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Beautiful footage of wild stallions


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re celebrating wild stallions for their integral role in herds across the American West.

Male leaders of wild horse herds prepare younger horses for life on the range. They’re known as protectors of their herd, but they’re also nurturers. Stallions show great affection and patience with their young and teach foals how to be horses.

Every day, the American Wild Horse Campaign staff works to make sure these beautiful relationships are protected. This is our mission: to keep wild horses wild, and living with their families as nature intended.

The relationships between horses on the range are intricate, beautiful, and precious. With roundups looming this summer, everything they know is under threat.

Watch this beautiful video of stallions in the wild, and make a donation to help keep them wild and free.

Thank you for working with us to keep wild horses wild, and a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

-AWHC Team

Help us prepare for this battle in court


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

In just a few short months, 100 innocent wild Oregon mares are slated to become victims of invasive and risky surgical sterilization experiments conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Veterinarians call the procedure — which involves manually ripping out the mares’ ovaries with a rod-and-chain-like tool — “barbaric.” Many of these mares have recently given birth and are nursing young foals. Their survival is far from guaranteed.

he BLM is doggedly moving forward with this cruel “research” despite massive public opposition, scientific criticism and loss of affiliation with two major research institutions that have cut ties with the project.  

Twice before, we filed legal action to block these cruel experiments. Just seven months ago, working with The Cloud Foundation (TCF) and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), we won a federal injunction that blocked BLM from proceeding.

Now the BLM is at it again and we are gearing up for a third legal battle. 

Please help us build our war chest so that we can stop these brutal and dangerous sterilization experiments… again.

Just yesterday, AWHC, TCF and AWI delivered a 51-page public comment document featuring opinions from leading veterinary and medical ethics experts — a first step to continued litigation to battle this inhumane project.

The stakes could not be higher. If we don’t stop the agency, the BLM will subject these mares to the risky and painful “ovariectomy via colpotomy” surgery under unsterile conditions, without adequate anesthesia or pain relief. The mares face trauma, pain, suffering and serious risk of dying from hemorrhage, infection and evisceration (fatal and excrutiating protrusion of the intestines through the surgical incision in the vaginal wall.)  

The threat to these wild mares and their helpless, dependent foals is real and looming. The BLM wants to begin the experiments as early as August. 

Please contribute today to help us put a stop to this cruelty once and for all.

Thank you for standing strong to protect wild mares and their foals,



FINAL DAY: Save mares in Oregon from cruel experimentation


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

A few weeks ago, a mare gave birth to two beautiful twin foals in Oregon – a rarity in nature, and a miracle that all three horses remain healthy and alive. This beautiful family was supposed to live together, happy and free, at Skydog Sanctuary, but the Bureau of Land Management office in Burns, Oregon had other plans.

The mother is on a list to become part of the sterilization experiment the BLM is planning to conduct conduct called “ovariectomy via colpotomy.”The procedure involves a BLM vet inserting their arm into a mare’s vagina, making an incision, and twisting/severing their ovaries to pull them out. It’s no wonder that veterinarians call it barbaric and risky. The chances of infection and death are dangerously high during and after the procedure, and because the mares are conscious the whole time, it’s extremely painful for the mares to endure.

Tomorrow is the final day to submit your comments objecting to the BLM’s cruel and inhumane sterilization practices. Act now to save the wild mares in Oregon.

Thank you,

The AWHC Team

Take Action

Something horrific could happen to horses in Oregon


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is at it again. For the third time, despite multiple federal lawsuits and public outrage, the agency is planning dangerous surgical sterilization experiments on wild mares in Oregon.

Warning: this may be hard to read.

In the proposed “ovariectomy via colpotomy,” procedure, a veterinarian makes an incision in the mare’s vagina, inserts his arm into the vaginal cavity, manually locates the ovaries and rips them out using an “ecraseur,” a rod-like device with a chain on the end. The painful procedure will subject mares to the risk of infection, hemorrhage, and evisceration.

We have to stop this. Click here to submit a comment opposing this cruel treatment.

