BREAKING: BLM Director labels wild horses “existential threat” to public lands


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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The Acting Bureau of Land Management Director, William Perry Pendley, just went on record to single out wild horses as the biggest “existential threat” to public lands.

No, we’re not joking:

Wild horses and burros are “an existential threat to these lands. They are causing havoc on the land.” --  William Perry Pendley

The irony of his comments is not lost on us. Almost 90 percent of BLM land has NO wild horses on it, and mustangs have nowhere near as large an environmental footprint as commercial livestock grazing. Pendley himself championed the cause of selling off our public lands into private ownership, for profit. That position is the real, existential threat to public lands.

But there’s a reason Pendley is peddling this fiction as fact: He’s trying to make the public case for a plan that would put wild horses on the pathway to extinction.

We need to call out this misinformation. If you disagree with Pendley, then we need you to add your name on our petition to reject his outrageous assertion that wild horses represent the biggest threat to public lands.

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Here’s a quick look at the real threats and dangers facing public lands, Mr. Pendley:

Don’t let Pendley off the hook for spreading dangerous and damaging lies. Sign here to reject Pendley’s ridiculous claim that wild horses represent an “existential threat” to public lands.

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Thank you,

Suzanne Roy
Executive Director

P.S. — It’s difficult to overstate how significant it is for the Acting Director of the BLM to label wild horses and burros “an existential threat” in an official capacity. We have to set the record straight and expose his lies — Every donation helps us do that and defend our wild horses and burros.


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