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What the spending bill means for wild horses … and more news


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

Photo by Michael Alfuso

Congress Passes Spending Bill for Department of Interior

In what might be considered a Valentine’s Day miracle, the House passed a spending package last night which included funding for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Department of the Interior, completing Congressional action to avert a government shutdown with barely a day to spare. So what does this mean for wild horses and burros? Click below for more information.


Horse escaping the trapsite after chaos ensued in corrals. Photo by Michael Alfuso

Pine Nut Roundup Continues in Nevada

On February 7, the BLM began the roundup and removal of wild horses from the Pine Nut Herd Management Area (HMA) in Nevada. The BLM intends to round up 575 of the wild horses and burros from their home on our public lands in this area. So far 316 horses have been captured, and inclement weather has postponed the operation for the last three days. Read our field observers’ reports from the roundup below.


Photo by Steve Paige

Navy Plans Expansion Putting Wild Horses at Risk 

On February 14, 2019, AWHC submitted comments on the Navy’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a proposed project to expand the Fallon Range Training Complex in Nevada. There are 24 Herd Areas, totaling approximately 1.5 million acres, and 24 Herd Management Areas, totaling approximately 2.4 million acres that are within the project’s region of influence. AWHC has asked the Navy to further explain any management plans it has for the wild horses and burros within the zone of influence for its proposed project. Click below for more information.








The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

YOU saved Artie!!!! Artie is with me in Shingletown and hopefully headed to NV soon.

Sadly, we are currently in a “Nursery 911”. Baby season is fast approaching, and although we have started to set up the nursery in Toppenish, we are devastatingly far behind. We need more shelter, more panels, Foal Lac Powder, Foal Lac Pellets, grain, medical supplies, shavings, hay for the babies, and the list is endless.When that phone rings, it is go time, and we won’t have time to do anything but provide critical care.

This year has been a nightmare of non-stop emergencies in the middle of another emergency. We need your help right away to get this nursery ready, and we need to fence in more space for the Devil’s Garden horses we have to “babysit” in NV.

We are praying a local rescue will step up to at least help with the Yakima foals.

For now it is Chilly Pepper – Mama Mel’s Urgent Care Nursery and the folks we work with to help place the babies. We cannot do this alone. It is way too much, and we are being called for more and more babies in NV.

Matt and I will be delivering 12 of the Devil’s Garden horses to the east coast. This was Matts gig, but we simply cannot mix newly gelded studs, with very pregnant mares. I don’t mind doing the work, but we need to raise funds for fuel, travel etc.

These are the wild horses being sold for $1 each – YES, ONE DOLLAR EACH and sold in lots of 34 horses? Hmmmm, sounds like a slaughter truck load to me.

So between delivering the kids that are being adopted in Idaho, bringing home the 11 that are still at Mama Mel’s, and getting the nursery ready in WA, we will be picking up the 12, then babysitting them until they can be transported back east, and doing our general baby season prep. SO FAR THERE IS ZERO FUNDING FOR my truck and trailer to get back East, expand the fencing, and to hire someone to take care of the ranch while we are gone.

We need more panels to put up appropriate fencing for the Devil’s Garden kids, so they can hang out at Chilly Pepper until we can safely transport them. We also need funds to feed the 12, and remember, 6 of them are heavily pregnant mares, and really enjoy their feed lol.

Artie is safe. He definitely has a long way to go though. His lil hoofers are horrible, and he needs to be gelded immediately. He is an 11 year old stallion who was much loved, spoiled rotten and knows basically nothing except that he wants his own way. He kicks and bites if asked to do something he doesn’t like or understand, but underneath it all, I believe he has heart of gold. I, of course, am madly in love with him :)

Sweetheart and Star Fire are hanging in there. Star Fire is still barely here, but we are hopeful that day by day she will improve and she will be able to have a wonderful life. Her spine is still all jacked up, so we are going day by day with lots of prayers. Back in Golconda, two more horses left for their new homes. I am so grateful to have folks who can do whatever it is that needs done!

