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Update on Cowboy


The following update is from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue 

Hi, lots of news this month. Some of it positive and some simply Cowboy Chilli Pepperfrustrating. The positive is that we are finding homes for some of the 55 wild horses. We still need lots more homes, but we are definitely on the way.

We have been hit with lots of unexpected expenses this month, one being a repair job on our one and only rescue truck which is used for everything we do. Although the injectors were replaced 3 years ago, nearly all of them have failed to the tune of $2400. (This truck initially had a recall on them and apparently they have not improved them much.) It is frustrating when a company does not stand by their own product.

We took two trips to NV to save Cowboy. Cowboy is the preemie who was born in a group of Virginia Range horses that had been rounded up by Nevada Dept. of Ag and saved from slaughter. We are currently trying to find permanent homes for the remaining 55 horses (plus babies).

9288661_origCowboy had some life threatening issues, including a septic knee joint. Unfortunately it was an emergency type situation and that vet bill was just shy of $900. He then contracted some type of infection (similar to pneumonia) and has been on further antibiotics. He had scours and was struggling pretty badly. (When you are dealing with a preemie, it is especially dangerous as their lungs are not fully developed and they have no reserves. He was looking like quite the little riblet, with no extra meat on his bones). To date he has come through the tough times very well but is still dealing with a nasty cough. He is eating and drinking and all systems are go, with the exception of his cough and breathing.

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