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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

On Tuesday afternoon, the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources heard SB90, a bill to recognize the wild mustang as the official state horse. Like the original wild horse and burro movement in the 1960s, the effort was supported by Nevada’s schoolchildren with over 100 kids showing up to attend the hearing! The students eloquently expressed their support for the wild mustangs who call Nevada home and we are so grateful for their passion.

Unfortunately, the opposition also came out in full force. Nevada ranchers who graze their privately-owned cattle and sheep on public lands used their testimony time to blame horses for range degradation. Each rancher who spoke made the hearing about wild horse management and not about the naming of the state horse. The hearing ended with no vote, as committee members discuss next steps.

We need people from all over the country to speak up about the mustang’s historic importance and the tourism resource they are for the state. Smithsonian Magazine even named Nevada the number one place in North America to see wild horses! As a potential visitor to Nevada, your voice matters, but it will only be heard if you act now!

Call each of the five committee members and ask them to support SB90.

All you need to say is: “Hi, my name is [NAME] and as a tourist who visits Nevada for its wild mustangs, I am calling to ask that Senator [NAME] support SB90 to recognize the wild mustang as Nevada’s state horse. Thank you.

  • State Senator Julie Pazina: (775) 684-1462
  • State Senator Melanie Scheible: (775) 684-1421
  • State Senator Edgar Flores: (775) 684-1431
  • State Senator Pete Goicoechea: (775) 684-1447
  • State Senator Ira Hansen: (775) 684-1480

Thank you so much for your help. Over the next couple of weeks we will have further actions for you to take. We hope we can count on you!

– AWHC Team

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