Feds make major announcement


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

When we fight back to protect wild horses, it makes a real difference. In a huge win for our grassroots movement, the Trump Administration just announced that it will not pursue lethal measures – such as euthanasia or selling wild horses for slaughter – to manage America’s wild horse populations.

We’ve battled for three years to stop Congress from authorizing the mass killing of wild horses and burros. As always, we are the last line of defense for these national icons. The Administration’s policy shift shows that when we stand firm, we win!

It’s time to savor this news, but we cannot rest, because the Administration continues to pursue inhumane sterilization methods – such as surgically removing the ovaries of mares – that not only place the health and safety of wild horses and burros at risk, but also will take the wild out of these wild animals by destroying their natural behaviors.

We still have much work to do before America’s wild horses are truly protected. That’s why we’re asking you to make a donation to AWHC right now, so that we can continue to fight for humane and sustainable federal wild horse and burro management policies.

This victory gives us hope for the battles ahead – it proves that actions we take to stand up for wild horses and burros make a real difference in the lives of these cherished animals.

Can you make a donation right now so that we are prepared to continue defending wild horses in the months to come?

Thank you for being part of our herd…. Onward!

– Suzanne

PS – Read more about the BLM’s decision not to pursue lethal measures for wild horses here.


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