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Land & Life Challenge and Severly Injured Baby Coming


This is an update from Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue.

unnamedThe “Land & Life Support Challenge” is going very well. We are over half way there and have received donations of all sizes towards this amazing goal. We are so appreciative as we are going through over $1000 per week with Foal Lac Pellets, grain etc., not to mention hay. We still need a little over $2,000 so we can achieve success. SO PLEASE LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

So THANK YOU!!! to all the folks who have stepped up to help us accomplish this. We have received some amazing donations and are so grateful for each and every dollar. Again, I apologize for the slow “thank you’s”. We have literally been working every day ’til nearly dark as we try to achieve the best set up possible here.

Together, since we came here in June, and THIS WAS POSSIBLE ONLY BECAUSE OF Y’ALL, we have saved the lives of 25 babies and 12 adult horses. You guys are amazing. We are currently sitting at 2 babies in Shingletown, 11 here and two more arriving Friday. So every time we adopt some out, more come in.

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