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Have a question about buying and renting one of our products? Check out the FAQs below. If you have specific questions about training your equine, please visit our Mule Crossing page or the Ask Meredith page.
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General Product Questions

Can I use Meredith’s training techniques for horses?

Yes, although her training techniques are specially designed for mules and donkeys, they are applicable to all equines. If a technique isn’t suitable for horses, Meredith says so.

Which products do you recommend if I’m just starting out?

You should purchase DVD #1, Foal Training, whether your equine is a foal or not, and follow with DVD #8, Management, Fitting and Grooming. DVD #8 gives you a solid understanding of how to house, feed and take care of your mule or donkey. Then you should purchase DVD #2 and so on. If you skip DVDs, you will miss the foundational training you need to go on to the next steps. You can also purchase the Training Without Resistance and Equine Management and Donkey Training books for more in depth information.

What if I have questions or need help with training?

A unique facet of this training program is that Meredith welcomes your questions, and is available by phone and email. This website also contains a vast wealth of information, from the Ask Meredith page (where you can read answers to other questions or ask your own) to the archive of her Mule Crossing articles.

Are any of your products available in languages other than English?

Yes, we have translated our three large spiral-bound workbooks, Training Without Resistance: From Foal to Advanced Levels, Equine Management and Donkey Training and Equus Revisited into French, Spanish and German. The price is $39.99 per workbook, plus shipping/handling. They are available in the online store.

Where can I find reviews of Meredith’s products?

Meredith has received numerous written reviews in respected trade magazines. These products are also endorsed by both the American Donkey and Mule Society and the North American Saddle Mule Association. Her videos have received the prestigious Telly Award and Vision Award several years in a row.

“A terrific series of videos for all mule and donkey lovers.”— Western Horseman

“A wonderful resource for both new and ‘old’ mule owners. If you are interested in training your own mule, it’s a must have. If you’re not interested in training and just enjoy mules… it’s a must have.”— Mules and More magazine

See more on the Testimonials page.

Haven’t I seen Meredith’s techniques on TV before?

Yes. Beginning on April 2, 2000, we aired a 13-week nationally televised TV show on Outdoor Life Network. We have since aired her 26-week half-hour shows on the Discovery Channel, DISH Network and DirectTV.


Training Mules and Donkeys Disc #1 is called “Foal Training.” Does that mean it is appropriate only for young foals?

Nope! DVD #1 is a great foundation for animals of any age.

Can I order the DVDs individually, or out of sequence?

Yes, you can purchase any number of DVDs at a time. However, we recommend that you begin with DVD #1, regardless of your experience or your equine’s age and experience. This will give you the solid foundation you need to reach your training goals, teaching you how to build a bond of trust with your equine and establish a good working relationship. Additionally, the information in each DVD builds on the preceding one, so we do recommend going in order. Our DVD series is like grade school for equines—each lesson builds upon skills learned in the previous one and lays the groundwork for skills to be learned in the future.

Will the DVDs play in non-US DVD players?

Yes, all DVD titles are region-free and will play in any DVD player.

What is included with my DVD?

In addition to 40–50 minutes of detailed training instruction, every DVD of our equine training course comes with a print-ready workbook with photos and illustrations on the disc.

What’s the difference between “field card downloads” and “deluxe field cards”?

Field cards summarize information presented in the Training Mules and Donkeys DVD series, and the Training Without Resistance and Equine Management and Donkey Training books in a compact, handhold fashion. They make it easy to take what you’ve learned and refer to it in the field—whether it’s a round pen, an arena, or the trailer—while you train your equine.

We now offer two options for purchasing your field cards.

First, we offer field card downloads, which can be purchased individually or combined with a bundle. These cards were recently beautifully redesigned, but still include all the same information you’ll need. After your purchase goes through, you’ll receive a link to download the file for these cards immediately, so you can get started right away. You can print multiple copies of these cards, hang up a set in the tack room, laminate them, write on them—whatever works best for you. In most cases, bundles will only include downloadable field cards for the DVDs that are in the package.

We also now offer deluxe, laminated field cards. These cards were created for our original VHS series, and we are now offering them again in correlation with our DVD series. These deluxe sets feature glossy, laminated cards that will be shipped to you with the rest of your order, and come in packages that include all 10 field cards. The deluxe field cards can be purchased as a set alone, or added to any of our training bundle products.

Do you offer the Training Mules and Donkeys series on VHS?

Unfortunately we are no longer producing new copies of the training series on VHS, and no longer have any remaining VHS tapes in stock. Limited stock may be available from third-party vendors like Amazon or eBay. All DVDs can be purchased in our online store.

Video On Demand

How long is the rental period?

All video on demand rentals will expire 72 hours after you begin watching. You have 30 days between purchasing to start your viewing.

Do I have to rent the whole series?

No, all rentals are available as individual episodes as well.

How many times can I watch the shows during the rental period?

You can watch the show as many times as you’d like during the rental period!

Who do I contact if there are problems with my rental?

For any technical issues with your rentals, please contact VHX support at or use our built-in contact form.

What kind of payment do you accept for video on demand?

For video on demand rentals, we accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

Can I download the rental videos?

No, rentals are for streaming viewing only and can not be downloaded. If you’d like to add the training videos to your permanent collection, please check out our selection of DVDs in the store.

Shipping and Delivery

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club, JCB, and signature debit cards.

Can I return my products after I’ve received them?

All tangible products ordered online or by phone can be returned within 14 days of the shipping date, as long as they are unopened and in good condition. No returns will be accepted after 14 days. We cannot offer refunds on digital download products, such as articles and music.

Products purchased from any of our distributors are subject to their respective return policies.

Damaged products can be exchanged for the same products with no additional shipping to customer. Damaged products can be exchanged for substitutes with credit for previous purchase plus new shipping charges. We do not offer refunds on damaged products.

Items should be returned to:

Lucky Three Ranch, Inc.
P.O. Box 272490
Fort Collins, CO 80527

How is my product shipped?

We ship our products nationally and internationally via UPS/USPS.

What if I want rush delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not offer rush delivery at this time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, of course! Shipments are just subject to international shipping charges by UPS/USPS.

Who do I call for customer service questions regarding my order?

For product, ordering or shipping related questions, you can call us at 800-816-7566 or reach us by email.

You can also write us at:
P.O. Box 272490
Fort Collins, CO 80527

How do I download the song, article or field cards I’ve purchased?

Please note that, for safety, digital items will not automatically download to your browser–you will have to select and confirm the item for download after your purchase. Below is a screen capture of the page you will see after completing your purchase–simply click on the “Download” link for each product to download to your computer.


You will also receive these same links in your confirmation email, as seen below. Please make sure to download your items as soon as you receive the email, as the links will expire after a few days. Contact our support page if you have any issues accessing your items.