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It’s Giving Tuesday… can you help?

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: As we kick off #GivingTuesday, I have a personal request. A very generous donor has offered to match all donations up to $50,000 made today, which means your contribution -- of any amount -- is more important than ever. Today is our most critical fundraising day of the entire year. We’ll rely on funds raised today to fuel our programs, staff, field equipment, lobbying and legal work into next year when the stakes could not be higher. What we raise today, determines the strength of our work tomorrow, Meredith. So -- for the love of our wild horses and burros -- I’m asking personally if you’ll make a gift of any amount right now to ensure your donation has more impact than ever before. Your donation today will be put to work, immediately -- we have no time to lose. 2021 is gearing up to be a pivotal year for our wild horses and burros and we cannot afford to take our foot off the gas for even one day. When you make a donation to support AWHC, here’s where your money is going in 2021:
  • Education and Advocacy -- Often, we’re the only observers onsite at federal wild horse and burro roundups. We’re showing the world what our government is doing to these national icons, and we’re building the grassroots army necessary to finally win the battle for their protection.
  • In The Wild Management -- Our humane fertility control program for Nevada’s Virginia Range mustangs continues to break all records as the largest humane wild horse management program in the world. Our team in Nevada is showing that humane management works and is leading the charge to make roundups and slaughter a relic of the past.
  • Legislation -- We’re developing increasing numbers of champions from both sides of the aisle in Congress to speak up for wild horses and burros. Thanks to our work, dozens of Senators and Congresspeople have spoken out against cruel surgical sterilization and in favor of humane management, and the House passed a historic amendment to require funding for fertility control as an alternative to cruel and costly roundups.
  • Litigation -- AWHC and the coalitions of animal welfare groups we’ve formed have won over 90% of the cases we file. We've filed multiple lawsuits and successfully brought about a federal injunction to halt the surgical sterilization of mares in Oregon, and we're prepared to take ...
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This is HUGE! ALL donations will be matched through tomorrow

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We know these are challenging times and for many of us the holidays are not the same this year. But now, more than ever, we’re reminded that we’re all in this together. We can’t think of a better, more passionate, or more generous community to be in this with; that’s why we’re SO excited to share this amazing news with you: Right now -- on the eve of Giving Tuesday -- a generous donor has stepped up in a huge way and pledged to match ALL AWHC donations up to $50,000 made between now and midnight tomorrow. THIS is the most impactful donation you can make to jumpstart our work going into 2021, and power the fight to preserve and protect America's magnificent wild horses and burros. Make a $35 gift today and horses get DOUBLE your donation! Help unlock this incredible gift and reach our critical #GivingTuesday fundraising goal! → We won’t sugarcoat it: wild horses and burros are facing unprecedented threats to their very existence on our western public lands. But at the same time, we are truly making unprecedented progress. In Congress, we’re gaining increasing support from both sides of the aisle speaking up for wild horse and burro protection. In the field, we’re proving without a shadow of a doubt that humane wild horse management works. And every single day, new supporters just like yourself are joining the cause and growing our voice. Now we must carry this work into 2021! Our wild horses and burros don’t have corporate lobbyists and PACs to advocate on their behalf. They have us: Together, we give them a voice and we give them a fighting chance. We will never stop fighting. Your donation helps us lobby for legislation to prevent the slaughter of horses, and powers our legal team to make roundups a thing of the past. It gives our team the resources and tools it needs to document roundups and our volunteers the equipment necessary to dart horses with fertility control to prove there is an ethical, cost-effective way to manage wild horses that doesn’t include inhumane roundups and slaughter. Can we count on you to make a matched donation now? Every dollar gets us closer to securing this game-changing $50,000 gift. Give now and DOUBLE your impact: With deep gratitude, American Wild Horse Campaign Donate ...
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Here’s a way to shop on #CyberMonday AND save wild horses! (see how) Inbox

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: If you’re anything like us, you’re checking out great #CyberMonday deals and getting a jump-start on your holiday shopping. Did you know that whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or regular items on Amazon, you can help keep wild horses wild, Erica? By using our nonprofit link (here!), a portion of your purchases will go toward our work to ensure wild horses and burros Stay Wild. This small and quick action will really make an impact! As of November 2020, AmazonSmile has distributed over $200 million to charities across the United States. So, be sure to choose AWHC on AmazonSmile and shop away! And if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find everything from calendars to coffee, clothing and prints to make the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life (or, just treat yourself!). Go wild with your gift-giving this year and a portion of the proceeds will go toward the fight to keep wild horses and burros wild! Thank you, American Wild Horse Campaign Donate ...
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Wear your wild

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Go wild with your gift-giving this holiday season!  This Black Friday, use your shopping dollars to protect wild horses and burros! When you purchase any of our special 2020 items below, a portion of the proceeds go directly toward the fight to keep wild horses wild! Donate ...
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Galloping towards a major deadline

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts It’s that time again: The holiday season is just around the corner which means we’re just ONE WEEK from #GivingTuesday, one of the single most important days for charitable giving in the United States, and for us at AWHC. I won’t lie, our ability to hit our annual fundraising goal -- and successfully execute the programs, lawsuits and lobbying our wild horses and burros rely on each year -- depends on a successful, and impactful, #GivingTuesday this year. But I’m not asking you for a donation today. I will next week and I REALLY hope you can chip in when it’s time. Today, I’m asking you to use your powerful voice. Will you speak up for wild horses in need before the holiday giving season is upon us, and we lose the attention of those in charge of managing our national icons? Here Are Two Actions You Can Take in Under 5 Minutes, Right Now: 1. Co-Sign This Bi-Partisan Anti-Surgical Sterilization Letter to the BLM: A veterinarian manually reaching into a mare’s abdominal cavity via the vaginal canal, blindly locating the ovaries, severing them with a rod and chain device, and pulling them out is NOT the answer. Even the National Academy of Sciences advised that this BLM-favored procedure is “inadvisable for field application" due to the possibility of bleeding and infection. That’s why we’ve filed multiple lawsuits -- and secured a federal injunction -- to STOP the BLM from galloping ahead with this inhumane surgery on wild mares. Speak up today: Co-sign this letter to Interior Secretary Bernhardt to let him know Congress AND the public are demanding humane treatment of America’s wild horses and burros. 2. Let your Senators Know: There’s a Better Way After celebrating the historic passage of an amendment in the House of Representatives that would require the BLM to spend $11 million implementing humane PZP fertility control programs, we hoped the Senate would follow suit. Instead, its draft funding bill not only does not earmark funds for humane fertility control, it actually increases funding by $14.2 million for the roundup and warehousing of wild horses and burros in mass feedlot-like holding facilities. We know there’s a better way, but we have to speak up and demand it from our leaders in Congress. Already this week hundreds of us have been making calls, sending emails, and forwarding these actions to our friends and family. Let’s keep ...
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