UPDATE: We’re launching a weekend of action to SAVE Wyoming’s wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

At the beginning of this week, we reached out to you about a devastating plan being proposed that represents an existential threat to Wyoming’s wild horses.

The stakes have never been higher for Wyoming’s Checkerboard wild horse herd: Over 3,000 of them could be rounded up and removed from public lands while nearly 2.5 MILLION acres of wild horse habitat could be permanently eliminated.

That’s why AWHC launched an official action center and is kicking off a weekend of action so we can do everything in our power to save these horses!

Here Are 5 Ways You Can #KeepWyomingWyld This Weekend

April 30 is the deadline to submit public comments in opposition to the Bureau of Land Management’s Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout proposal.

That gives us less than two weeks to PROVE to the BLM that the American people oppose this devastating mustang eradication plan.

Wyoming’s tourism slogan is “Don’t Fence Me In,” and the state’s iconic wild horses symbolize that sentiment. In fact, the Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop in the Checkerboard is promoted by the state’s tourism boards as “something you and your family will never forget because Sweetwater County’s cherished wild horses are living examples of a wide-open landscape and untamed frontier spirit.”

Incredibly, the BLM’s plan would eradicate every single wild horse from the viewing loop, fencing these symbols of the wide open West in dismal feedlots!

Write to Wyoming’s tourism boards here and ask them to join our efforts to prevent the destruction of the iconic Wyoming Checkerboard mustangs.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has the power to oppose and potentially change the course of the Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout. In fact, his state is looking to purchase a large chunk of these lands from Occidental Petroleum and could designate the area as a recreational resource in which wild horses are protected.

Take part in AWHC’s national petition drive to demonstrate the immense public pressure in opposition to the eradication of Wyoming’s wild horses.

If we’re going to save these horses, then we need to get everyone involved, including our friends, family, and coworkers.

So many people who love wild horses aren’t aware of what’s at stake in Wyoming — And just a couple minutes of their time can make a difference.

  • Add a frame to your Facebook profile picture in support of Wyoming’s wild horses here
  • Change your Facebook cover photo and upload Instagram stories in support of the horses here
  • Start a Tweet storm and get people talking on Twitter about this issue here

Our legal team has been heavily involved in fighting back against attempts by the BLM and the livestock industry to round up tens of thousands of wild horses, permanently remove them from public lands, and perform dangerous sterilization surgeries on mares. We’ve been fighting the attempt to eradicate the Wyoming Checkerboard horses since 2011.

Not only have we achieved a number of important legal protections but also our legal team has scored victories in fourteen separate lawsuits filed over the last nine years!

We understand that these are difficult times and that not everyone is in a position to donate. But we are relying on donations from supporters like you to power our legal team so they can defend Wyoming, and our country’s, wild horses.

Wild horses don’t have a voice, so we need to be theirs.

Thank you for getting involved and stay safe,

American Wild Horse Campaign


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