The BLM has only provided until June 12 to send in comments opposing the proposal. And if we don’t take action today, these experiments could mean living hell for helpless horses in Oregon.

The prior action you took helped us stop them before, and we can do it again – together. Please, take action today.

– The AWHC Team


wild horses were just sold out


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

I wanted to send a quick update – the House Appropriations Committee just took the first step toward implementation of the dangerous mass wild horse roundup and sterilization plan promoted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the American Farm Bureau Federation and other livestock lobbying interests with support from the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS), ASPCA, and Return to Freedom (RTF).

The plan could spell the end of wild free-roaming horses and burros in the West through the unprecedented roundup of 130,000 of these animals over the next ten years — that’s 45,000 more than even exist in the wild today! Horses and burros that remain on the range could be permanently sterilized, as Representative Chris Stewart just admitted moments ago on the House floor.

We can’t let this happen. Please support our work today.

Rep. Stewart claims that the plan will “not harm any horses,” even though tens of thousands will be subjected to cruel helicopter roundups that traumatize, injure and kill, and rob these animals of their families and their freedom. Babies will literally be run to death, heavily pregnant mares will be stampeded, and stallions will break their necks desperately trying to defend their families.

The animal groups supporting the cattlemen’s plan have allowed Rep. Stewart and his allies to get away with false claims about tens of thousands of starving horses and allegations that they are destroying the West.

AWHC is ready to fight back. 

Congress must ensure that additional funds appropriated to the BLM for wild horse management are spent on humane and scientific fertility control, not mass roundups. As FY 2020 spending legislation moves to the floor of the House and through the Senate, we’ll be working with our lobbying team in partnership with like-minded organizations dedicated to preserving the West’s wild free-roaming horses and burros.

Please stand with us by supporting our work today. We pledge to continue to fight without wavering for you and our magnificent mustangs and burros.

– Suzanne


A cattlemen’s dream – and a wild horse nightmare


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

We have an update on the plan that’s threatening wild horses: Billed as a compromise, the plan is nothing short of a surrender on the wild horse issue to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and livestock industry lobbying groups.

The plan calls for the removal of 130,000 wild horses and burros from their homes on our public lands over the next ten years. That’s more wild horses and burros than exist today!

Contact your Senators and Representative and demand that they oppose language in FY 2020 Interior Appropriations legislation to implement the “Path Forward for Management of BLM’s Wild Horses and Burros” plan promoted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), ASPCA and Return to Freedom.

The plan would almost triple the number of wild horses and burros held in captivity at taxpayer expense, at a cost of close to $1 billion over the next decade, without any guarantee for their long-term safety. It reduces wild horse and burro populations to the BLM’s extinction-level “appropriate” management level.

90% of the wild horses and burros left on the range would be subject to “fertility control,” which, given the extreme population reductions envisioned, could spell the end of many herds. The ASPCA (a co-signer to the plan) even acknowledges the plan could allow for surgical removal of the ovaries of wild mares – something the National Academy of Sciences warned was “inadvisable for field application” due to risk of bleeding and infection.

Causing further danger to the herds left on the range is the proposed sex ratio skewing of 70% stallions to 30% mares – an unheard of manipulation of a wildlife species that, by the BLM’s own admission, causes increased aggression between a large number of stallions fighting for a small number of mares.

So what doesn’t the plan include?

Any reference to livestock, and the massively larger impact that cows have on grazing land in the west. It also fails to mention the massive cost to taxpayers for the subsidized public lands livestock grazing program.

Please contact your member of Congress today, and let them know of the dangers to wild horses hidden in this plan. The markup hearing for the House Interior Appropriations Committee is Wednesday, so please don’t delay!

If this plan gets implemented, it could mean the beginning of the end of wild horses in America. We have to act NOW.

Thank you for standing with us in this crucial fight.

– The AWHC Team


She helped a foal that wasn’t hers


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Help an Orphaned Foal in Need

Today we celebrate mothers of all kinds and the nurturing spirit that brings new life into this world and guides it through.

