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Lucky Three Ranch Training

Resistance-free training. What does it mean? And why is it essential to building a good relationship with your equine? Meredith Hodges has pondered the answers to those questions for years. In over four decades of study and practice, she’s had her share of victories and failures, as well as, solving some of the mysteries of equine behavior. But the one lesson—the guiding principle—that has informed her work more than any other, is that the only way to win the heart and mind, and therefore the cooperation, of any animal is through patience, kindness and consideration.

Mules and donkeys are Meredith’s equines of choice, but her methods work well with horses too, and her correspondence training course, Training Mules and Donkeys, has been popular with equine lovers of every persuasion for years. The 10-DVD series offers step-by-step instruction and detailed techniques designed to help her students and their animals reach their potential, while keeping safe and developing a true bond of friendship.

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