We truly need your help to prep for baby season. The numbers have the potential to be astronomical, and we need a safe place, the right supplies and to be ready for these little ones. We have seen as many as 30 orphans from one catcher in a single day.

Please help us “git ‘er done”!

You can go to gofundmel

You can go to Paypal

if you would like to help these horses.

                                                                                  ->You can donate via check at:

Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang,

PO Box # 190

Golconda, NV 89414

You can also donate via credit card by calling Palomino at 530-339-1458.



Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, WIN Project – Rescue & Rehab

We are now part of the WIN Organization

WIN (WILD HORSES IN NEED) is a 501c3 IRS EIN 55-0882407_

Donate to Help

Help us end horse slaughter and other news


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

Act Now: Help Us End Horse Slaughter in 2019

Last year, approximately 80,000 American horses were trucked to Canada and Mexico, where they were brutally slaughtered for human consumption in foreign countries. These horses suffer long journeys without adequate food, water or rest, to slaughter plants across the border, where they meet a terrifying end. It’s time to end this unspeakable cruelty in 2019. Support the SAFE Act to ban the slaughter of American horses by taking action today.


Sales for California Wild Horses Continue, Lawsuit Postponed Until Spring

Two months ago, the U.S. Forest Service completed its roundup and removal of 932 horses from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory (DGWHT) in the Modoc National Forest near Alturas, CA. AWHC has teamed up with the Animal Legal Defense Fund to file suit to stop the sale for slaughter of these federally-protected horses for slaughter. We’re also sponsoring state legislation to strengthen slaughter protections for all California horses. Read the latest about the horses and our efforts to help them below.


BLM to Begin the Roundup of Pine Nut Wild Horses

The first roundup of 2019 is set to begin Thursday in the Pine Nut Herd Management Area (HMA) outside of Carson City, Nevada. The BLM is scheduled to remove approximately 575 wild horses from the 95,000-acre HMA. This roundup continues the BLM’s inhumane and fiscally unsound approach to wild horse management. AWHC will be onsite to document the roundup and will provide daily reports from the frontlines. Learn more about the HMA and the upcoming roundup.



An Important Update on the Palomino Valley Legal Action


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

A lead stallion who eluded capture but lost his band and died of a broken heart. Photo by Maureen Daane

We have difficult news to report. The U.S. District Court in Nevada has issued a negative ruling in our lawsuit against the Paiute Pyramid Lake Tribe, the Nevada Department of Agriculture and Cattoor Livestock Roundups. At issue is the illegal roundup of at least 300 horses in the Palomino Valley area northeast of Reno.

The judge ruled that the Tribe and the State have sovereign immunity from lawsuits and that NDA employees and tribal members acting as agents of those entities are also immune from suit. The judge did keep the Temporary Restraining Order issued on January 17 in place prohibiting the slaughter of a privately owned horse named Lady, who was caught up in the roundup, pending an evidentiary hearing to be scheduled within 14 days.

While this ruling is disappointing, it does not change the facts of this case or our commitment to seeking justice for the residents who were traumatized by the surprise raid that was conducted by members of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and Cattoor Livestock Roundups on January 4 and 5, 2019, and for the horses who lost their freedom and their lives.

These include the grey stallion pictured above, admired in Palomino Valley for so many years, who somehow eluded capture but lost his band and wandered back to the land he called home, thin, alone and forlorn. Yesterday, he was found dead. The resident who found him, and knew his family, is convinced that he died of a broken heart.

Read more about this situation here.

We will keep you posted as this situation develops.

– The AWHC Team


This lawsuit will decide


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

On Monday, we’ll be in court to stand up for a group of both wild and privately owned horses who were wrongfully rounded up in Palomino Valley in Nevada. The hearing will determine whether the laws of the state are upheld and whether the horses can be saved, or if, heartbreakingly, they will go to slaughter.

This emergency situation was not anticipated, but we couldn’t stand idly by. Now we need your help to support our legal team’s fight.

Residents of Nevada’s Palomino Valley lost horses and burros during a multi-day roundup coordinated by members of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe – who illegally stampeded horses with motorcycles, ATVs and on horseback off private property where they had been living for years.

