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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

September is World Animal Remembrance Month – a time dedicated to honoring the memory of animals who are no longer with us.

In that spirit, we here at the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) would like to commemorate all of the wild horses and burros who have lost their lives or their freedom this year as a result of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) cruel and inhumane helicopter roundups.

As an homage to these iconic animals, will you join us in standing up to the BLM by signing on to our pledge committing to fight for our precious wild horses and burros?


In 2022, over 15,000 wild horses and burros have been captured through BLM helicopter roundups so far. Stripped of their freedom and crammed into overcrowded holding pens, these innocent animals have been subjected to injuries, diseases, and even death.

Our investigation team also discovered that hundreds of the captured wild horses and burros have been funneled to kill pens through the BLM’s Adoption Incentive Program (AIP). While the AIP, which pays adopters $1,000 per adopted BLM horse or burro, is meant to give these animals a permanent home, the sad reality is that the program is being abused by individuals scheming to make a quick buck off our beloved wild horses and burros.

These sweet animals don’t deserve to endure the mistreatment and abuse they suffer thanks to the BLM’s cruel mismanagement. Our mission at AWHC is to keep them in the wild where they can live safely and freely – where they belong. We fight every day towards that goal, but we need you in this fight with us.

So in honor of World Animal Remembrance Month, can you sign on to our pledge to use your voice on behalf of all the wild horses and burros out there who can’t speak up for themselves?


Thank you,


  1. Jennifer Nelsen09-15-2022

    I sign the pledge. The freedom of these beautiful horses and burrows and their humane rights are everything, just like people. Even if there are Government deals being made it needs to end. It is wrong and sickening.
    Please use this as my signature and entry to whomever is necessary to stop it. Thank you.

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