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These photos say it all

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: This is how the BLM rounded up 30 wild horses last week in Utah: Our team captured these photos of the helicopter hazing horses, causing some to crash through barbed wire. These photos have already reached 1.4 million people on Facebook alone! This may be a tipping point for this movement, but we need your help to keep our observers in the field. Right now, our observer is in Wyoming’s Red Desert, where the BLM is rounding up 1,400 wild horses from our public lands. At least six horses have died in the first five days of the roundup, including:
  • Two foals who were run to death. (“capture shock”)
  • One foal who was euthanized after breaking his leg
  • A six-year old stallion who was "injured and blinded by another stallion on a trailer"
We are the eyes and ears on the ground, holding BLM accountable for these cruel roundups. Please help keep our team in the field. Sincerely, The AWHC Team Donate ...
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Utah Roundup Sparks Public Outrage & Other News

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts Oppose BLM/USFS Plan for North Hills Wild Horses Get your comments in today on a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) plan to round up and remove almost 200 wild horses from the North Hills Herd Management Area (HMA) in Iron County, Utah. This is an area where the agencies allow a maximum of 60 horses on 74,000 acres of land (1 horse per 1,233 acres!) while authorizing over 1,000 sheep and the equivalent of 147 cow/calf pairs to graze on the same public lands. Please click below to submit your comments to oppose the roundup and support humane management of this Utah mustang herd.   Utah Roundup Sparks Public Outrage Photographs taken by AWHC photographer Steve Paige of a helicopter nearly hitting wild horses and causing them to crash through barbed wire at the BLM roundup underway this week in Utah are sparking public outrage.  AWHC has called for an investigation of the obvious violations of the agency’s own animal welfare policies at the roundup, which is taking place in the Bible Springs Complex and Sulphur Mountains HMA. The photos of the mistreatment of wild horses have been seen by nearly a million people on social media and are raising public awareness about the government’s cruel treatment of these federally-protected icons. Read more on our roundup coverage and complaint to the BLM by clicking below.   AWHC and AWI Team Up to Fight BLM Plan to Remove Mares' Ovaries  AWHC has teamed up with the Animal Welfare Institute to fight the BLM’s plan to conduct cruel surgical experiments on wild mares to remove their ovaries. The barbaric experiments will put wild mares at risk of "death and extreme pain” due to a risky, invasive surgery that is “brutal and risky and clearly threatening to the welfare an safety of these mares’ lives,” according to equine veterinarian Robin Kelly. Worse, most of the mares will be pregnant, and the experiment is designed to determine how many will abort their foals after undergoing the barbaric procedure. Read more by clicking below.   Donate ...
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BLM Suspends Fish Springs Wild Horse Roundup & Other News

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts Tell Your Elected Officials in DC: Stand Strong for Wild Horses and Burros! The fate of America's wild horses and burros is in the hands of Congress... again!  Last year, the Senate blocked a House attempt to legalize the mass destruction of wild horses and burros in holding and on the range. This year, the House is at it again, with Fiscal Year 2019 Interior Appropriations language that would authorize the BLM to manage wild horses and burros in non-reproducing or single sex herds via surgical sterilization of these iconic animals on the range. It also directs BLM to lay the groundwork for the mass killing of horses over the age of 10 -- barely middle age for a wild horse. The Senate version of this legislation does not contain the mass sterilization or killing provisions. The differences between the two bills will be reconciled in conference committee, and we need our Senators and Reps. to stand strong to ensure that the Senate version of the legislation once again prevails.    BLM Suspends Plans to Round Up Fish Springs Wild Horses In the face of massive community opposition, the BLM has suspended plans to capture and remove approximately 50 wild horses from the beloved Fish Springs herd near Gardnerville, Nevada. Earlier this month, over 300 local citizens packed the firehouse to oppose the BLM's roundup plan and more than 200,000 citizens have signed a petition calling on the BLM to cancel plans to remove the horses from their homes on the range. The local business community and many Nevada political leaders added their voices in support of the Fish Springs horses as well. The BLM had intended to set up bait traps this week to remove horses, but now says it will work to find "community-based management solutions that are in the best interest of both the area residents and the wild horses."  Read more about this positive development below.   Summer Roundups in Full Swing The BLM's summer roundup season is now in full swing. Signaling its intent for America's wild herds, the agency has increased its short term holding capacity and has openings to incarcerate nearly 15,000 more wild horses and burros in these feedlot pens. The BLM is using this increased capacity to round up nearly 10,000 wild horses and burros this year. Increasingly, the BLM is using “emergency” as an excuse for these roundups, enabling the ...
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Crisis mounting