Several privately owned horses and burros were taken in the process. Some were released and have wandered home, but Lady, a small bay mare who belongs to Sparks, NV resident Colleen Westlake, remains missing.

Photo above of “Lady”

Right now, we don’t know where Lady and the other horses are. We do know that 238 of them were sold to a notorious kill buyer in New Mexico. We’re holding out hope that they haven’t already been shipped across the border to Mexico for slaughter.

Our team is working with the residents whose private property rights were violated to hold the tribe and the Nevada Department of Agriculture accountable for this illegal surprise roundup.

Please, support our team as we go to court on Monday to stand up for Lady and the rest of the horses rounded up at Palomino Valley, and for all our critical work to save wild horses in Nevada and throughout the West.

Right now, we are the voice for these horses. We are their advocates, and their lawyers. Thank you for standing with them and with us.




Immediate Action Needed to Save Lady from Slaughter


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts


Late last night, we got a Temporary Restraining Order from the U.S. District Court in Nevada to prevent the slaughter of Lady, a beautiful mare who belongs to a Nevada resident. Lady was rounnded up in an illegal capture operation two weeks ago conducted on private lands by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. We believe Lady and the other horses are in a New Mexico feedlot awaiting shipment to slaughter.

Please help us secure the cooperation of the State of Nevada to save Lady from slaughter. 

Deliver this message to the below officials:

“Please help save Lady from slaughter. Please have the Nevada Department of Agriculture immediately provide the location of the horses rounded up by the Paiute tribe two weeks ago and notify New Mexico authorities that the horses cannot be moved across the border into Mexico.” 

1. Attorney General Ford 

2. Governor Steve Sisolak

We have just hours left before the three-day weekend so please take action now to save Lady and the other horses! Please remember to be polite and respectful – it’s the best way to save the horses.

– AWHC Team


Another Legal Win & More News!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

AWHC Legal Team Scores Another Victory!

The U.S. District Court in Wyoming just ruled in our favor and stopped the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from not counting foals in roundup removal totals, putting a stop to the tactic that the BLM employed to round up more horses than legally allowed from our public lands. This is a precedent setting win! Read more:


Surprise Roundup Devastates Local NV Herd

Residents of the rural community of Palomino Valley near Reno are devastated this week after a surprise roundup conducted by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe last weekend. Horses were driven off private land onto reservation land and captured for slaughter. The roundup left the Valley devoid of its locally cherished wild horses and ensnared several privately-owned horses in the process. Read more and support our efforts to help the residents fight back below.


Devil’s Garden Wild Horses: An Update

Two months ago, the U.S. Forest Service completed its roundup and removal of 932 horses from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory (DGWHT) in the Modoc National Forest near Alturas, CA.  AWHC has filed suit to stop the sale for slaughter of these federally-protected horses for slaughter and is sponsoring state legislation to strengthen slaughter protections for all California horses. Read the latest about the horses and our efforts to help them below.


Capitol Hill Update: Shutdown & A Power Shift

As the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, the playing field for wild horses and burros is shifting. Meanwhile, the shutdown drags on, affecting the agencies that manage these federally-protected animals.  Read on to find out the latest developments and what they mean for our wild horses and burros.



We did it — thanks to you!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We did it! Thanks to your support in our end of year campaign we were able to reach our $100,00 goal and unlock our donor match. Your support will make an enormous difference for wild horses and burros as we plan and begin executing our 2019 program.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I know we can always count on you to pressure lawmakers, support our critical legal work, and raise awareness across the country about the plight of America’s magnificent wild horses and burros. We face powerful opposition by the wealthy livestock lobby. But this movement has stood up to the challenge over and over again and we’ll do it again in 2019.

As the New Year begins, I am incredibly grateful for your continued support and dedication to this cause. We’ll be in touch soon with updates.

Thank you again,

Suzanne Roy AWHC


If we fall short, wild horses lose


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Only hours left. Make your matched gift now >>

Here’s where we stand: With just a few hours to go, we’re falling short of our our $100,000 goal.

