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Remember Blue? Update

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: It's AAE story-time!  Horses of 2018:  Remember Blue?  Here's an Update Do you remember Blue?  He's been at AAE for some time now, trying to heal after a nearly seven pound mass was removed from his hind fetlock in Fall of 2017.   Graphic photos of his progress are included below.     Blue is a 2010 Virginia Range (NV) mustang gelding who came to AAE March of 2017 after a request for assistance from the Virginia Range Wild Horse Sanctuary and Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund. Blue had been carrying around a large mass of proud flesh (granulation tissue) over his left rear fetlock/pastern area for some time.  Although he had been haltered and handled some previously, he was not halterable when he arrived at AAE, and we knew we had a big job ahead in helping Blue. Before we could evaluate the mass, he had to be gentled, haltered, and his legs/hooves had to be handleable.  With a straightforward mustang, not a big deal, but Blue had some substantial fear/trust issues.  Initial efforts with befriending and haltering him were lukewarm.  Thanks to Dr. Stolba and Team LBEMC (throughout Blue's journey), he had made enough progress that we were able to sedate him, radiograph the bony area beneath the mass, and collect tissue samples for biopsy.  We wanted to make sure there was not an underlying reason for the mass other than old injury before getting too deep into corrective measures if they would be for naught.  It was not an easy feat.  Even with sedation, he kicked quickly and with purpose. Radiographs and biopsy showed no obvious issues, so the work continued.  Weeks in, Blue seemed to have had a reaction to something and developed a mysterious condition that turned out to be a form of vasculitis.  He developed ...
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More Moms and Babies, Forever Home in You? Tickets, too?

