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Angels in Idaho


The following update comes from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue.


Exciting news – We received a message yesterday that our new “Angels in Idaho” will be taking three babies. Seanna, (shown in photo), Boots and Cicero will all be heading to their new home this week.

Matt and I will be transporting them. We will need roughly $375 fuel for transport and a little for Health Certificates and needed blood work for transport. So we are looking at between $400 – $500 to secure these three great homes.

(Unfortunately it won’t reduce our monthly board as they have been at Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang and we do not receive any funds for “boarding” even though they were part of the 55)”. ) But it will certainly be a reduction for feed expenses and leave me more time to help gentle other wild ones and care for the upcoming orphans.) Finding them homes is the biggest blessing ever :)

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Chilly Pepper Rescue: Bad weather postpones the roundups


The following is an excerpt from the latest Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue Newsletter.

Hi, Sending out a quick update to keep everyone informed. We are in a “hurry up and wait” state, but thanks to y’all we are ready for that call.

I am happy to share some good news. Thanks to the wet weather, the roundups in Yakima, WA have been postponed. This is good for all the babies as they have a better chance of spending more time with their moms. Of course we are praying the roundups simply do not happen, but at least the older the babies are, the better chance they have of surviving.

So far, we have not heard any news about the Warm Springs roundups having started yet either. Once again, the weather is a big factor. PTL! So for now, we have been blessed. Please send your prayers that the roundups don’t start.

On the home front, we are still prepping for babies. Things can change in a heart beat, and you have to be ready to go. Prior to last year, our babies came locally in CA or from NV off the range. So although that is our normal source, we are now on board for the “slaughter babies” once again this year. We are trying to establish a “direct relationship” with the auction yard. Once these horses are brought in, they go straight to Canada as the gentleman running the operation has a direct contract with Bouvry Exports, in Alberta Canada.

In the meantime, we are also gentling and training the wild ones that are here. I am so happy to report that Lacy has made a huge break through and she is bonding up nicely. Prior to this she would bite and was very unsure and unhappy with any type of touching. She is going to make an amazing partner for someone and will be available for adoption. If you would like to see Lacy’s progress, you can follow the attached links. :)

“Seanna” has also made huge strides and her training is coming along nicely. “Go Go Boots” is just a tiny bit behind her, but we will be needing homes not only for these girls, but for Cicero. Cicero is from Yakima Washington and is coming on a year old. He will need someone with experience, but promises to be an amazing horse. He is very spirited and intelligent (shown below).

We so appreciate everyone who is part of this rescue and helping us keep these horses safe. Please share far and wide so we can find forever homes for these horses.

If you want to help You can go to You caring – https://www.youcaring.com/let-em-run-foundation-for-55-wild-horses-orphaned-foals-415297 to help us save these horses.

You can go to Paypal – Palominodancer@yahoo.com or go to our website
www.chillypepper.org if you would like to help these horses.

You can donate via check at Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, 34694 Sidebottom Rd., Shingletown, CA 96088

530 474-5197 If you are interested in visiting or adopting one of these beautiful horses.

Chilly Pepper Babies are Coming


The following is an excerpt from the latest Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue Newsletter.

Baby season is here, and all around the country mares are giving birth to their new little ones. Meet VELMA, the newest baby in Shirley Allen’s nursery in Dayton NV. The following is her update:

