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Granger Needs A Home!


This is an update from All About Equine Rescue.

All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.


Granger came to AAE in July 2022 after law enforcement’s intervention with a neglect situation. He was malnourished, having to fight for food in a herd of eight other horses.

Once at AAE, he was started on a refeeding program with soaked alfalfa pellets, and he received long overdue hoof, dental, and vet care, including vaccines, bloodwork, and a microchip. (He tested positive for Cushings and is on a daily medication he takes without issue.) Over the past several months, Granger’s weight and overall health has improved substantially.

Granger is an oldie, late 20’s, maybe 30, but as long as you don’t look at his teeth, you’d think he was much younger. He’s a handsome guy, but tries to be a cranky old man. Once you call his bluff, he usually agrees and enjoys some attention. He’s buddies with Elliott, and the two play like two young geldings, rearing, chasing, and bucking it up. Uncle Granger is pretty darn cute!

All said, he’s got a hitch. He can be defensive around food, like many starved horses can be. Early in his stay with AAE, he kicked at humans, defending his food. Unfortunately, he connected a couple times, but fortunately, no major injuries. He’s learning to be more respectful with humans, and we haven’t had any issues since. However, humans have also been more aware with him, reminding him humans are not an acceptable target. Once you understand this guy, he’s pretty sweet.

Granger is looking for his forever home. This old sweetheart was reportedly used on a ranch for trail rides in his previous life, but is now best suited as non-riding companion horse. That said, with appropriate evaluation, relearning, and rebuilding, he may be rideable. 

He is easy going, and well mannered (as long as food isn’t involved). He does well in a herd environment (but should be fed separately to assure he gets what he needs). His ground manners are generally good, he’s good with the farrier, and he loads and trailers well.

If you are interested in learning more about Granger to see if he’s a good fit, please visit our website.

We’d be so happy if Granger could find his forever home!

If you think you sound like a good match for Granger, please visit his page to learn more and submit an “Adoption Inquiry”.

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You can also sponsor him to help cover his costs of care until he finds his perfect person.

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