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Our biggest fear


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We knew this was coming, and now our worst fears have been realized.

Yesterday, the Trump Administration released its budget request to Congress for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and it literally places the lives of over 90,000 wild horses and burros in jeopardy.

The Administration is asking Congress to lift the ban on killing healthy wild horses and burros or selling them for slaughter. The BLM wants permission to destroy “unadoptable” horses and burros as well as those it considers to be “excess” on the range. If Congress approves this request, the mass killing of the 46,000 wild horses and burros in holding facilities and the 46,000 “excess” animals on the range would begin.

We must make sure Congress stands firm against slaughtering our national icons!

This is going to be an intensive 4-6 month campaign to defeat this lethal budget proposal in Congress.

Right now, we need you to do these three things IMMEDIATELY!

1. Send a strong and unified message to Congress.

2. #JoinTheBand to send a tidal wave of public support for wild horses and burros on social media on May 30

3. Donate so that we can elevate our grassroots and legislative campaigns to the seismic level necessary to save our national icons!

The fight is on to save our wild horses and burros!  We’re ready, but we NEED your help. Let’s protect our wild horses and burros from this Administration’s lethal plans… Take action today!

In Freedom,

Suzanne Roy, Exectuive Director

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Have You ‘Joined The Band’ Yet?


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

On May 30, we want to send out a loud message calling on legislators to protect America’s wild horses, and we will do so using a platform called Thunderclap. It’s a tool that allows people to pledge a tweet or Facebook post that will be posted along with thousands of other supporters on the same day. Think of it as a massive flash mob on social media with a collective message calling on the world to Stand With America’s Wild Bands. It’s completely secure and will post a single, one-time message on your behalf. If all of our supporters take part, we can reach millions of people on May 30 when the message is blasted out. Only the power of the people can save our national heritage animals. Spreading the word is absolutely critical, and now it couldn’t be easier! If you’re With The Band, please sign up today!

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Wild Horses Extinct in Our Lifetime?


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Dear supporter,

Disaster is looming for America’s wild horses and burros. Congress just called for accelerated roundups and removal of tens of thousands of mustangs and burros from their homes on the range.

We have to save these cherished animals, and we can – but only with your help.

Beginning in July, helicopters will again descend our western public lands to terrorize and traumatize these peaceful animals.

Tiny foals will be stampeded for miles. Foals will be ripped from their mothers’ sides. Mares will be forcibly taken from their stallions… only to be separated forever and loaded onto trailers for their final ride.

In our lifetimes, more wild horses could disappear from on our public lands.

Contribute to the Wild Horse Crisis Fund to protect these innocent victims of government brutality.

SAVE OUR NATIONAL ICONS.  Join The Grassroots Effort.

Thank you for standing up for America’s wild horses and burros – only the power of the people can save them!

– Suzanne Roy, Executive Director


The American Wild Horse Campaign is dedicated to preserving American wild horses and burros in viable free-roaming herds for generations to come, as part of our national heritage.

The American Wild Horse Campaign is 501(c)3 non-profit. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our work.


This is it


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Dear Supporters,

This is it: Your chance to stand with tens of thousands of citizens in defense of America’s iconic mustangs and burros. Sign up today to make your voice heard!

On May 30, our collective voices will rise up on social media to take a stand against mass roundups and slaughter of these cherished animals.  As a champion for these national icons, you won’t want to miss the chance to join in this groundbreaking campaign. 

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EMERGENCY ALERT: Danger on Capitol Hill


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

I’m sorry to have to give you some devastating news. In the wee hours of Monday morning, Congress released a 1,600+ page spending bill for 2017. Buried on page 804 is Section 116, which allows the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to strip wild horses and burros of federal protection and “immediately” transfer them to state and local governments for use as “work animals.”

But with no definition of work animal, and no limit to the number of horses and burros that can be transferred, this language could provide a back door route to killing thousands of these national legacy animals. Although Congress added language prohibiting commercial slaughter and putting some restrictions on “euthanasia,” signalling its intent to prevent the killing of healthy horses. However, ambiguities and loopholes in the language leave it open to abuse. Especially at risk are the older mustangs and burros, now protected under federal law. Under the language these majestic, elder animals could be killed simply due to “advanced age,” a term that is undefined.

We can’t let this stand…Congress should not be allowed to undermine the will of the American people and a unanimously-passed Act of Congress – the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act – through a last-minute spending bill. 

We have just hours to make our voices heard… Please click below NOW to call and send a message to key appropriators asking them to strip this devastating provision that could result in the killing of thousands – and potentially tens of thousands — of America’s cherished wild horses and burros.

If you do one thing for wild horses and burros, please do this now!

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Ask Trump: Protect Our Mustangs


dtThe following is an update from the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

Just last week, to the nation’s surprise, Donald Trump won the presidential election with a promise to cut through political bureaucracy and give government back to the people. Now let’s ask President-Elect Trump to listen to the will of the American public, which overwhelmingly opposes horse slaughter and wants our wild horses and burros protected on our public lands.