VelmaPLEASE Keep Her in your prayers. She’s doing so well it sort of scares me. She came in just a few hours old and the first 3 days to a week are ALWAYS very stressful with watching and monitoring every single little thing she does and move she makes. As always we’re praying that NOTHING unforeseen raises it’s ugly head. We are in the so far, so good mode and SHE is nothing but a TOTAL JOY. She was born in the very early morning and because of the rains and weather we had she was unfortunately born basically in a puddle. She was totally wet and shivering with hypothermia setting in fast. Her Mom, although interested in her didn’t seem to have that motherly instinct and went back to eating. Thank goodness, the girls happened to be out there that morning or we wouldn’t have the little sweetie. We had rain, snow and wind coming in again that morning and she would not have made it much longer in those conditions being wet and no way to get her dry. Mom sort of tried a couple of times to get her up to nurse apparently but basically gave up and went back to eating her breakfast. Velma at that point was unable to get on her feet because her little legs were too cold and wet already to make her muscles work. It took a little while to get her dry and warming slow to get her up so circulation could get to those tiny legs. Now that she’s doing well, she has just started yesterday running and playing a bit. We had a play session this morning at 3am right after her 2:30 feeding. Please send good energy for Velma, we’re holding on and doing our best to get this little kid happy and healthy. Will try to update soon. HUGS ALL !!


SAYLER Update and Auction Items Needed


Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue is planning for their 2016 Cabin Fever Auction (March 6-13) and are accepting donations of artwork, jewelry, gift baskets, gift cards, tchotchkes, hand- made items, services …anything you think someone might enjoy and be excited to bid on. Donated items do NOT need to be donkey or animal related. Contact them though their website to arrange for donations. Below is an update on Stan, a donkey they recently rescued.

Stan the Donkey“We recently took in a 35-year old donkey who’s long-time buddy passed away. Stan came into the rescue in pretty rough shape. He was not at all friendly and wanted nothing to do with people or the other donkeys. He was covered in burrs and his poor tail was so matted it looked and felt like a club. His forelock and flanks were chock full of burdocks stuck tightly to his skin. He was examined by our vet and it was discovered that he is blind, with large cataracts in both eyes. He was also in dire need of dental work – it’s doubtful that he had ever had dental work in his lifetime. He had such sharp points on his molars that they actually punctured his tongue, and he had so much tartar build up on the outsides of his molars that the inside of his cheeks had become ulcerated. Every time Stan moved his jaw he must have been in excruciating pain. No wonder he was not friendly!

Dr Lea Warner sedated him and floated his teeth, my helpers Annie and Hannah worked on getting the burrs out, and our farrier, Matt Caprioli, worked on getting his feet trimmed while Stan was in la la land.

Well, in the weeks since then Stan has blossomed! He is a new man! He must feel so much better! He is now friendly and seeks attention. He did not want to be touched when he first arrived and now he enjoys being groomed and has a big honk for me in the morning when I go out. He gets on very well considering his age and disability.”


Update from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang Rescue


HONEYBANDITHoney Bandit is doing well and proof that together we can beat all the odds.

Well Foal Season is fast arriving, with little ones popping up in NV already. Just today we received the first bags of Foal Lac Powder and Pellets and the first shipment of Colostrum. It makes it real hauling in 160 pounds of milk products. :)

Helping the sanctuary move to TX put us several unexpected weeks behind, (don’t ya love arriving to “drive” and having to pack up the entire place lol) so we are working hard to be ready for that first phone call. It is amazing how much stuff you need on hand to give these babies the ultimate care. We are re-packing the trailer and ordering supplies like crazy.

As I worked on the tax donation receipts, (there are still a few folks out there who’s receipts are on the way), I could hardly see for the tears sometimes. There were so many wonderful notes and prayers for Lil Maverick and people really came together for the Rolling Foal Hospital. Y’all are amazing and have the most beautiful hearts. (So often you hear about trailers being purchased and used once or twice. The Rolling Foal Hospital has already been instrumental in saving numerous lives and continues rolling on a regular basis.)

Thanks to all of you and your generosity and support for what we do and for the wild ones we were able to help keep the 65 out of slaughter, save 11 orphans who needed special help and start gentling two more babies.

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Sulphur Mustangs Safe in Sanctuaries in South Dakota and California


The following update is from the American Wild Horse Preservation 

In February of this year, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Utah rounded up and removed 103 wild horses from the Sulphur Herd Management Area (HMA) in Utah. Among those captured, was a 26-year-old grulla stallion whose plight captured the attention of the public. Over 24,000 Americans signed a petition calling on the BLM to release this proud stallion, who spent over two decades in the wild, back to the range to live out the only life he had ever known — one of freedom.

