Modern Day Mule Train


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, artist Lauren Bon, in collaboration with Metabolic Studio and the LA Department of Water and Power, is retracing the steps of the aqueduct’s original construction, from Owens Valley to LA–with a 100 mule pack train. Their journey started on October 18, and the convoy is expected to arrive at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Griffith Park on November 11, with stops along the way at the Lone Pine Rodeo Grounds, Jawbone Canyon, and the Hansen Dam.

Photo from LA’s Water Future Facebook page

The mules are being cared for by Jennifer and Lee Roeser, who run the McGee Pack Station in the Eastern Sierra range, and who received the “Most Honored Packers” award at Bishop Mule Days in 2010. They are utilizing one wrangler per 10-mule string, with about 35 people total on the support staff and 10 support vehicles to supply the mules with food, water, gear, and medical care.

The pack train will be passing through three counties and over 50 California communities before reaching their final destination. It’s appropriate that this project will be sharing and celebrating mules’ contributions to the country, especially in anticipation of Mule Appreciation Day on October 26.

For more information, check out the LA Times article about the project.


    …my compliments to you on this article.Thank you for bringing mules history into view.. I hope your article help wake the people up about the history these strong animal.

  2. Cindi Jeffcoat10-23-2013

    Yay for the Roesers and yay for the mules! :D
    A big boo for the Aqueduct and So.Cal. in general.
    So. Cal. ruined the Owens Valley with that thing and is STILL at it. No more land for sale that is anywhere near water. L.A. owns it ALL now. Too bad the old timers like my grandfather and his friends aren’t around to blow it up like in the old days…

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