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Baby horse hogtied, separated from mother by BLM


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Giving Tuesday match: Give a gift of just $10 or more to protect wild horses by midnight on Tuesday and your donation will be DOUBLED.

Separated from his mother. Hog-tied. Penned. This just a glimpse of what happened to to Trey, a 2-month-old foal, during a horrific Bureau of Land Management roundup of wild horses in Utah. Fortunately, Trey made it out — but not all horses are so lucky.

These kinds of roundups occur routinely on our public lands. Wild horses are being harassed, abused, and even killed. But we’re making a difference: by documenting BLM activity, by saving individual horses, by advocating for humane policies like fertility control, and by fighting to stop the BLM’s plan to slaughter these innocent and iconic animals.

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1 Stallion lost, Another one Saved – 10+ more lives on the line – URGENT HELP NEEDED FOR THOSE 10+


The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:


THANK YOU to each and every one of you who donated, sent prayers or shared our mission. It is an impossible task but because of your amazing hearts so many lives have been saved. (Proper thank you’s will be coming but it has been non-stop babies and rescue. Thank you for being patient.)

11 More Lives were saved this last week. Sadly, upon arrival to pickup the horses we were told the Stallion had shipped. As tears slid down my face I wondered how it could hurt so badly to lose a horse you had never met. But the pain was real, and so was the overwhelm.

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The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

Well they just keep coming. I received an urgent call last night about 5 foals ready to ship up in Washington State. I spoke with the gentlemen this morning and he will be calling in the next few days to arrange a time for us to pick them up. (Providing we can raise the funds necessary to keep saving these lives.) We are also on standby from our other folks in WA as well.

The larger number of babies, which at this point is 30 – 60 weanlings, will need to be picked up in CA, by September 17 or around that time. As usual in our world, there are no “for sures” with the exception of the fact that there will be a very large number of babies to save. We won’t know how many or how much help there will be. These babies lives will be at stake so we are hoping that y’all are on board to save them. At this time, we are really strapped from the last batch of 49 Yakama kids and the orphans from NV.The gelding of the stallions was not quite covered and the total bill was around $3300+. This included Nya’s vet visit and her blood draw.Unfortunately the wilder ones generate so much adrenaline that they require larger amounts of medication, and that medication is extremely expensive.

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Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang Matching Fund Challenge


The folks over at Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang Rescue have been given a matching fund challenge by a supporter to purchase land for the rescue. 

Chilly Pepper Land Challenge

We just received GREAT NEWS from one of our Angels. We have a wonderful donor who is throwing out this challenge.

She will purchase an adjoining 3 acre parcel for Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang so we can continue to help save the wild horses. IF, folks will step up and match the $5,000 needed to buy the land, she will “git ‘er done”!

Her donation of $5,000 will buy the land and the “matching funds” will feed the horse kids through August.

You can donate  – Please put in the notes “For the Land & Life Support Challenge”. (If you can’t donate, please share far and wide. You can still be part of saving these lives).

We need a bit over $5,000 for the month of August to feed and care for the 25 horses here in NV and the permanent residents (plus two orphan foals) at our facility in Shingletown.

We are feeding about $1000 worth of hay in NV for the month (11 adults – 5 of them pregnant mares), one nursing mare with a foal and 14 orphan foals. We have several babies who are spoken for and waiting to go to their new homes, but lots of beautiful babies for adoption.
Two of the babies are in really rough shape, so they need extra prayers, as well as groceries.
The average cost for a new foal is about $300 month for milk and feed, and we have 14 of them here in NV. So that is about $4200.

The good news is that a few of them are older so once they get to a healthy weight their costs won’t be quite as much.

“Saving them” is just the beginning. Now the real work begins to feed and care for them, get them healthy and find great homes.

PictureWe so appreciate all the folks who are going the distance to save these horses. We are willing to do the work, but simply don’t have the funds we need without amazing folks like you. THANK YOU!

One of our mares that is pregnant. She was nursing the foal who belonged to the mare that was shot in the head.

Knowing we were powerless to save the rest of the band, my heart is breaking, but it means we have to fight that much harder to take care of the ones that we were able to save.

Adoptions & Visits to Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang


Did you know that the babies you hear about from Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang are available for adoption and you can visit them and see the good work being done there?  Call 530 474-5197 to schedule a visit or inquire about adopting one of the many equines they have rescued.

Chilly Pepper no stress


Four New Kids, new homes for some, & a Big Girl update


The following post comes from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue.

