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Three fights at once


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

While we press the U.S. Senate to reject BLM’s request for slaughter and sue the BLM for illegal roundups, we have a third fight on our hands:

Next week, the National BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meets for the first time since its outrageous vote last November to recommend that the BLM kill tens of thousands of innocent wild horses and burros.

Our team will be there. But we need you to submit public comments to this committee now — so they know the American people reject their sham recommendation.

Tell them now — send an email to:

Please keep your comments respectful, but make it clear where you stand. Consider these points:

  • 80% of Americans oppose killing our wild horses and burros and support protecting them on our public lands.
  • The vote to slaughter mustangs is unconscionable and completely unjustified in light of the cost-effective, scientifically recommended PZP birth control vaccine, which can be used to humanely manage wild horse populations on the range.
  • This board is supposed to represent stakeholders that include the public, science, wild horse advocacy, environmental and wildlife concerns. It’s time for them to stop doing the bidding of the special interest livestock lobby, which is making tens of millions of dollars off the BLM’s mustang roundup program.

We need to be heard because the Advisory Board members certainly aren’t speaking out on our behalf. The board ignored the overwhelming will of the American people AND the recommendations of the nation’s premier scientific body — the National Academy of Sciences — by voting to slaughter our American wild horses and burros. Only one member of this Advisory Board – our friend and colleague Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation – voted no.

It’s time to let this board know that Americans will not stand for their disregard of the public will and the welfare of our iconic wild horses and burros.

Email your comments right now to:

Thanks for standing with us and our wild horses and burros,

Suzanne Roy


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