If we don’t hit that goal by midnight, we’ll lose the chance to have those gifts MATCHED – and that means we won’t be able to fight back against all of the threats facing wild horses.

Please, chip in right now. We only have hours left.

Thanks for standing with us,

American Wild Horse Campaign Team


MATCH: 48 hours


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Deadline: 48 hours. Can wild horses count on you?

We’re down to the wire. Our end of year fundraising deadline is only 48 hours away — and we haven’t yet heard from you.

If you’ve been holding off, here are five reasons to give now:

#1 The fate of wild horses is at stake now more than ever. Just this year we’ve seen some of the worst roundups yet, and we had to fight back attempts in Congress to legalize slaughter. We’ll have to continue the fight in 2019 to defeat the powerful special interests seeking to overturn protections for wild horses and burros against slaughter and mass sterilization. Help us win on Capitol Hill.

#2 We’re the most effective advocates for wild horses and burros in the country. We were party to seven lawsuits against the federal government this year — and we’re listed as one of the 30 Great Animal Organizations Worth Your Donations. We have to keep up the fight.

#3 We must unleash a massive grassroots and PR campaign to save the most visible and visited mustang population in the West — the famed Onaqui wild horses in Utah — and defeat a BLM plan to remove 91% of the herd in the Spring 2019. Please support us today.

#4 We must defeat the U.S. Forest Service’s plan to sell federally-protected wild horses in California for $1 a piece by the truckload for slaughter, and we must help rescue, when necessary and possible, wild horses facing this horrific fate. Help us keep wild horses out of the slaughter pipeline.

#5 If you donate right now, your tax-deductible gift will be matched. That means twice the impact for our work in 2019. Make your gift twice as powerful right now.

If we are not the voices of these majestic animals, who will be? Please make a contribution today.

Thanks for everything you do.


American Wild Horse Campaign Team


Their freedom, their health, and their independence


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

My name is Dustin Brown, and I joined American Wild Horse Campaign’s board last year. I wanted to take a moment to tell you why I’m so proud to be a part of AWHC — and why I hope you’ll join me before our December 31 fundraising deadline.

Horses have always been special to me — you can see a photo of my mustang Leroy and I below. And when I saw how many threats wild horses like him are facing, from slaughter to mass capture and sterilization, I knew I had to do something. I had to be their voice.

There’s a big difference between rescue and prevention. Although rescue is important, it’s like trying to keep an empty bucket under a faucet that never stops flowing. We need to turn off the faucet — which is why AWHC focuses our work on sustainable, humane management that keeps wild horses and burros wild and free and on our public lands.

I know of no other nonprofit as efficient, dedicated, and impactful as AWHC. The team runs a lean operation, activates a powerful movement, and fights aggressively in every arena — from the range to the courtroom. I’ve become a board member because I trust that my time and money is going to go as far as it can to protect wild horses, and you can trust that too.

So I’m asking you to join me today in helping us reach our $100,000 end of year goal. And if you give right now, your tax deductible gift will be matched, and have double the impact for wild horses. Please, donate today.



A way to help horses… and a gift!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

AWHC calendar for every tax deductible donation of $100 or more!

It’s a season of giving — and what better way to celebrate than by giving to America’s wild horses and burros?

This year has been a challenging one for our cause, with attacks on all fronts. But from the courtroom to the halls of Congress, we have won repeatedly against some of the most powerful special interests. And it’s all thanks to you and this grassroots movement we’ve built together. We’re hoping you can step up one more time before the end of the year.

If you give today, not only will your tax deductible donation be MATCHED, but we’ll also send every donor who gives $100 or more our 2019 American Wild calendar! Please chip in now to make twice the impact and claim your calendar!

If you can’t spare $100 for wild horses, we totally understand — we appreciate every single dollar, and every dollar goes towards our work in 2019.

Thank you so much for standing with us and our wild horses and burros this year.


Suzanne Roy, Exec. Director


The unnamed foal


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Your matched, tax deductible gift goes TWICE as far to save wild horses.

In August of this year, a photo of an unnamed foal went viral after our documentation of the Bureau of Land Management’s Red Desert roundup in Wyoming. We showed the world the cruelty of BLM helicopter roundups up-close.

