Ell’s Surgery Is Today!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.

Today is Ell’s surgery day. We have lab results, too, which showed testosterone and anti-mullerian hormone levels were consistent with the presence of functional testicular tissue. Sadly, this means he’ll likely need another surgery to remove a “hidden” testicle. Though he doesn’t have a penis (as far as we know now), considering a future adoption, this will help prevent stud-like behavior as he matures.

Please keep him in your thoughts today, and send some prayers his way for a successful procedure and recovery. We will share photos and updates on his progress onspecial Ell webpage! (You can also read more about his story there, too.)

If you are able, please consider making a donation to help with Ell’s surgery and post-surgery care costs. We have haven’t quite hit the halfway point of his fundraising goal yet.  Please help if you can.

Donate to help Ell!

Thank you to everyone who has donated already on Ell’s behalf.

We are grateful for your love, kindness, and compassion for Ell.

With Your Support,

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