The BLM ignored the request, and proceeded with an Internet auction of this stallion and his herd on April 21, 2015. Wild horse advocate Jacquelyn Hieber reached out to Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary who agreed if she were able to win bids on a few Sulphur stallions including the senior now known as #3907, they could provide a forever sanctuary for these horses.

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Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue Update on Cowboy


The following update is from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue 

Cowboy is doing wonderfully. He has been getting tiny little corrective trims and treatments on his lil hoofers and it is already helping his hind legs. We still need lots of prayers for this little one, but he is progressing a tiny bit each day.

LatelCowboyy, he has enjoyed being able to spend most nights with his real mama Lacy.

We were truly blessed to find some inexpensive labor and to get more shelter for the critters here, which ultimately is allowing us to take our 24 x 24 shelter over to where the 55 wild horses (less coming adoptions) are going to be spending their winter. We had no hay shelter to protect the hay and desperately needed one. We also were able to raise enough money to buy roofing materials for said shelter.

Unfortunately we still have a very long way to go in procuring a secure future for the wild ones. Our next project is putting up the shelters, fixing fence and adding additional fencing. Then we need to make sure we fill the hay barn and procure enough hay to make it through the upcoming winter for the group of wild ones in NV.

Fundraising is never easy or fun, but unfortunately very necessary as these horses, although thankful they were “saved from slaughter” actually want to eat every single day. :)

We have good news as the minute BLM found out about the 3 orphans needing the emergency hernia surgery they said thank you for the offer, but they would be happy to pay for the surgeries for the 3 orphans. So that just leaves us with Cowboy, (who is technically not an orphan due to the fact his mama is here), but needs special care so I kind of think of him that way, and Cicero and Honey who are “slaughter babies” (their mama’s were killed and slaughtered). Cicero and Honey are ready for their forever homes.

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Chilly Pepper Orphan Update


The following update is from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue 

Lil bitORPHAN UPDATE – Lil Bit is doing wonderfully. Her cast has been working and she is improving a little bit each day. We want to thank y’all as we have raised approximately half of her vet bills.

Cowboy is doing better. Due to the fact that he could not travel due to health issues, we were amazed and so thankful that by the time we could bring him to NV, we did not even need to do his casts on his legs. He will need some extremely delicate hoof trimming and some special supplements and meds, but his outlook seems to be much better than was expected. He is the baby that the local vet said might need to be euthanized. However our specialty is the critical foal care and we work so very hard on the “hopeless” cases that God puts in front of us. We do not search them out, but I truly believe, and our rescue is based on my belief that if God puts an injured creature in front of you, you darn well better give it the best care you can.

We spent the last couple of days transferring panels over to the new property we will be leasing for the 55 wild horses. The Let ’em Run Foundation has donated the use of all of their panels and a shelter to be used by the 55 Wild horses and the babies. There are several adoptions in the process and we will update you as soon as we have all the details. We are still needing lots of forever homes for these guys, but in the meantime we need to have the funds to support and care for them. It is an amazing property with tons of water. In this area and with the ongoing drought, the water alone is worth gold. Unfortunately, we will need to do a lot of repair on the fencing.

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A Treasure Plucked for the Ruins


The following story excerpt is by Susan Salk for Off Track Thoroughbreds.

Moons-Treasure-2012As seven dead horses lay strewn like garbage among the tall cane choking the desolate East Everglades property, Moon’s Treasure was lifted from hand to caring hand, as if on a magic carpet.

The Florida-bred chestnut stallion who was vanned off the Calder Race Track after a July 8, 2011 race was found wasting away on a putrid property where a paralyzed dog lay barking in the field, and a dead horse lay sprawled near the front door of a desolate farmhouse, says Laurie Waggoner of the South Florida SPCA.

