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Less than 12 hours to go — Can we count on you to give?

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: AWHC has an incredible team of staff, specialists and volunteers across the country working to keep America’s wild horses and burros wild. The Bureau of Land Management is trying to convince Congress that mass roundups and surgical sterilization of wild horses are the only solutions to managing America’s wild horse and burro population. With the capitulation of the ASPCA, HSUS and Return to Freedom to the livestock industry agenda, we're the last ones standing fighting for the future of wild herds. Make no mistake: the scale of the removals proposed -- a staggering 130,000 wild horses and burros over the next ten years -- will result in both the destruction of wild horses and burro populations in the wild and the mass slaughter of those held in captivity.  AWHC is fighting back hard, in Congress, in the courts and in the field where we're implementing humane management programs to prove that wild horses and burros can be managed without harming them. We’re in for the fight of our lives in 2020 -- Can we count on you to make a matched donation this #GivingTuesday? We're nearly half of the way to reaching our $50,000 goal but have less than 12 hours to close that gap in time. Thank you, American Wild Horse Campaign Donate (X2!) ...
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Double your impact and help save wild horses this #GivingTuesday

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: This #GivingTuesday, all donations up to $50,000 will be matched but only until midnight. But we’re not just asking you to rush in a donation -- We’re asking you to become a member of the AWHC family and a part of our national movement to save America’s wild horses and burros. The Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management labeled wild horses and burros as the greatest threat to public lands. He’s spreading disinformation and throwing his support behind cruel plans that could result in the wholesale slaughter of these beautiful animals in our lifetimes. We refuse to let him get away with this. So when you make a donation to support AWHC, here’s where your money is going: Education and Advocacy -- From Nevada and Utah, to Oregon and Wyoming, sometimes the only public observer on site for roundups is one of our field representatives. But we do more than document these cruel acts. Over the past ten years, we’ve grown our grassroots base 100x in size so that we can be a powerful collective voice for protection of wild horses and burros and against their slaughter. In The Wild Management -- In northern Nevada, AWHC is implementing the world’s largest humane management program for wild horses. The cornerstone of this highly successful program is the remote darting of wild mares with the birth control vaccine PZP. We’re proving that there is a cost-effective, humane, and safe way to manage wild horses that would make roundups and slaughter a relic of the past. Legislation -- From statehouses to the U.S. Capitol, AWHC ensures that wild horses and burros have a voice in both state and federal government. We spearheaded state efforts like California’s AB 128 (which passed this year) and fought successfully in Congress to defeat language that would allow for the transfer and mass killing of wild horses. Litigation -- AWHC and our coalition partners have a strong record of successful litigation, winning over 90% of the cases we file. We’re currently involved in six major lawsuits to prevent inhumane surgical experiments on mares as well as prevent the removal of thousands of wild horses throughout the West. Over the years, we’ve put in place precedents that will stand the test of time, upholding important legal protections granted by Congress to America’s iconic mustangs and burros. Today represents an incredible opportunity, not only to double your impact, but also to become a member of the ...
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This is HUGE! All donations will be matched through tomorrow

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We wanted to share this incredible news with you: A generous donor is pledging to match ALL donations up to $50,000 between now and midnight tomorrow for #GivingTuesday. This is your chance to double your impact and power the fight to keep our wild horses and burros wild: Make a donation of any size to help us unlock this incredible gift and help us reach our #GivingTuesday fundraising goal! → This year, a $5 billion plan was introduced that would put wild horses and burros on the pathway to extinction. The commercial livestock industry is pushing for the implementation of this plan that would accelerate roundups and remove an unprecedented number of wild horses and burros from our public lands. Our wild horses and burros don’t have corporate lobbyists and PACs to advocate on their behalf. But our staff, our volunteers, and generous supporters like you? We give them a voice and we give them a fighting chance. We will never stop fighting. Your donation helps us support legislation to prevent the slaughter of horses and powers our legal team to make roundups a thing of the past. It gives our team the resources and tools it needs to document roundups and our volunteers the equipment necessary to dart horses with fertility control to prove there is an ethical, cost-effective way to manage wild horses that doesn’t include inhumane roundups and slaughter. Can we count on you to make a matched donation ahead of #GivingTuesday? Every dollar and every donation makes all the difference in this fight and will help us secure this $50,000 gift. Thank you, American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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Here’s a way to shop on #CyberMonday AND save wild horses! (see how)

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: For many of us, the #CyberMonday deals are hard, if not impossible, to beat. They offer the perfect opportunity to purchase presents and gifts for coworkers, friends, and family ahead of the holiday season. But did you know that if you are purchasing through Amazon, you can help us save wild horses and burros? By using our nonprofit link (here!), a portion of your purchases will go towards our work to keep wild horses and burros wild. And if you haven’t checked it out, you can get your hands on everything from calendars to coffee, clothing and prints to make the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life (or, just treat yourself!). Go wild with your gift-giving this year and a portion of the proceeds will go toward the fight to keep wild horses and burros wild!  ...
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The gifts that matter

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Go wild with your gift-giving this holiday season!  When you purchase any of the items below, a portion of the proceeds go directly toward the fight to keep wild horses wild!  ...
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