Mr. Trump is asking for the citizens’ ideas on how to make America great again. Just click the link below to tell him. The stakes could not be higher — tens of thousands of wild horses are at risk of brutal slaughter — so please act today!


Craft your own message, or cut and paste this one: “Please save our American mustangs – living symbols of America’s greatness. It’s time to fix federal government mismanagement of wild horses and burros. These national icons deserve to be protected and humanely managed, not rounded up and brutally slaughtered.

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ISPBM Horses and Burros


A heartbreaking series of photos were posted of the starving horses at the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros property. These horses and burros need your help in ways more than sending money. Contact the Dewey County Sheriff’s department for ways you can help.

This is a repost of an article by Ashley Parker at ratemyhorsepro.com

Claims of more than 30 wild horses dying horrific starvation deaths fall upon a South Dakota charity tasked with preservation.

“It’s heartbreaking and devastating. There aren’t words when you’re here,” says Colleen Burns, the former senior project manager for the International Society for the Protection of Mustang and Burros (ISPMB).

Burns was fired Thursday after going public regarding the horses’ plight in Lantry. The 501(c)3 organization is home to approximately 650 horses.

Video shows horses suffering from what Burns says are various forms of neglect including untrimmed hooves so bad they can barely walk. The horses are not supplied with the necessary farrier care. Others are unable to rise due to their weakened state from a lack of nutrition as the land is barren. Their bones protrude from their slight bodies. A stallion’s penis is unable to retract after injury and is left without care along with a mare’s visibly broken ankle.

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Action Alert: BLM Landscape Project Endangers Nevada’s Mustangs


This Action Alert is from the American Wild Horse Preservation Organization.

awhp-nevadaThe Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Carson City District Office in Nevada is accepting public comments on a “Landscape Project” that will directly impact the management of wild horses living in the Clan Alpine Herd Management Area (HMA), which overlaps with three livestock grazing allotments. The BLM is proposing to increase livestock grazing on these allotments while keeping the decade-old “Appropriate” Management Level (AML) the same. Worse yet, the BLM is proposing to geld stallions and skew sex ratios which destroy natural wild horse behaviors and social social organization of the Clan Alpine herd. There is a better way…and we must demand that the BLM change course. 

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Will Congress Allow Back Door Mustang Slaughter?


The following post comes from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

We anticipate that the U.S. House of Representatives will vote next week on the 2017 Interior Appropriations Bill, which currently includes dangerous language that opens the door to large-scale killing of wild horses and burros via transfer to other federal, state and local government agencies. The bill also contains report language that encourages sterilization of wild horses and burros, including by inhumane, invasive and dangerous surgical means.

This is the most serious threat to wild horses and burros since the 2004 Burns Amendment authorized the unrestricted sale of older and unadopted animals! Even if you have previously done so, it’s important to continue to contact your Congresspersons to let them know that you want them to uphold the will of the people and protect our wild horses and burros from slaughter for commercial or non-commercial purposes, and from barbaric sterilization practices. Please remember that calling as well as emailing will help to ensure that your message on behalf of wild horses and burros is heard!

UHC Media Roundup #75


The following news round up comes from the Unwanted Horse Coalition.

Second Chance: Retired Race Horses Find New Home & Purpose, Comforting Veterans

Retired race horses are finding new careers on a farm in Maryland. At Leighton Farm in Prince George’s County, the horses are retrained for a new purpose. While some are trained as show horses, all the animals are also used as therapy for visiting veterans.

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Horse Rescue Owners Says Farms Need to Balance Needs

Central Virginia Horse Rescue founder Cindy Smith believes the hardest thing a horse rescue farm has to do is turn away horses.

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Cross-country Horse Rider and Savior Stop in Fallon

Crow’s Ear Farm president Valerie Ashker, 60, from Georgetown, Calif., is riding her horse across the country on U.S. Highway 50 to raise awareness about giving retired racehorses a second career.

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New Jersey Equestrians Prepare for 2016 Kentucky Thoroughbred Challenge

This is the second story in a series that marks the milestones of three New Jersey residents as they journey toward the Kentucky Horse Park and the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge.

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Montville resident helps OTTB race to save retired thoroughbreds

Chelsea Crozier, who has been passionate about horses her entire life and is the proud owner of a 16 year-old retired thoroughbred racehorse, was inspired to take on the task of trainer after following the activities of the 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge. The event brings in thousands of spectators to watch as hundreds of trainer/horse pairs compete in 10 disciplines, seeking the ultimate prize, America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred.

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Lexington Twins Train Wild Mustangs, Winning Big in Horse Competition

Two 12-year-old girls with a love for horses tackled something that not many people would ever think to try. Robyn and Reagan Leitner applied for Extreme Mustang Makeover, trained two mustangs, and won multiple ribbons at the competition in Jacksonville.

