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BREAKING: BLM Director labels wild horses “existential threat” to public lands

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts The Acting Bureau of Land Management Director, William Perry Pendley, just went on record to single out wild horses as the biggest “existential threat” to public lands. No, we’re not joking: The irony of his comments is not lost on us. Almost 90 percent of BLM land has NO wild horses on it, and mustangs have nowhere near as large an environmental footprint as commercial livestock grazing. Pendley himself championed the cause of selling off our public lands into private ownership, for profit. That position is the real, existential threat to public lands. But there’s a reason Pendley is peddling this fiction as fact: He’s trying to make the public case for a plan that would put wild horses on the pathway to extinction. We need to call out this misinformation. If you disagree with Pendley, then we need you to add your name on our petition to reject his outrageous assertion that wild horses represent the biggest threat to public lands. Here’s a quick look at the real threats and dangers facing public lands, Mr. Pendley: Don’t let Pendley off the hook for spreading dangerous and damaging lies. Sign here to reject Pendley’s ridiculous claim that wild horses represent an “existential threat” to public lands. Thank you, Suzanne Roy Executive Director P.S. -- It’s difficult to overstate how significant it is for the Acting Director of the BLM to label wild horses and burros “an existential threat” in an official capacity. We have to set the record straight and expose his lies -- Every donation helps us do that and defend our wild horses and burros. Donate ...
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What you need to know about the Devil’s Garden roundup →

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts We wanted to make sure you had the chance to read this before getting too wrapped up in your weekend Meredith. The roundup in the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory in California ended this week, resulting in the permanent removal of 499 wild horses from their federally protected habitat. Already three of them have died at the U.S. Forest Service’s Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals. This latest roundup followed the removal of 932 wild horses last fall from Devil’s Garden. The USFS announced last year that the captured wild horses could be sold without limitations on slaughter (we’re suing to stop them). Take a moment to read our breakdown of The Devil’s Garden roundup in numbers, and if you can, please make a donation to support our team as we wage two separate lawsuits on behalf of these wild horses. Our team is working around the clock to protect the Devil’s Garden mustangs from more roundups and slaughter – Every donation, no matter the size, helps power our fight. If you’ve already donated or cannot at this time, please consider sharing this with a couple of your close friends. Our wild horses and burros don’t have a voice – So we have to use ours. Thank you for your continued support, Your friends at The American Wild Horse Campaign Donate ...
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“Why don’t you sue?” — We are

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: A common question we get asked when we shine a spotlight on cruel practices and unjust policies that threaten our wild horses is: “Why don’t you sue?” The answer is – we are! The American Wild Horse Campaign currently has 6 active lawsuits. We consider litigation as one of our central pillars of defense against the increasing number of threats facing wild horses and burros throughout the West. We’ve had some incredible successes – putting in place legal protections that will stand the test of time. In the case of Devil’s Garden, we’re currently suing to protect nearly 500 wild horses from potentially being sold to slaughter. Take a moment to read below about how we’re defending wild horses and burros in the courts of law. And if you can – be one of the 100 donors we need to step up on this #WildHorseWednesday before midnight so we can continue to advocate and defend our wild horses and burros. We’re only able to get involved in these legal fights because of supporters like you donating to emails like these. Be one of the 100 donors we need to step up before midnight on this #WildHorseWednesday to support our work! >> Thank you for looking this over and for your continued support, American Wild Horse Campaign P.S. – Getting the word out about our work helps us out immensely! So if you could forward this email to three friends, then we can close out this #WildHorseWednesday knowing we made a difference in the fight to defend America’s wild horses and burros! ...
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We’re rising to the occasion

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts It’s difficult to overstate the threat to wild horses and burros posed by the Cattlemen's Association/HSUS/ASPCA, et. al., and their mass mustang roundup plan. If it goes into effect, up to 20,000 horses and burros each year for the next three years will be rounded up and removed from public lands. Over the next ten years, the total number removed from the range could be as high as 130,000 wild horses and burros.  But thanks to dedicated supporters like you who have spoken out, signed petitions, and donated, this dangerous plan is drawing national attention and backlash: Momentum is building, but we're facing a major deadline to stop one cruel method that the plan allows — a brutal and outdated surgical procedure that BLM intends to use to remove the ovaries of wild mares. Many veterinarians have spoken out, but more are needed to convince Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to pull the plug on this inhumane surgery. We need as many veterinarians as possible to sign this letter to Interior Secretary Bernhardt by October 18th — please forward it to your local vet today. Mass Roundups & Surgical Sterilization Are Not The Answer These wild herds are at risk of being destroyed forever. And this isn’t hyperbole — mass roundups would reduce wild horse populations to near-extinction levels. Surgical sterilization would destroy the mustangs' natural behaviors, which make them truly wild and help them survive in the rugged West. There are much better and far safer management options to maintain viable and healthy herds of wild free-roaming horses and burros on our public lands. The National Academies of Sciences, in its 2013 Report to the BLM, made it crystal clear that roundups don't work: We’re Showing There Is A Better Way Every single day, our darters are proving that humane management of wild horses in the wild is possible. And our PZP birth control programs are getting results. In the span of five and a half months, our team of 14 volunteer darters in the Virginia Range in Nevada delivered more fertility control treatments to wild mares than the entire BLM, with its $80-million-a-year-budget, did in all of 2018. Just last week in the Onaqui Mountains in Utah, AWHC's darter worked with the BLM and the Wild Horses of American Foundation to dart 81 horses. The fact is, PZP programs are getting results. We stand ready to work with the ...
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Wild horses betrayed…but the fight goes on!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: I have devastating news. The Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, and Return to Freedom, who made promises to protect horses, just betrayed America’s mustangs and burros. Today, at the behest of those organizations and the livestock industry lobbyists they allied with, the Senate Appropriations Committee funded a $35 million increase for the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program. The appropriation is part of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Interior Department spending bill unveiled today. The funds are targeted for implementation of the unprecedented mass roundup, removal, and radical population suppression plan that the groups, along with the cattlemen, support. We’re ready to fight back. There are no restrictions on how the BLM can spend the new money. With this nearly 50% increase in the program budget, it’s clear what the BLM will do. Thousands more wild horses will be rounded up with helicopters, ripping them from their families and homes on our public lands. Those who remain free will be subjected to brutal sterilization surgeries that will destroy their wild behaviors and threaten their very lives. The future of America’s wild free-roaming herds will be in jeopardy when populations are reduced to genetically non-viable levels. Don’t be fooled by the deceptive promotion of the plan as “non-lethal.” The bill language prohibits slaughter for a year, but the plan makes that horrific outcome more likely as holding pens swell with tens of thousands more horses and no guarantee of funding for their safety or long-term care. But don’t despair. This is a setback, but not the end of the battle. There’s a long process ahead before this becomes law - if it ever does. Congress may choose to fund the government in FY 20 by passing a Continuing Resolution instead of a spending bill. And the BLM will have many hurdles to cross before accelerating the roundups and implementing inhumane management tools. That means this fight goes on. With your continued support, we will fight those who betray our wild horses and burros. We’ll fight them in court. We’ll fight them in Congress. We’ll expose the backroom deal that sold out our mustangs. We won’t rest. With your continued support, we won’t stop until our mustangs are safe. In Freedom, Suzanne Roy, Executive Director Donate ...
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