Wild horses live in close-knit families, and the bond between mothers and their foals is beautifully on display for those of us fortunate enough to catch a glimpse. But sometimes the bond is broken due to the force of nature, or more often, human intervention.

Such was the case on the range in Nevada last month, when a mare was hit on the highway, orphaning her little colt. Our fertility control darting team was in the field observing the scene – maintaining a respectful distance as the mare’s band mourned her passing. Over the next day and a half, they observed a remarkable scene as another mare in the band allowed the tiny colt to nurse — a little bit at a time at first — along with her own foal already by her side. By the second day, the mare had fully adopted the little foal – named Archer by volunteers, and they are now a lovely little family and a wonder to behold.

But not all foals are so lucky. Some are abandoned and orphaned with no one to help them. That’s where we step in to prevent suffering. Over the last month, in a collaborative effort between AWHC, Least Resistance Training Concepts, Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue, Horse and Man Magazine, and other local northern Nevada wild horse groups, we have helped to rescue six abandoned or orphaned foals in the greater Reno area. The little ones include Willa, a newborn found cuddled up with a dog in a resident’s yard; Nevada, whose mom was also hit and killed on the highway; Mo, who was attacked by a stallion band and found with cuts all over her body; and Roy, who heartbreakingly was found lying next to his deceased mother.

Thanks to your support, AWHC is able to provide the funding necessary to get these foals the veterinary care they need, and to provide some financial assistance to Palomino Armstrong of Chilly Pepper, who has taken all of these little ones under her wing and into her highly regarded foal rescue program.

In honor of mothers everywhere and of every kind, will you consider supporting our foal rescue fund today to allow us to continue to help babies in need?

As always, thank you for your compassion and support. We hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day.

– The AWHC Team


We can stop this bad deal


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Wild horses face an unprecedented attack. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and other pro-slaughter groups have cut a deal on Capitol Hill that would result in the roundup of 15,000 to 20,000 wild horses a year. The plan will result in more cruel roundups, more horses in captivity, and more of our public lands used for cattle interests.

We can stop this bad deal. Click here right now and tell your Representative: reject the appropriations language requiring an unprecedented 15,000-20,000 wild horses to be removed from the range.

This is a disastrous plan all-around. It actually increases the risk of slaughter by funneling more mustangs and burros into an already overburdened and costly government holding, with no guarantees of funding for their lifetime care. The language throughout this plan is so vague that it leaves inhumane sterilization methods squarely on the table. And the real kicker – it will cost taxpayers a billion dollars.

It is true that some humane groups, including the ASPCA and HSUS, are misguidedly supporting this deal in hopes that the BLM will use fertility and not kill horses. But we think wild horses and burros deserve more than hopes.

The only winners in this “plan” are the wealthy cattle interests and their lobbyists. Wild horses and taxpayers lose.

Be the voice for wild horses right now. Contact your Representative.

Thank you,

Suzanne Roy


Volunteer Appreciation Meeting – ( Fixed registration link)


The following is from Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Expo Feedback and Planning 2020


The 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was great and we thank all of you that helped to make it a success!

You are invited to attend an

Expo Appreciation Meeting and Celebration

on May 4th, 2019,

at Arapahoe Race Park

Derby Day at the Park!

Expo Appreciation Meeting starts at 1:30PM

The Kentucky Derby Starts at 4:50PM

Refreshments and Prizes to all that volunteered

at the 2019 Expo!

During our gathering we will go over the 2019 Expo activities and get your input and ideas.

We will then start talking about 2020!

Are you interested in helping in 2020?

Come Join us!

After our gathering you’ll then have plenty of time to enjoy the Kentucky Derby at Arapahoe Race Park

Please register for the meeting below.

The link will take you to the Equine City Hall .

If you do not have an account there, please set one up

New Visitor Registration.

By registering , you are not joining the membership.

This registration means you have an account with us for notices about the Colorado Horse Council and the Expo and costs you nothing.