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: When we launched this campaign eight days ago, we had no idea how many new threats we’d face just this week -- but we also had no idea how inspiring your response would be. We’ve already raised $45,000 towards our $50,000 goal -- can you pitch in today to help us cross the finish line and continue our crucial work? In the last week, we’ve seen the attacks against wild horses escalate dramatically:
  • The BLM has resumed selling wild horses and burros by the truckload.  The new rule allows BLM to sell up to 25 horses at a time without specific approval and will attract shady buyers and increase the chances of wild horses and burros entering the slaughter pipeline. Can you help us fight back?
  • The House of Representatives passed a spending bil that authorizes widespread surgical sterilization of wild horses and burros on the range using procedures for mares that are too horrific even to describe. Now it's up to the Senate to stop this cruel plan. Can you help us mobilize grassroots support to convince the Senate to stand strong?
  • The BLM is galloping ahead with its plan to remove 44 horses from the Fish Springs range in Nevada against the wishes of local citizens and the business community, who cherish these wild horses on OUR public lands. Can you help us mobilize opposition to this cruel plan?
And that’s not to mention the helicopter roundups that will start in less than two weeks... thousands of wild horses will lose their families and freedom; some will lose their lives. We need to be on the ground to document this barbaric practice and hold BLM accountable. Can you fuel our observation efforts? This is a huge moment for our advocacy work -- but I’m not worried, because I know that we’ve got the best advocates in the world on our side. Thank you for all of your support. Sincerely, Suzanne Roy Donate ...
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BLM Rolls Back Rule to Prevent Slaughter

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts BLM Rolls Back Rule to Protect Wild Horses & Burros from Slaughter The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recently weakened a policy enacted six years ago to prevent the sale of wild horses and burros for slaughter. The 2013 rule, implemented after BLM was exposed for illegally selling almost 2,000 horses to a known kill buyer, prohibited the BLM from selling more than four horses per buyer without written approval from the Assistant Director of the BLM. The new rule allows the BLM to sell up to 25 horses to one buyer at a time, with no restrictions on the number of times that someone can purchase horses.   Tell Sec. Zinke: Honor Your Commitment to Local Communities At his confirmation hearing, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke pledged to work with, not against, local communities by "being a listening advocate instead of a deaf adversary." But now his BLM is turning a deaf ear to the pleas of the community of Gardnerville, Nevada to preserve the Fish Springs wild horses, a locally-important and cherished herd. The BLM is steamrolling over the community by plowing ahead with plans to remove 44 horses from this small herd. Tell Secretary Zinke to live up to his promise to listen to local communities by honoring the wishes of the Gardnerville community to protect the Fish Springs wild horses.   Stop Brutal Sterilization Experiments There's still time to comment on the BLM's plan to conduct invasive and risky sterilization surgeries on 100 wild mares in Oregon. Two years ago, the BLM cancelled plans to conduct the experiments amidst public opposition and legal action by AWHC and The Cloud Foundation. Now the agency is at it again -- this time pairing the archaic surgeries with a mass helicopter roundup that will forcibly remove 685 wild horses from their homes on our public lands in the Warm Spring Herd Management Area. We must pull out all the stops to shut down this cruel plan... again!   Donate ...
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