Mosquito Fire Evacuation Warning & Update on Ell


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc

Mosquito Fire – Evacuation Warning for AAE

We wanted to give everyone an update on our situation with the Mosquito Fire. We would much rather be in a position to support our community right now, but instead, AAE’s Pilot Hill property is in the outer (southwesterly) edge of the evacuation warning area. When Cool went into Evacuation Warning late Thursday, that was our cue to go.  Thanks to tremendous support from our volunteers and the community, we were able to quickly mobilize equipment, feed, and supplies to set-up an evacuation location at our old home in El Dorado Hills. We wrapped up about 2a Friday after setting up and transporting 18 horses. On Friday, we moved another 14 horses, along with some additional equipment and supplies. Our three minis are with our volunteer mini mom. We have 18 mustangs, three cows, two pigs, two cats, and our Speedy remaining in Pilot Hill. All are in confined areas and ready to go if there’s any shift in the fire in our direction.

We are a little bit below the blue dot in the photo above, about 13 miles from the edge of the fire and feel relatively safe, we made the decision to start moving horses on Thursday because of the time it would take to relocate 50+ animals in the event of a mandatory evacuation. We’d rather be safe than sorry!

The current challenge is staffing care shifts at two locations. If any of our experienced volunteers are able to help with feed and care of the horses, either at Pilot Hill or El Dorado Hills, we would appreciate the extra help. Please sign up here (VolunteerLocal).

If you do not have substantial experience volunteering with AAE yet or you have been out of the loop for an extended period, please send an email to prior to signing up. Unfortunately, reality is that trying to train new volunteers, or re-train volunteers, with limited support can be more difficult than helpful.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to all of those impacted by the fire, as well as all of our firefighters, law enforcement, and their families, as they work hard to keep us safe.

A huge THANK YOU to LEES’ FEED for delivering a much needed feed order to us in El Dorado Hills on short notice yesterday. We were running low, and none of our volunteers were available to transfer from PH, but Lees’ came through for us, big time. Our horses are content and adapting well to all of the changes.



Ell is doing well after his surgery. He was supposed to come home to AAE on Friday, but due to the fire situation, he is getting an extended stay at Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center until we are better able to support his post-op care in light of our short staffing.

Due to his prolonged stay, Ell will have additional care costs that we were not anticipating. If you’d like to help with those costs, please consider making a donation on his behalf.

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