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BREAKING: Senate protects wild horses (but fight’s not over)


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Our team just got word after months of campaigning: the Senate has maintained protections for wild horses and burros in its version of the Interior Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2018.

Even better, the Senate directed the BLM to come up with “humane and politically viable” solutions to wild horse management. Clearly, our Senators realize that killing our cherished mustangs or selling them for slaughter is neither humane nor politically tenable. 

This is a huge win! Your phone calls, emails, donations, protests, and petitions paid off. You were heard. Our strength was shown. Thank you.

But the fight isn’t over. Here’s what’s next: the Senate (which included protections) must now negotiate with the House (which didn’t). This “conference” will determine the fate of wild horses and burros in our country.

We’re actively tracking who will be in this conference and how we can impact the negotiations. We’ll be in touch as we know more.

In the meantime, please consider an emergency donation to help us continue to fight for wild horses.

You know the stakes: if protections are removed and slaughter or “euthanizing” begin, tens of thousands of wild horses will die. It would be an unprecedented mass slaughter. It would be tragic and defy the recommendations of scientists.

You have done an incredible job of making that case. We’ve won a major victory, but the battle is still on. Please keep it up.

Thank you for being with us,

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director


WATCH: the choice


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Our team just produced a new web video to lay out the real choice for management of our wild horses and burros…. The choice between humane birth control and what the Bureau of Land Management has requested. Watch it now and then donate to help us promote it on Facebook and YouTube around Capitol Hill.

Our opponents have been spreading lies: that there are too many horses on the range, that they’re starving, and that we have no choice but to round them up and kill them. Wrong. Wrong. And wrong.

Wild horses only roam on a small percentage of protected public land. They are not starving. There aren’t too many of them. To make sure it stays that way, the best long-term management strategy is humane birth control — a policy recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.

The U.S. Senate vote on this issue has been delayed again for at least another week. That gives us time to push out this video and keep up the pressure on Capitol Hill. It lays out the contrast in clear terms: horse slaughter is barbaric and costly. 80% of Americans oppose it.

Every lawmaker should watch this and oppose any killing of our healthy wild horses and burros. Help us make sure that they do. 

Please watch this video now and then donate $25, $50, or $100 to help us promote it on Capitol Hill and sustain this critically important fight. 

Thank you for standing with us and our wild horses and burros. 

Suzanne Roy


A week away


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We’re a week away from critical votes. The Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee is expected to mark up its spending bill next week, with full committee votes the week after. Since the House lifted the longstanding prohibition on the destruction of healthy wild horses and burros in its spending bill, it’s critical that the Senate maintain these protections. These votes will likely determine what the final budget language is — and the lives of tens of thousands of wild horses literally hang in the balance.

When we meet with Senate offices and ask them what makes a difference, they always tell us to keep up the calls and emails. They REALLY matter. Our opponents have the money and power but we have the people. Keep it up.

Click here to call AND email your U.S. Senators right now.

Tell them: Maintain longstanding prohibitions on the destruction of healthy wild horses. Oppose any spending bill that would allow for the killing or sale for slaughter of healthy wild horses.

The roundup underway right now in Wyoming is a stark reminder of how important these votes are. Images of wild horses chased relentlessly by helicopter, driven into barbed wire, captured, and separated from their families are heartbreaking. Even worse is the thought that every one of the nearly 2,000 wild horses captured could be killed if the Congress does not reject the BLM’s request to destroy them and sell them for brutal slaughter.

We can’t let them win.

Keep calling,

Grace Kuhn

P.S. Thanks to your help, our TV ad ran throughout the weekend in Alaska telling Senator Murkowski: #NoHorseSlaughter. Donate now to help us run more ads in more markets.





The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Wow. In less than one day, you shattered our goal of $8,000 to get an ad up in Alaska this weekend. As of this morning, we’ve raised over $20,000 thanks to your help. The ads will run this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in Anchorage — and we’re planning additional advertisements in the coming weeks.

We also learned early this morning that the U.S. Senate “markup” is delayed yet another week. We’re now expecting these critical votes to take place sometime around October 10th.

This means we have more time to keep up the pressure — in Alaska and across the country. Click here to call and email your U.S. Senators now.

Thanks for everything. And we’ll keep you updated.

– Grace Kuhn, Communications Director, AWHC


Senate to decide the fate of wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee will mark up the Interior Department budget as early as next week. As part of this process, they will decide whether wild horses keep or lose their protections from mass killing and slaughter. It the vote goes the wrong way, as many 92,000 of these cherished and innocent animals could be killed.

We need you to call your Senators right now and kindly ask them to tell the Appropriations Committee to ensure that 2018 Interior Department spending legislation INCLUDES prohibitions on the destruction of healthy wild horses and their sale for slaughter.

The bill reported out of Committee will form the basis for negotiations on final budget adopted in December. So, even though the budget is unlikely to be confirmed until December, next week’s debate could very well be the deciding factor in whether America’s wild horses roam free or are destroyed.

So please keep the pressure on your Senators!

Thank you for fighting for what’s right,

Suzanne Roy

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