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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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It’s difficult to overstate the threat to wild horses and burros posed by the Cattlemen’s Association/HSUS/ASPCA, et. al., and their mass mustang roundup plan. If it goes into effect, up to 20,000 horses and burros each year for the next three years will be rounded up and removed from public lands.

Over the next ten years, the total number removed from the range could be as high as 130,000 wild horses and burros. 

But thanks to dedicated supporters like you who have spoken out, signed petitions, and donated, this dangerous plan is drawing national attention and backlash:

Momentum is building, but we’re facing a major deadline to stop one cruel method that the plan allows — a brutal and outdated surgical procedure that BLM intends to use to remove the ovaries of wild mares. Many veterinarians have spoken out, but more are needed to convince Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to pull the plug on this inhumane surgery.

We need as many veterinarians as possible to sign this letter to Interior Secretary Bernhardt by October 18th — please forward it to your local vet today.

Mass Roundups & Surgical Sterilization Are Not The Answer

These wild herds are at risk of being destroyed forever. And this isn’t hyperbole — mass roundups would reduce wild horse populations to near-extinction levels. Surgical sterilization would destroy the mustangs’ natural behaviors, which make them truly wild and help them survive in the rugged West.

There are much better and far safer management options to maintain viable and healthy herds of wild free-roaming horses and burros on our public lands.

The National Academies of Sciences, in its 2013 Report to the BLM, made it crystal clear that roundups don’t work:

We’re Showing There Is A Better Way

Every single day, our darters are proving that humane management of wild horses in the wild is possible. And our PZP birth control programs are getting results.

In the span of five and a half months, our team of 14 volunteer darters in the Virginia Range in Nevada delivered more fertility control treatments to wild mares than the entire BLM, with its $80-million-a-year-budget, did in all of 2018.

Just last week in the Onaqui Mountains in Utah, AWHC’s darter worked with the BLM and the Wild Horses of American Foundation to dart 81 horses.

The fact is, PZP programs are getting results. We stand ready to work with the BLM to expand these programs so that wild horses and burros can live as nature intended — Wild and Free.

The BLM plan and these escalating roundups represent a historic threat to one of America’s greatest national icons. At this time, we’re asking if you could get your local vets signature on to this letter to Secretary Bernhardt by October 18th:

We will continue to keep you updated and thank you for your continued support,

The American Wild Horse Campaign


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