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The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

Another call – another life to save. Artie needs our help and he needs it now.

Artie is a Thoroughbred – Percheron cross. Sounds like he could be a big boy. Artie has to be off the property immediately, and Animal Control is waiting in the wings. His owner cannot take him with her. She loves him dearly, but he needs special help right now.

I believe he is approximately 11 years old? He is still a stallion and has been brutally traumatized, leaving him in a state where no one has been able to handle him. Dogs killed his pasture mates and there has been more trauma from nearby folks.

He can not be haltered at this time, and Animal Control has indicated it is “now or never” from what I understand. He needs his hoofers trimmed badly, and none of the local farriers are willing to work with him anymore. As they are unable to halter him, he can not be handled or taken to a vet for sedation.

Being a stallion that age, and not being afraid or respectful like a wild horse would be, he has the potential to be extremely dangerous if he is not handled carefully. He loves his mama, but sadly through no fault of her own, she cannot provide what he needs.

This rescue will be expensive when you add up fuel, lodging, and everything else that goes along with this kind of rescue. As usual, we are willing to step up and do everything we can to save his life. It is going to be roughly 1600 miles driving in the middle of all of our other deliveries, and that is going to cost quite a bit not to mention special vetting, sedation, getting his hoofers trimmed, and whatever else we will need to be able to safely handle him for his much needed care.

This beautiful boy needs our help. We were contacted specifically due to our experience and the fact that others have tried to do what needs to be done and have not been successful.

So the question once again is…… CAN WE SAVE ARTIE? Matt and I are standing by and ready to roll. Apparently we are not quite tired enough, lol. But in all seriousness, WE ARE HIS LAST CHANCE. PLEASE HELP IF YOU WANT US TO SAVE ARTIE!

You can go to gofundmel

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if you would like to help these horses.

                                                                                  ->You can donate via check at:

Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang,

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You can also donate via credit card by calling Palomino at 530-339-1458.



Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, WIN Project – Rescue & Rehab

We are now part of the WIN Organization

WIN (WILD HORSES IN NEED) is a 501c3 IRS EIN 55-0882407_

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Update of Yakima Band and Babies


The following is update is from the Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang Rescue.

Yakima Band

Thank you so much – everyone who stepped up and made this happen. Every single dollar is so appreciated and being put to good use. Being this was an emergency we had some extra expenses. But thanks to you wonderful people we hope to have enough for what we need. We had an angel who simply paid for the whole band. God is blessing this because it is His Plan. Unfortunately, it is really expensive to do this :(

We have had so many wonderful folks stepping up, so I want you to know what is happening.


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ACTION ALERT: Stand Against Illegal BLM Checkerboard Roundup


The following update is from the American Wild Horse Preservation Organization 

unnamedThe Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is accepting public comments on an Environmental Assessment (EA) issued to correct legal violations in the way it conducted the massive 2014 Wyoming Checkerboard roundup, which permanently removed 1,263 federally-protected wild horses from the range. By using a request from ranchers to remove wild horses from private lands as an excuse to eradicate horses from public lands, the BLM has set a dangerous precedent that puts wild horses at the mercy of private landowners who want them gone. We continue to fight this legal travesty in the courts, and we must take a strong stand as well during this public comment period. Please take action for wild horses.


Sulphur Mustangs Safe in Sanctuaries in South Dakota and California


The following update is from the American Wild Horse Preservation 

In February of this year, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Utah rounded up and removed 103 wild horses from the Sulphur Herd Management Area (HMA) in Utah. Among those captured, was a 26-year-old grulla stallion whose plight captured the attention of the public. Over 24,000 Americans signed a petition calling on the BLM to release this proud stallion, who spent over two decades in the wild, back to the range to live out the only life he had ever known — one of freedom.

The BLM ignored the request, and proceeded with an Internet auction of this stallion and his herd on April 21, 2015. Wild horse advocate Jacquelyn Hieber reached out to Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary who agreed if she were able to win bids on a few Sulphur stallions including the senior now known as #3907, they could provide a forever sanctuary for these horses.

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