The Arapahoe Race Park is located at:

Arapahoe Park

26000 East Quincy Avenue

Aurora, CO 80016

Here is the link to their website: Arapahoe Race Park

Thanks to all of you that make the

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo a great Success!


Bill Scebbi

CEO/Executive Director

Colorado Horse Council


A difficult email


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

This is a difficult email to write, but our commitment to protecting America’s wild horses and burros requires us to share this update. AWHC has always placed a high priority on working collaboratively with other wildlife and animal protection organizations.

It is with great sadness but certain conviction that we must now strongly oppose a policy being promoted by several of these groups and we urge you to oppose it as well

On Monday, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the ASPCA and Return to Freedom announced a deal with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, rancher lobbyists, and Rep. Chris Stewart, the leading advocate in Congress for the mass destruction of wild horses. It’s a bad deal and disregards the Statement of Principles and Recommendations signed by more than 100 horse organizations:

  • It would require the removal of an unprecedented 15,000-20,000 wild horses from public lands in Fiscal Year 2020 alone. Large-scale removals, involving cruel and inhumane helicopter roundups, are envisioned for several additional years to get within 20 percent of the BLM’s extinction-level population limit of 27,000 horses on 27 million acres of BLM land.
  • It will continue a policy of cruel roundups and confinement. The BLM will have control over these horses, and any improved holding facilities, like “enclosed pastures” will be managed by the BLM and at the mercy of annual appropriations.
  • The only scientifically proven method of humane population management, PZP fertility control, is notmandated. The BLM has repeatedly demonstrated its unwillingness to use PZP, as it currently spends 0% of its budget on it. Instead, the agency has demonstrated its preference for more draconian measures, including surgical sterilization and managing wild horses in non-reproducing and single-sex herds.
  • It’s unscientific and prioritizes cattle over wildlife. The plan accepts the BLM’s unscientific population limits for wild horses and burros, for which the National Academy of Sciences found no scientific support, and which are based on restricting these animals to just 12 percent of BLM lands and then allocating 80 percent of the forage in the remaining habitat to privately-owned livestock.
  • It’s unsustainable and expensive. Removing 15,000-20,000 horses from the range will cost at least $15-20 million, and storing them in holding for just one year could add $30 million annually to the BLM’s $80 million a year budget.

There’s a better way. Together we successfully beat back attempts by the BLM and livestock lobbying groups to legalize wild horse and burro slaughter. Together we’ll pursue creative solutions for wild horse management that give wild horses a fair share of resources on the small amount of public lands designated as their habitat. Together we’ll fight the mass removals that the National Academy of Sciences warned against as we advocate for humane management in the wild using fertility control.

We don’t need to cave to cattle industry interests for nothing but vague promises. We have the power of the people on our side. We can and we will do better. Please join us and contact Congress now.

Wild horses and burros are counting on us.

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director



Push the PAST Act to the House Floor!


The following is from the American Horse Council:

American Horse Council Action Alert


Push the PAST Act to the House Floor, Bill Gains 219 Sponsors!

Since being introduced in January, the bipartisan “Sen. Joseph Tydings Memorial Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act” (H.R. 693) has gained 219 cosponsors, which is more than half of the members of the House of Representatives.  Under new House rules, any legislation gaining 290 or more co-sponsors will receive an automatic vote on the floor.  As soon as H.R. 693 gains 71 more supporters – a target the horse industry can reach with your continued advocacy – House leadership will schedule the bill for a vote on the floor, where it’s assured quick passage.

H.R. 693 will strengthen the Horse Protection Act and finally end the soring of Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, and Racking Horses. The American Horse Council, along with most major national horse show organizations and state and local organizations, supports the PAST Act.  To send a letter to your representative urging him or her to sign on as a co-sponsor, please hit continue and follow the prompts.  For more information related to H.R. 693 and how to move the bill forward, please contact AHC’s Bryan Brendle at 202-296-4031.

Take Action


Wild horses depend on this


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The good news: Last week, our coalition won a major victory in Nevada! After countless meetings, rallies, and protests, our organization is now tasked with implementing a humane fertility control program to save the Virginia Range wild horses in Nevada.