After placing the first 7 babies, we picked up Shimmer (little gray girl) & Cocoa Puff, the chocolate colored baby mustang. The next Monday, along came Cupcake and her mama. Cupcake is a miniature horse and is about 6 months old. She is wild and untouched at this moment, but we will take the time we need to gentle her. :) She, as well as her mama, will be available for adoption, along with Shimmer and Cocoa Puff at a later date.

We placed Phantom in a wonderful home, (son of the Phantom Stallion), and watched him drive away as the tears flowed down. Loved him so, but it is the best thing for him to have a life where he will get all the attention he deserves :)

Tomorrow we take Velma and Cowboy to their new home. They will be staying together which is nice for them.

Big Girl had her x-rays today. She is in tough shape all around :( . She has very little sole between her coffin bone and the ground, and has extensive “ring bone” (arthritis) on both front feet, although more so on one side. She has very little hoof growth so far, but is on some really good supplements so hopefully that will change soon. Her heartbeat is elevated and irregular, and she will never be able to be ridden or worked again. It is painful for her to move, but Doc prescribed some new meds so we will see if that keeps her comfortable.

She needs lots of prayers for healing, but in the meantime we will give her as much time as she needs to get better, and she can spend her remaining time on this earth being a spoiled and much loved gentle giant. We want to give her all the love, time and happiness she deserves, and are hoping that with pain meds she will be comfortable enough to enjoy a few more years. She is the biggest sweetheart there is and so deserves some love and appreciation. (I still can’t believe the people think I bought her for a riding horse. arghhhh). But she needed to be saved and that is why God sent her to us.

We got a call about 6 babies today. Getting ready to load up and head out early, when we received another update that the folks changed their minds and are going to try and keep them. You are on a never ending emotional roller coaster ride when you do this. The day we placed Phantom was a day when I questioned if I could keep doing this. It is so very hard to let them go after you have rehabbed them and put so much time into their healing. But if we don’t move horse kids to good homes, we won’t be able to keep saving more.

But it is hard when you see babies in situations where folks have not had training for critical care and you know the babies need it. It sounds crazy, but I know many of you will understand. The minute you get that message, text or phone call about babies that need help, your heart is invested. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t laid eyes upon them yet, or touched them or spent time with them. In that instance they become “your babies”. That is what makes it possible to keep going through the craziness, the heart break and the non-stop never ending insanity that comes with this type of rescue. God hooks you up emotionally so you have what it takes to do whatever it takes. Then when you get that other call, it is a huge letdown. Especially knowing they need special care, but we can only do what we are allowed to do.

We want to thank everyone for being part of saving all of these lives. It means the whole world to each and every horse that we save, and although we can’t save them all, we are grateful for all the lives we do save because of folks like you and your love and support.

If you want to help You can go to You Caring – to help us save these horses.

You can go to Paypal – Palominodancer@yahoo.com and click on Send or go to our website
if you would like to help these horses.

You can donate via check at Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, 34694 Sidebottom Rd., Shingletown, CA 96088

530 474-5197 If you are interested in visiting or adopting one of these beautiful horses

More Baby Rescues – Miracle Mustang


The following post is courtesy of Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue.

Trailered BabiesOn my phone as we head out to deliver these babies to the amazing folks who will continue their specialized care. Although it breaks my heart to place them so young, we need space for the new babies coming in.

We were notified about a single Baby, but if course that has changed. Now it is 2 babies, one of them only 2 days old as we are driving. Babies this young can crash so fast and these kids are what we specialize in. No one can save them all, but it is truly a privilege to care for them when they are so delicate.

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Slaughter Baby Update – Miracle Mustang


The following post is courtesy of Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue.


Hi All, (My photo is not flattering – but it is the reality of what we do!! ha ha, but Kim Dezellem so kindly took it to show what it is like on these rescues – thanks Kim lol) Spent nearly 8 hours there. Kim came and brought milk and lunch and stayed for moral support :)

Sorry it has taken so long for an update. We picked up 7 (Seven) babies at the shipping yard. The littlest one is Thumbellina, who was maybe half a day old. We were told that she had nursed from her mama, and that she had gotten her colostrum.

However, by the wee morning hours she was crashing, and could not stand and could barely even drink from her bottle. I tucked her into the living area of the Rolling Foal Hospital, right smack in front of the heater and while my heart was breaking, prayed like crazy. We have seen this so many times. They are so tiny and fragile and the stress can just be a door closer.

I gave her electrolytes (again), tiny drops of glucose and gradually she started to come around. She was very shaky but managed to drink a few drops of her formula as well as the electrolytes.