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Frodo: From Racehorse to War Horse

A feature article about Frodo, the former racehorse now at the Saratoga WarHorse program, an equine-based, peer-to-peer, military veterans program that addresses the unseen wounds of war.

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Springtime at Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center

For the next few months, HorseChannel.com will be giving readers a behind-the-scenes look at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center (MMSC) in Lexington, Kentucky. Following multiple horses throughout their time at the center, readers will find out how Thoroughbreds enter the center, the retraining techniques they undergo while learning skill sets necessary for a second career, and more.

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Cross-country Horse Rider and Savior Stop in Fallon

Crow’s Ear Farm president Valerie Ashker, 60, from Georgetown, Calif., is riding her horse across the country on U.S. Highway 50 to raise awareness about giving retired racehorses a second career.

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Taming the Wild: Hamilton Horse Trainer Competes in Extreme Mustang Makeover

A hundred days to train a wild mustang. That was the challenge that Hamilton horse trainer James Brown took back in February when 6-year-old Reba arrived at the Bitterroot Arena. Brown is the only Montana horse trainer competing in the 10th annual Extreme Mustang Makeover this year.

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Five Minutes with Thoroughbred Advocate Anna Ford

An interview with New Vocations Thoroughbred Program Director, who is spearheading a fundraising campaign to build largest racehorse retraining and rehoming facility in the nation.

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Sulphur Mustangs Safe in Sanctuaries in South Dakota and California


The following update is from the American Wild Horse Preservation 

In February of this year, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Utah rounded up and removed 103 wild horses from the Sulphur Herd Management Area (HMA) in Utah. Among those captured, was a 26-year-old grulla stallion whose plight captured the attention of the public. Over 24,000 Americans signed a petition calling on the BLM to release this proud stallion, who spent over two decades in the wild, back to the range to live out the only life he had ever known — one of freedom.

The BLM ignored the request, and proceeded with an Internet auction of this stallion and his herd on April 21, 2015. Wild horse advocate Jacquelyn Hieber reached out to Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary who agreed if she were able to win bids on a few Sulphur stallions including the senior now known as #3907, they could provide a forever sanctuary for these horses.

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Update: Ranchers Drop Anti-Mustang Lawsuit


The following update is from American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign 

RENO, NEVADA (September 28, 2015) … Pershing County and six public lands ranchers today dropped their lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeking the removal of hundreds of wild horses from public lands in the area. The ranchers and the BLM entered into a private settlement agreement that does not commit the government to any action. The agreement merely creates a drawn-out schedule over BLMseveral years during which time the BLM is to consider the removal of wild horses from 16 wild horse habitat areas that overlap public lands utilized by the ranchers for grazing their privately-owned livestock. This dismissal comes three months after the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) and Pershing County property owner Debra Davenport were granted intervenor status in the case.

“This agreement is not court sanctioned and is little more than a face-saving way for the ranchers and local government to drop a lawsuit that had no legal merit and was bound to be dismissed by the court,” said Deniz Bolbol, AWHPC spokesperson. “The BLM should not reward ranchers for filing meritless lawsuits by prioritizing the removal of horses from the public lands at issue. Rather, the BLM should focus on humane on-the-range management and fulfilling its legal mandate to protect all wild horses and burros on our public lands in the West. Prioritizing removal of horses in these areas will simply encourage more baseless legal actions by ranchers and their local government allies.”

The lawsuit sought to force the BLM to immediately round up hundreds of wild horses from Congressionally designated wild horse habitat on public lands in Pershing County, Nevada.

The lawsuit was part of an attempt by ranchers, who view mustangs as competition for cheap taxpayer-subsidized grazing on public lands, to use the court system to compel the BLM to remove more wild horses from the range. To date, AWHPC has intervened in five of these cases. Earlier this year, Judge Du granted AWHPC’s motion to dismiss a similar case filed by the Nevada Association of Counties against the BLM, and the U.S. District Court in Wyoming granted AWHPC’s motion to dismiss the State of Wyoming’s lawsuit against the BLM seeking the removal of thousands of wild horses from the range.

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Action Alert: Tell BLM No to Sterilizing Saylor Creek Herd


The following update is from American Wild Horse Preservation.

saylor creek horsesFor the first time ever, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to convert a wild, free-roaming mustang population into a non-reproducing herd of sterilized horses. The BLM Idaho plan for the Saylor Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) would destroy the wild horses’ wild, free-roaming behaviors and is a recipe for managing this beautiful wild horse herd to extinction. If implemented, it would set a dangerous precedent for destroying healthy, sustainable wild horse populations into sterilized groups of horses that will die off. AWHPC’s formal protest of this destructive and devastating plan is pending, but we need the public to weigh in to help Keep the Saylor Creek Wild Horses Wild! Take action and sign the petition.


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