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: It's AAE story-time!  Horses of 2018:  In mid-April, AAE welcomed three mare/foal mustang pairs from the DreamCatcher Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary in continuing support of their herd reduction efforts.  The moms and their little one's needed to come down from the frigid weather up there. Kelsea and Rucker Kelsea arrived a sweet, but timid mare. Rucker, her little colt was about five days old.  Kelsea had minimal handling and wasn't fond of human touch.  Moms and babies had time to be moms and babies, but due to an eye infection, Kelsea had to learn quickly so she could be treated. Kelsea was haltered and handled some in preparation for treatment.  She was sedated, her eye was treated, and we took advantage of sedation to trim her front hooves. She did great.  Mom and baby spent more time together. She needed more time socializing and learning that she could trust, and we revisited again before her dental.   Kelsea was willing, and she had lots of try, but still some reservation.  Fortunately, each time was a little easier than the prior. Kelsea had her teeth floated, hooves trimmed, vaccines, and deworming. Then little man Rucker was gelded before weaning.  Shortly after weaning, Kelsea was ADOPTED! Rucker is an April 14, 2018 mustang gelding.  He was a super cute, curious, and independent little guy from the start, even though he had not been handled much.  He's a little character with a big personality. Rucker has a huge heart and a ton of try. He's very playful, and a bit of an instigator.  He halters leads, and does well with handling hooves.  He's getting better with the farrier.  This lil' guy is going to be a very fun partner that should develop into a super horse, and he's ...
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Third Time is a Charm!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: It's AAE story-time!  Horses of 2018:  Smokey AAE took in this handsome TB gelding in November 2013 after relinquishment by his owner resulting from a neglect situation.  He was thrilled to hop onto the trailer when we picked him up.  Smokey was a 20-ish Thoroughbred gelding.  He seemed to be an absolute gentlemen, and we were told he was an ol' trail string horse.  He was thin and suffering from a respiratory issue.  Smokey was visited by Dr. Stolba soon after arrival, and he was diagnosed with a respiratory infection/mild pneumonia. He was started on course antibiotics while in quarantine. Fortunately, he rebounded and quickly became a volunteer favorite.  Smokey was truly a kind ol' soul, but he had a few quirks that needed exploring and work. Some days he'd meet you at the gate, other days, he'd rather be alone, and he would play hard to get....and he was hard to get.  In time, and with lots of love and kindness from AAE's volunteers, Smokey softened tremendously. He had a some additional vet needs taken care of once he was in better health, including much needed dental and hoof care, as well as vaccines and deworming.  Later, he had a sarcoid removed from his inquinal area.  He also had a swelling adjacent to his wither evaluated.  Turns out, radiographs showed an old fracture of one of his vertebrae.  We didn't discover this until after trying to saddle him.  Although he accepted a saddle and bridle without issue, any pressure on the horn or gullet when mounting, he would bolt forward.  It didn't take long to realize there was a problem.  It sure made sense after seeing the radiographs.  A piece of a vertebra had fractured off and lodged between his spinal column and shoulder ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Hi, THE MINI'S ARE FINALLY AVAILABLE!! (Shown above are some currently at Chilly Pepper) A quick update and plea to help us finally get the mini's safely home to Chilly Pepper. As of today, all 17 are scheduled for their Coggins tests this coming Thursday. The paperwork should be back 3 days after and we will be bringing them home in time for Christmas! YOU SAVED ALL OF THE 15 BABIES THIS LAST WEEK! THANK YOU FROM EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM! We were down to the wire, but we made it. Thankfully, several of the folks we work with on a regular basis stepped up to each take 5. As we have 7 babies and 18 adults here right now, this was a huge blessing. Of course we incurred THE EXPENSES of getting them, vetting them etc.. Matt drove 2300+ miles, and most of it was on ice to get them all picked up, vetted and taken to their temporary homes for adoption. I am happy to say that many of them already have committed adopters. It's hard to keep asking for help. You have already saved so many lives. But the simple fact is, without your help, we cannot save these horses. I have been planning the latest update, where I could simply thank all of you for the amazing love and support and the fact that we were in fact successful in saving ALL of the babies. Sadly, there are more lives to save, and we do need help to do it. We have been praying for a break in the emergencies, but we have been waiting so long to get these mini's to safety that we simply cannot turn our backs. So please help us if you can. ...
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All I Want For Christmas is My Forever Home!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: It's AAE story-time!  Horses of 2018:  Billy and Luna Billy and Luna came to AAE as orphan foals.  Billy was about three weeks old, and Luna was days old.  Luna came to AAE with Billy as her buddy, while her new mom was traveling over the spring and summer. ...and good buddies they were.  Two peas in a pod! Big Brother Billy tended to pester Little Luna, but she new exactly how to keep BBB  in check.... They were introduced to the herd to learn more about herd behavior and horsey life... and the "Brat Pack" was born...Grammy Sierra, Billy, Luna, Rascal and Foley Billy is a lil mustang born on the Virginia Range, Nevada around March 1, 2018.  He was orphaned when his mom was run off by a bachelor band when he was just a lil' guy, only days old.  He was fostered by local volunteers in NV before coming to AAE.  We were told he had a scrotal hernia and additional veterinary needs were anticipated. This lil' guy was absolutely adorable.   ...and looking super handsome now!  He is active, athletic, and quite inquisitive.  He's very social and loves grooming and any kind of attention.  He's playful, yet respectful, and he does well in halter and with his hooves  He'll continue his learning as he grows. His castration was delayed a bit due to the suspected hernia and the need for surgery in the clinic, just in case.  Thankfully, surgery went well, and no hernia was found. So, Billy is finally available adoption. He is current with vaccines, deworming and hoof care.  He has a microchip in place. Until he's adopted, he'll continue entertaining the volunteers at AAE... and hangin' out with Grammy Sierra. His new person will be experienced raising a ...
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Another Happy Ending

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: 'Tis the Season, time to join AAE every day this month as we share stories straight from the barn to show how your support has helped horses in 2018.   This year was very special, and there are so many stories to be thankful for! As we count down to 2019, please help us prepare for another year of helping horses.  Your donations will assure we have ample funding for veterinary care to help horses in need as we move into a new year. We want to thank everyone for their love and support! We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do! Have a great holiday season! It's AAE story-time!  Horses of 2018:  Cahill and Maya CAHILL Cahill came to AAE on March 9, 2018 when his family was unable to care for him.  They rescued him from a pasture where he was alone and neglected.  They were told he was a former sheriff's horse.  His family found they were unable to provide adequate care and sought help.  When he arrived, he was very thin, very depressed, and had skin issues. Cahill was started on a refeeding diet, and slowly began gaining weight.  Shortly after arrival, on the first sunny day, Cahill was treated to a spa day.  He got a medicated bath and was groomed head to toe.  As his skin condition was healing, he ultimately lost most of his hair.  He was nearly bald, but he seemed relieved.  Once his weight and condition improved, his teeth were floated, hooves trimmed, deworming done, and vaccines updated.  He was started on a daily med for his arthritis. Cahill was a kind ol' guy that enjoyed grooming and attention.  He enjoyed other horses and was fairly passive in a herd environment, but didn't ...
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