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WATCH: the choice


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Our team just produced a new web video to lay out the real choice for management of our wild horses and burros…. The choice between humane birth control and what the Bureau of Land Management has requested. Watch it now and then donate to help us promote it on Facebook and YouTube around Capitol Hill.

Our opponents have been spreading lies: that there are too many horses on the range, that they’re starving, and that we have no choice but to round them up and kill them. Wrong. Wrong. And wrong.

Wild horses only roam on a small percentage of protected public land. They are not starving. There aren’t too many of them. To make sure it stays that way, the best long-term management strategy is humane birth control — a policy recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.

The U.S. Senate vote on this issue has been delayed again for at least another week. That gives us time to push out this video and keep up the pressure on Capitol Hill. It lays out the contrast in clear terms: horse slaughter is barbaric and costly. 80% of Americans oppose it.

Every lawmaker should watch this and oppose any killing of our healthy wild horses and burros. Help us make sure that they do. 

Please watch this video now and then donate $25, $50, or $100 to help us promote it on Capitol Hill and sustain this critically important fight. 

Thank you for standing with us and our wild horses and burros. 

Suzanne Roy


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