, as well. As a result, she had an extended hospitalization so her sinus could be flushed regularly to eliminate food collecting again in her sinus while the fistula healed/closed. Since surgery, Gabby has continued to battle the chronic eye infection which was likely a result of the chronic sinus infection. Ultimately, the long term infection caused a dry eye and recurrent ulcers despite ongoing treatment and various medications. Thankfully, the fistula closed, and the sinus infection has resolved, but the eye irritation/infection continues, though it is slowly improving. Gabby initially tested negative for Cushing's disease at intake. With the chronic infection, she was tested again. This time, she was positive and started daily medication. She has also experienced multiple hoof abscesses, the worst coming during ...
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