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Baby horse hogtied, separated from mother by BLM


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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Separated from his mother. Hog-tied. Penned. This just a glimpse of what happened to to Trey, a 2-month-old foal, during a horrific Bureau of Land Management roundup of wild horses in Utah. Fortunately, Trey made it out — but not all horses are so lucky.

These kinds of roundups occur routinely on our public lands. Wild horses are being harassed, abused, and even killed. But we’re making a difference: by documenting BLM activity, by saving individual horses, by advocating for humane policies like fertility control, and by fighting to stop the BLM’s plan to slaughter these innocent and iconic animals.

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  1. Shelly03-11-2019

    It take one bad apple to make all of them bad. Blm never was this way before. Sending the wild. Horses to slaughter is wrong. What we take their family to the kill pins and the slaughter house and make them what happens to the horses how they are treated.

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