But now we have a big challenge ahead of us: We HAVE to make this program successful. If we do, we can replicate it with other herds around the country and begin to end the cruel policy of roundups and confinement of wild horses in pens and pastures.

Will you donate right now to support this humane fertility control program and all our efforts to protect wild horses?

We’re dispatching experts and volunteers on the Virginia Range to administer this critical program. And we’re holding a class next week to certify more program participants. But these programs take resources, from training to purchasing equipment, to sourcing the PZP fertility control vaccine, to transportation and other costs. To be successful, we need the support to execute these programs properly.

PZP and targeted birth control is the safest, most cost-effective way to manage wild horse populations on public lands. The alternative is what we spend so much time and effort fighting against: helicopter roundups, horses driven for miles until the collapse, confining entire herds in small pens for the rest of their lives, and worst – sending horses to slaughter.

Chip in now, and support the safe, humane management of wild horse populations.

We have a huge opportunity in Nevada to show that there are safe and practical ways to care for wild horse populations. It’s up to us to make it happen. Please help us support this program now, so we can celebrate its crucial and successful implementation as another milestone in our journey to keep wild horses wild.

Thank you for all your support.



HUGE victory for our movement — here’s what it means:


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thanks to your support, the horses on the Virginia Range in Nevada will continue to live safe, happy lives, free to roam on the land they call home.

In 2017, the Nevada Department of Agriculture abruptly terminated our partnership to safely and effectively manage the Virginia Range wild horses using fertility control. The program was necessary to humanely reduce population growth rates in this historic mustang population whose habitat is increasingly impacted by development.

In response, we and our local coalition partners have been working hard to restart the program. We mobilized thousands of calls and emails. Local groups held 63 vigils outside the State Capitol in Carson City.

We are proud to tell you that the grassroots pressure worked…with a big assist from the business community, especially tech company Blockchains LLC, and Nevada Assembly Minority Leader Jim Wheeler! Last Tuesday we signed a Cooperative Agreement with the state to immediately resume this critical program that will humanely manage these majestic horses using safe and proven fertility control.

This news isn’t just about one state or one range. It’s about the future of this entire movement and the freedom of wild horses everywhere.

In Nevada, we can create a model to demonstrate that there is another way to manage wild horses that doesn’t involve costly and cruel roundups.

Now, we need your help. Our volunteers and staff are in the field as I write this, implementing this lifesaving program to keep wild horses wild by providing a humane alternative to removing wild horses from their homes on the range. And we’re sustaining other programs across the country to protect wild horses. Will you donate right now to support us?

The alternative to success is too awful to imagine: more round-ups; horses confined in tiny pens for the rest of their lives, or worse, sent to slaughter; breaking apart the families that residents have come to know and love for generations.

We can show that there is a better way to steward our iconic wild horse and burro populations. Please help us to make it happen by donating now.

Thank you,

Suzanne Roy


It was a good day for wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

New Agreement for Virginia Range Mustangs Fertility Control Program

On Tuesday, AWHC and the Nevada Department of Agriculture signed a new agreement to implement a humane fertility control management program for the Virginia Range horses. The program aims to reduce population growth rates in the historic herd, which lives in a 300,000-acre range increasingly impacted by rapid development in the northern Nevada area. Our program’s certified darters will begin working this week in cooperation with the tech company, Blockchains, LLC – the largest landowner in the Virginia Range — to deliver the PZP immunocontraceptive vaccine to wild horses in Innovation Park in Storey County! Read more about this critically important program below.


AB 128 Passes Out of California’s Assembly Parks and Wildlife Committee

AB 128, a bill to increase protections from slaughter for California’s wild and domestic horses cleared its first hurdle on Tuesday when it passed out of the California Assembly Parks, Water and Wildlife Committee on a 10-1 vote (with 3 abstentions). AWHC is proud to sponsor this bill in conjunction with bill author Assemblyman Todd Gloria, who has been a leading voice for the welfare of California’s horses and an outspoken opponent of the federal government’s plan to sell California wild horses from the Devil’s Garden Territory without limitation on slaughter. Read more about the bill and the latest developments below.