The tiny foal was chased for miles with his mother and the rest of his band. As they neared the trap, his mother tried to save him, bravely putting herself between her baby and the helicopter. But ultimately, she was no match for the terrifying machine in the sky. She and her foal were captured. Her baby, pictured below collapsed in a holding pen, died overnight due to “capture shock,” ie. being run to death. Help us fight back.

Sadly, the foal was just one of ten horses who died during the roundup. At least four young foals were run to death; a fifth was euthanized after breaking his leg. A sixth foal was euthanized due to a previously broken fetlock, meaning he was chased for miles on an injured leg.

We document these cruelties to shine a light on the horrible, cruel practices of the BLM. And we fight each and every day through court battles, public awareness and legislation – to change the BLM policy so that our wild horses and burros can remain safe, wild, and free.

We fought many battles in 2018 – and saved many lives. But wild horses and burros still need our help.

Please, chip in now, and help us fight for horses and burros in 2019 and beyond. Your tax deductible donation will be matched by a generous donor to double your impact.

Thank you,



Meet Sage



The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Help us save horses like Sage: Make a matched, tax-deductible gift today!

Earlier this year our team captured these images of Sage, a wild mare from the Warm Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) in Oregon.

Sage lived her life amidst the sagebrush, junipers and wide-open spaces of Oregon’s high desert. But then, on October 3, 2018, the helicopters descended.

She was captured along with hundreds of other wild horses and put in a small holding pen – set to become a subject of a gruesome, invasive, and potentially fatal BLM sterilization experiment.*

Our lawsuit saved Sage and 224 other wild mares from the brutal sterilization experiments that the BLM had planned. But now we’re fighting to get her and her herd back to the range, after BLM removed 100% of them in the October roundup.

This year, we filed seven lawsuits to defend the freedom, safety and welfare of wild horses like Sage. Our litigation has been highly successful, but it’s not cheap.

Please support our work to help us help wild horses like Sage be safe, wild and free in 2019.  All contributions are tax deductible and are being matched up to $100,000 through December 31, so you can double your impact by making a gift today!

Thank you!

Brieanah Schwartz, Esq., AWHC Government Relations & Policy Counsel

*WARNING: GRAPHIC DETAIL: An “ovariectomy via colpotomy” involves a veterinarian making an incision in a mare’s vaginal wall, placing their hand and arm through the vagina into the abdominal cavity, manually (and blindly) locating the ovaries, and then severing them with a rod-like chain tool known as an “ecraseur.”


Peace, Love and Freedom…from AWHC!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Photo by Nancy Florence

Happy holidays from all of us at AWHC!

It’s been an honor to work with you this year to protect the magnificent wild horses and burros that grace our public lands. Together, we’ve made significant strides, and much work lies ahead.

For now, we enjoy the holiday season and the spirit of compassion, generosity and joy that it inspires.

Wishing you and your family peace, love and freedom over the holidays and in the New Year!

Thank you for being part of our herd!

– Suzanne and the AWHC Team


A fun, easy way to make a difference… without spending a dime!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

This holiday season, you can set up your own fundraiser for wild horses and burros through Facebook! It’s a fun, easy way for you to make a difference for mustangs and burros, and to share an issue that you care about with your friends and family.

Plus, right now, every dollar you raise will be matched by a generous donor through December 31! Click here and follow three easy steps to make your own fundraiser for AWHC!

All proceeds from these campaigns will go directly supporting wild horses and burros, and help us reach our end of year fundraising goal. You can add your own goal, share your reasons for raising money to save America’s wild horses and burros, and invite your network to take part.

All it takes is three easy steps to set up your own fundraiser! Click here to get started.


Grace Kuhn, Communications Director

P.S. Don’t want to start a fundraiser or don’t use Facebook but still want to help? Donate now to our end of year fundraising drive and every dollar will be matched up to $100,000!