Standing among the dead and the dying on a badly infected leg, the stallion, just six years old at the time, was emaciated and unremarkable in the overall picture of want and decay.

With the South Florida charity too swamped to accommodate the stallion, Waggoner shipped the starving animal, crossing her fingers he’d weather the ride, to Celia Scarlett, a horse rescue advocate who at the time worked for Florida TRAC.

Moons-Treasure-1Under Scarlett’s care, Moon’s Treasure filled out on a healthy diet, and his deep puncture wound healed with weeks of flushing and attention, she says. “He was in really bad shape, but he rebounded pretty quickly,” she says. “It’s a nice story. I knew him as a racehorse on the track; he was absolutely stunning. For him to show up like that a year later, it’s just sad,” Scarlett says. “Down here in South Florida it’s easy for a horse to wind up in a bad situation if you’re not careful. He definitely wound up in the wrong hands.”

But just as suddenly as his life fell in tatters, he was found and lifted by right hands.

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From Rescued Horse to Dressage Championships


Kalli Graf and Soby

The following story is from the Santa Barbara Independent.

Most horses that contend at the highest level of equestrian competitions come from large ranches and carefully selective breeding. That’s not the case for Soby, the rescue horse equestrian that trainer Kaili Graf will be riding at the Western Dressage World Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this coming November.

Kaili rescued Soby back in 2010 as a baby when she was neglected and left out alone in a field. The two had an instant connection, as rider and horse developed a strong partnership in a short time that would typically take weeks for other trainers.

“As soon as I saw her, I said, ‘This is not a normal horse,’” said Graf, a trainer who has been riding horses for as long as she can remember. “Soby has a goofy personality, but she loves to work.”

Soby was one of the earliest rescue horses that Kaili ever worked with, and as such is a bit of a “poster child” for rescue horses competing in Western Dressage, having won four state titles in 2014. A new discipline, Western Dressage’s influences date back to the 1700s with the ranches of the American West and Spanish vaqueros. Western Horsemanship meets the English Classical Dressage in a style that emphasizes “lightness” and “subtle cues.”

For Kaili and Soby, the goal in competition is to execute techniques as a single unit and to make their movement as instinctive and intuitive as possible. The importance of this upcoming World Championship goes beyond personal aspirations, however, as Kaili wants to advocate for the sport and rescue horses. “I want to inspire the riders who think they could never make it,” says Graf. “There’s an existing structure that no one wants to challenge.”

If Kaili and Soby can prevail at the World Championships, it will show that rescue horses and anyone from modest means can find success with hard work. The cost of competing is not cheap, though, so the duo can use all the support they can rally.

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Update on Cowboy


The following update is from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue 

Hi, lots of news this month. Some of it positive and some simply Cowboy Chilli Pepperfrustrating. The positive is that we are finding homes for some of the 55 wild horses. We still need lots more homes, but we are definitely on the way.

We have been hit with lots of unexpected expenses this month, one being a repair job on our one and only rescue truck which is used for everything we do. Although the injectors were replaced 3 years ago, nearly all of them have failed to the tune of $2400. (This truck initially had a recall on them and apparently they have not improved them much.) It is frustrating when a company does not stand by their own product.

We took two trips to NV to save Cowboy. Cowboy is the preemie who was born in a group of Virginia Range horses that had been rounded up by Nevada Dept. of Ag and saved from slaughter. We are currently trying to find permanent homes for the remaining 55 horses (plus babies).

9288661_origCowboy had some life threatening issues, including a septic knee joint. Unfortunately it was an emergency type situation and that vet bill was just shy of $900. He then contracted some type of infection (similar to pneumonia) and has been on further antibiotics. He had scours and was struggling pretty badly. (When you are dealing with a preemie, it is especially dangerous as their lungs are not fully developed and they have no reserves. He was looking like quite the little riblet, with no extra meat on his bones). To date he has come through the tough times very well but is still dealing with a nasty cough. He is eating and drinking and all systems are go, with the exception of his cough and breathing.

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