Limited Edition ‘Born Wild – Stay Wild’ Apparel

For this week only, we have teamed up with company FLOAT to offer you limited-edition apparel that supports our work to Keep Wild Horses Wild! $8 from every purchase of the ‘Born Wild-Stay Wild’ apparel goes to AWHC. Get them while they last – offer ends on Monday morning!



We delivered your signatures to BLM


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We wanted to let you know that on Friday, April 5 we had an incredible turnout at a rally at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) state office in Salt Lake City to stop the roundup of Utah’s Onaqui wild horses. 

People from all over the country – including New York, Florida, Tennesse, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California – joined a fabulous group of Utahns to be a voice for these horses. Watch a video of the rally below!

After the rally, AWHC and our coalition partner, the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, delivered 100,000 of your signatures and met with top BLM Utah officials about collaborating for the humane management of the Onaqui wild horses.

The BLM is to be commended for its work to develop existing fertility control program there (in conjunction with Wild Horses of America Foundation) and its openness to collaborating with our groups to further expand the program as a humane alternative to large-scale roundups from this Herd Management Area (HMA).

The meeting opened a positive dialogue between our groups and the BLM, and we plan to meet again with the Utah officials in 1-2 weeks to further discuss how we can collaborate for the benefit of the beloved Onaqui wild horses.

Thank you for taking the time to sign our petition. You have made a difference!

The AWHC Team


Reminder: #SaveOnaqui Day of Action TODAY!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:




Today is the day we put a stop to the BLM rounding up 80% of the famous and beloved Onaqui wild horses in Utah.

Help #SaveOnaqui today by sharing your support online! Take one (or all!) of the following easy actions, and help make a huge impact for the Onaqui wild horse herd.


You can also take it one step further, and make the phones ring! Call BLM Utah, (801) 539-4001 and BLM National, (202) 208-4896 – and let them know why you’re against the government rounding up 80% of the beloved Onaqui herd.

Here’s a sample script:

I am calling to urge the BLM to cancel the Onaqui wild horse roundup and expand the existing PZP fertility control program instead. This will save taxpayers millions of dollars and will allow these cherished horses to stay free with their families. Thank you.

Remember to follow our Facebook page today for the latest updates on our rally at the BLM’s Salt Lake City office.



TOMORROW: Onaqui day of action!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Tomorrow is our rally to save the Onaqui wild horse herd. You can participate ONLINE!

Tomorrow is our day of action to save the Onaqui wild horses. Join us – in person or from afar! – as we protest the BLM’s cruel plans to round up 80% of this beloved herd.

Here are all the ways you can take action (and get #SaveOnaqui trending!)

Share our images with #SaveOnaqui on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve put together some beautiful graphics of the Onaqui horses free on the range – simply download and share! Let’s create a storm!

Tweet at leaders with #SaveOnaqui, to help us raise awareness and send a message! Let them know you’re fighting their plans to destroy the Onaqui herd.

Post on the Interior Department’s Facebook page to let them know you’re fighting to preserve the Onaqui wild horse herd.

Add the #SaveOnaqui Facebook frame to your profile picture. It’s a simple way to raise awareness within your networks and encourage other supporters!

Make the phones ring! Call BLM Utah, (801) 539-4001 and BLM National, (202) 208-4896.

I am calling to urge you to urge the BLM to cancel the Onaqui wild horse roundup and expand the existing PZP fertility control program instead. This will save taxpayers millions of dollars and will allow these cherished horses to stay free with their families. Thank you.

Follow along on our Facebook page tomorrow, and share #SaveOnaqui posts as we hold a rally and press conference at the BLM’s Salt Lake City office. The rally starts at 11:00 AM MT, to urge the BLM to forgo the removal of the beloved Onaqui wild horses and instead work with advocates to expand the fertility control program as an alternative to cruel removals from the range.

