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Linda Erwin Peoples

“I am awed, impressed and grateful for your reply – well, not only that you replied, but the timelines, the depth and thoroughness of it too! Thank you so much for helping us humans relate better in the world of mules.”

Becky Smith

“Thank you for teaching so many people about mules, It’s so nice to learn from the ‘real deal’ as we call it.”

Michele, Hidden Oaks Farm

“Hi Meredith, you emailed me about three weeks ago concerning my mule, Charlie. I asked about shots and trust. Well, to make a long story short, I have been doing exactly what you said and Charlie now canters up to me when I go to catch him. I’m so happy. Thanks so much. Our training is now so enjoyable we both look forward to it. Before this, I was at my wit’s end and we were both unhappy. It is so amazing how fast the turn around was. I still have to pinch myself to make sure it’s not just a happy dream but real. Thanks from your two biggest HAPPY fans!”

Dr. Carl Lind, DVM

“Excellent program, very well thought out by a leader in the mule industry. All videos are excellent. Safety stressed throughout.”

Georgia Benois

“Thanks! That is the most comprehensive response I’ve ever received. Thank you for you insights and referrals.”

Richard Shrake

“No one is more highly respected in this field and I know that her knowledge is a must for every person who owns and loves their mules. She has definitely raised the bar for the stand of excellence for equine educational books.”

Dr. Jeannette Havens, DVM

“Meredith Hodges’ comprehensive curriculum of DVDs and textbooks are a beautiful example of teaching the equid with a fair-minded, patient, direct approach. Her methods bring the mule, donkey, or horse together with the owner to establish a very safe, rewarding, but most of all, fun and enjoyable relationship.”

Becky, Becky’s Homestead

“I have been reading your articles and have a few of your early books on mules, donkeys and training. I have found your advice and tips rewarding, entertaining and very insightful. Thank you so much. You have done so much for the mule and donkey industry with your education about them and how versatile they actually are.”

Lorraine Hawkins, British Mule Society

“What Meredith doesn’t know about training mules and donkeys isn’t worth knowing.”

Jim and Carlen Eckford

“Lucky Three was right!  We were so lucky to have you all to ourselves. Thank you for your wonderful tour and the wealth of information you imparted to us…  We love your spirit.”