The following is an update on the ISPBM situation from Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue.

ispbm-stallionsThis is a tough one to write. Thank you! to everyone for the love, support and prayers you are sending. We have made real progress, but are still not even close to where we need to be. However, together we have saved about 25% of the horses so far. When you look at how many are still out there, your heart breaks. But, for the horses that have been saved, it is EVERYTHING.

The situation is fast coming to a close, and I can’t imagine it being a happy one. We officially have 7 days left, although Karen is in default of the court order. It is terribly painful to get to know these horses and realize that we won’t be able to save them all.

The stallions are fighting non stop as we break their hearts. Every time we steal their families, they fight more and it is obvious they are hurting. They run the fence line, screaming for their families. The number of stallions is staggering, as you have 16 years worth of colts who have grown up in the mix also. This creates highly dangerous conditions when sorting the horses.

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Elaine Nash, of Fleet of Angels, has been spear heading the whole effort, and a wonderful lady named Barbara Rasmussen has literally been here for about 8 weeks, trying to sort through the adoptions. These two ladies have literally stopped their lives and given up everything to try and save these horses.

The stress of this is unbelievable. My heart is breaking and it makes you physically ill. Every night when your head hits the pillow, it all comes crashing down. Knowing how many of these horses will probably be slaughtered, the stallions especially, is too much to bear.

These horses never ever did anything to deserve this. There is too much pain here to cry away, but every morning you get back up and start over.
We pulled another 14 or so yesterday, and Matt and I have 2 babies in our “nursery”, hopefully in time.

We will keep fighting until the bitter end. But it is an amazing gift of life to each and every horse we pull for adoption. Please keep praying and know that we so appreciate the support that makes this possible. We have to pay someone to be at our place, and although he is getting a tiny portion of what he is worth, it still adds up.

We will bring as many horses home as we have funding for, and tomorrow when I think about what to be thankful for, it will be ALL OF YOU! and the lives we were able to save because of you. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I only wish you could lose weight from crying because I would be lookin’ good lol.

Again, THANK YOU for all you have saved, but we are in desperate need of more help to save more of these horses. If you are interested in adopting any of these beautiful horses, please contact ISPMB asap.

(Karen is actually still in control of the horses and the Sheriff did not take control of the adoptions.) The County will take the horses to auction December 1st under the current court order.

If you want to help You can go to You Caring – to help us keep saving lives and to give Shadow the life she deserves.

You can go to Paypal – or go to if you would like to help these horses.