Rally to #SaveOnaqui
Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 11:00 AM MT
440 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT


Together, we have the power to change the BLM’s cruel plan to destroy the wild Onaqui herd – but we need all of our supporters to tune in and make noise! Join us tomorrow, and make sure one of America’s most famous herds is left to live free for another day.



All the ways you can help #SaveOnaqui


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

This is the most important week in our campaign to save the famed wild horses of Onaqui in Utah.

We’ve got a lot going on – and we need your support. Whether it’s on the ground in Utah or from afar, every action you can take this week will make a difference.

  • Friday is our rally at the BLM office in Salt Lake City, UT. Please join us as we protest the round-up of 80% of one of the most famous wild horse herds in America, and tell the BLM that their plan of action is unacceptable.
  • Our petition to save the Onaqui herd has gathered almost 97,000 signatures, and counting! Help us hit 100k! Please share with your networks, as we need as many signatures as possible! 
  • Also on Friday, we’ll be holding a Digital Sit-in to #SaveOnaqui. Support the movement by sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the #SaveOnaqui hashtag. More on this later.
  • You can help show your support for the Onaqui wild horses by purchasing our Onaqui Apparel, proceeds of which will go directly to saving the Onaqui herd.

A majority of Americans oppose rounding up wild horses and using taxpayer money to put them in holding pens for life. And while the BLM has come after so many of America’s wild herds, the Onaqui wild horses hold a special place in our nation’s hearts.

As one of the most viewed wild horse herds, they not only offer a unique opportunity for people to witness the magic of horses roaming free in the wild, they also contribute to the local community by bringing in thousands of tourists every year.

Make a donation this week to support our efforts to Save Onaqui.

Thank you,


PS – Keep an eye out for an email this week with more information on our rally and digital sit-in to #SaveOnaqui happening Friday.


Tales of Onaqui


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Kimerlee Curyl is a renowned fine art photographer who has been working amongst the Onaqui wild horses since 2009. She is one of many artists who has come to know the herd very well, in a place that now feels like home.

We can’t let these beautiful horses, who have roamed Utah since the 1800s, lose their families and their homes in a BLM roundup.

Chip in now to help us rally the public and political support needed to fight the BLM’s cruel plan for the famed Onaqui horses.

Photo by Kimerlee Curyl

Kimerlee explains just how important these horses are:

“My first journey to the area was in 2009. While numerous visits have followed, I will never forget the magic and mystery of that initial trip. The Onaqui horses have called the historic Pony Express Trail in Utah home for generations. To remove them from this territory – one they once helped man traverse in the name of special interest – is a betrayal to our past, especially when access to cost-effective solutions have been offered and declined by the BLM. They are woven into the fabric of this landscape and deserve solutions to be expanded upon. They deserve to be here.”

Photographers like Kimerlee come from all over the world to visit and photograph these wild horses. But in a few short months, 80% of the herd could be gone forever.

Donate now, and help us work to save the Onaqui wild horses.

Thank you,



Update: Petition to Save Onaqui


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The BLM is full steam ahead with plans to round up and capture 80% of the famous Onaqui herd in Utah. But we can’t let up.

We still need 5,318 more signatures to reach our goal before April 5, when we are delivering our petition and holding a rally outside of the BLM’s Salt Lake City office. We need your help.

Add your name now, and take a stand to protect the Onaqui wild herd.

There are only 486 wild horses in the Onaqui herd. If the BLM gets their way, only 120 horses will remain on over 240,000 acres. 

There are humane ways to manage wild horse populations that the BLM is just not using. Instead, the agency wants to move forward with an inhumane roundup, using helicopters to chase the horses for miles. Once captured, the horses will be forced to spend the rest of their lives in holding pens and pastures, adding to the millions of dollars taxpayers are forced to spend on this ineffective and mismanaged federal program.

The Onaqui horses are irreplaceable – not just to America as a symbol of our freedom and our heritage, but to the local communities who benefit from the tourism dollars brought by wild horse admirers and photographers.

Please help us keep the Onaqui wild horses wild. Sign our petition to save this iconic herd from devastation.

Thank you,



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