A year of threats


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Help us unlock our $100,000 match before New Year’s — and DOUBLE your impact

We couldn’t have predicted at the beginning of the year how difficult it would be for wild horses and burros in 2018. Efforts to legalize slaughter in the federal budget. Brutal roundups almost year-round. A plan to move forward with cruel and risky sterilization surgeries on wild mares. A federal agency’s attempt to sell wild horses knowingly and directly for slaughter for the first time ever.

It’s been nonstop attacks for the entire year — but we’ve been able to fight back, because of your support. We’ve worked with our allies in Congress to maintain slaughter protections in the budget, documented the worst of the roundups so that Americans know how their tax dollars are being spent, and successfully stopped the inhumane sterilization experiments in court.

But this fight is not over. The fate of the innocent wild horses pictured above — rounded up just months ago from our public lands in California and now in danger of being sold for slaughter — and so many other wild horses and burros hangs in the balance.

By making a donation, you can help us carry on the critical work to defend wild horses and burros into the coming year… work like the litigation and grassroots/political action that has so far held off the slaughter of cherished California wild mustangs.

Remember, now through December 31, your contribution will be DOUBLED, thanks to a generous matching gift offer up to $100,000. That means your gift goes twice as far for wild horses and burros!

Please, make double the impact by chipping in now.

Thank you!

Grace Kuhn, Communications Director


Final fundraising campaign (2x match NOW)


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Wild horses and burros face unprecedented threats – from slaughter to mass sterilization and roundups. But this movement keeps winning – and it’s thanks to you.

Now, with end of year fast approaching, we’ve got to be prepared for the battles 2019 will bring.

Starting today, a generous donor will match all end of year gifts, up to $100,000. Can you chip in now, and help get our End of Year Fundraising Campaign off to a strong start?

Your donation will help us keep up the fights in court that protect wild horses and burros from federal attempts to sell them for slaughter and reduce their habitat on our public lands; in Congress to stop members from stripping critical protections; and in the arena of public opinion to continue to shine a light on cruel roundups and other inhumane government management practices.

Our End of Year Fundraising Campaign is the biggest fundraising event of the year – and we rely on our donations from this time to fund the critical work that lies ahead in 2019 to protect America’s mustangs and burros.

Donate now, and your contribution to protect these national symbols will be DOUBLED by a generous donor.

We won’t stop working until wild horses and burros and our public lands are protected and managed properly, safely, and humanely. With your help, we’ll be able to make this goal a reality.

Thank you,

Suzanne Roy, Exeutive Director

PS – If you haven’t seen it, check out our video of all that we’ve accomplished this year!


Our year in review


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

What a year it’s been! With your help, we’ve achieved some significant victories in our fight to protect America’s wild horses and burros.

Watch our recap video of 2018 to see just how much we’ve been able to accomplish this year:

If we could list every single one of you in the credits at the end of the video, we would. Why? At every step, it has been you – your calls, emails, donations, and action – that has propelled this movement.

We’ve fought for wild horses and burros in court, warding off threats to wild herds and their lands. We’ve joined with elected officials in retaining all-important slaughter restrictions in the federal budget. We’ve been able to document the BLM’s inhumane roundups to hold them accountable and bring public awareness of the issue to a whole new level. And through press and media attention, we’ve grown our movement to new heights, as more people than ever have become champions to these threatened, majestic creatures.

Watch our video recap of 2018 here!

This year has given us every reason to be hopeful for the future, despite so many battles that lie ahead.

Thank you for a great year.



The last big action of 2018


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

Congress has extended the time before it votes on a final government spending bill by two weeks. 

Some lawmakers are using this extension to try to ram in all sorts of clauses into the final bill, including language that would strip critical protections for wild horses and open the door to slaughter.

We have to act now. Call or email your Representatives to keep wild horses and burros protected from slaughter.

Members of both the Agriculture and Interior committees are considering dangerous changes that could end the prohibition on horse slaughter for human consumption. Other changes to the bill could include allowing cruel and untested sterilization experiments on mares.

This is not the first time we’ve faced this threat from Washington, and we know that if we raise our voices, we’ll win the protections wild horses need. We’ve won before. And we can win again. Please act now.

Our Representatives need to know where you stand on protecting wild horses. Click here to send a message to Congress.



Take Action


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