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Newest Arrival at Chilly Pepper: Miracle Mustang!


The following post comes from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue.


As I write this, I am remembering how quickly you get “baby brain”. The time when your brain turns to mush from lack of sleep.

Wow – it seems like the Rolling Foal Hospital never stops. We are so very pleased to be able to let folks know just how important this trailer is, and that it is constantly being used to save the lives of our beloved horses.

We left last Tuesday to take Seanna, Cicero and Go Go Boots to their new home in Idaho. We had to meet with Doc on Wednesday in NV to procure the proper paperwork and off we went.

We arrived to a stunning property and an amazing woman waiting for the babies. God has once again blessed us with the help we needed for these young horses. They have a wonderful place with a river, many streams, a clean and clear pond and wild life all around. They have space and will have folks to continue their training.

They have settled in well and although there was the usual heartbreak as we drove away, all was well and it was the best scenario we could hope for.

All the way there, and even prior as we were prepping the trailer, something kept telling me we would not be coming back empty. So I made sure we had our “new baby kit” well prepped. On our way back home, we received an emergency call. Shirley (my friend in NV who was caring for Velma), was in the hospital and we needed to come and pick up the baby. We are blessed as I am Shirley’s back up and she is ours if we have emergencies.

So we picked up Velma, (whom I had had quite a bit of time with the night prior to our vet visit with Doc), whose world was once again upside down. Although pretty scared at first, she traveled beautifully, and as always we took our time and gave her lots of rest stops. Here is the link for a short video of her enjoying one of her bottles. (Beware – this is cuteness over load at it’s finest.)

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Chilly Pepper Babies are Coming


The following is an excerpt from the latest Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue Newsletter.

Baby season is here, and all around the country mares are giving birth to their new little ones. Meet VELMA, the newest baby in Shirley Allen’s nursery in Dayton NV. The following is her update:

VelmaPLEASE Keep Her in your prayers. She’s doing so well it sort of scares me. She came in just a few hours old and the first 3 days to a week are ALWAYS very stressful with watching and monitoring every single little thing she does and move she makes. As always we’re praying that NOTHING unforeseen raises it’s ugly head. We are in the so far, so good mode and SHE is nothing but a TOTAL JOY. She was born in the very early morning and because of the rains and weather we had she was unfortunately born basically in a puddle. She was totally wet and shivering with hypothermia setting in fast. Her Mom, although interested in her didn’t seem to have that motherly instinct and went back to eating. Thank goodness, the girls happened to be out there that morning or we wouldn’t have the little sweetie. We had rain, snow and wind coming in again that morning and she would not have made it much longer in those conditions being wet and no way to get her dry. Mom sort of tried a couple of times to get her up to nurse apparently but basically gave up and went back to eating her breakfast. Velma at that point was unable to get on her feet because her little legs were too cold and wet already to make her muscles work. It took a little while to get her dry and warming slow to get her up so circulation could get to those tiny legs. Now that she’s doing well, she has just started yesterday running and playing a bit. We had a play session this morning at 3am right after her 2:30 feeding. Please send good energy for Velma, we’re holding on and doing our best to get this little kid happy and healthy. Will try to update soon. HUGS ALL !!


Update from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang Rescue


HONEYBANDITHoney Bandit is doing well and proof that together we can beat all the odds.

Well Foal Season is fast arriving, with little ones popping up in NV already. Just today we received the first bags of Foal Lac Powder and Pellets and the first shipment of Colostrum. It makes it real hauling in 160 pounds of milk products. :)

Helping the sanctuary move to TX put us several unexpected weeks behind, (don’t ya love arriving to “drive” and having to pack up the entire place lol) so we are working hard to be ready for that first phone call. It is amazing how much stuff you need on hand to give these babies the ultimate care. We are re-packing the trailer and ordering supplies like crazy.

As I worked on the tax donation receipts, (there are still a few folks out there who’s receipts are on the way), I could hardly see for the tears sometimes. There were so many wonderful notes and prayers for Lil Maverick and people really came together for the Rolling Foal Hospital. Y’all are amazing and have the most beautiful hearts. (So often you hear about trailers being purchased and used once or twice. The Rolling Foal Hospital has already been instrumental in saving numerous lives and continues rolling on a regular basis.)

Thanks to all of you and your generosity and support for what we do and for the wild ones we were able to help keep the 65 out of slaughter, save 11 orphans who needed special help and start gentling two more babies.

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