Goodbye to Homer


Our hearts go out to Connie Bartels for the loss of her beloved Homer, longtime friend and loyal companion. He will be missed.

“Sunday when we rode while I was taking his tack off I was talking to him telling him what a good boy he is and what a good ride we had. Then I hugged him tightly as I always do….he knew me, and he liked me a lot. To think that I will never ride him again is heart wrenching to me. He was my good friend and buddy…..and I would never find another Homer. I am very sad today, but I am thankful for the many years we were friends. Only mule people would understand this.”


  1. Connie Bartels11-22-2013

    I would like to hear from anyone who has lost a beloved mule and how they dealt with the grief. As a Christian I know that there are many trials and tribulations in this life and one of them is the loss of someone we love. That love can be for a pet. I know God will help me deal with this loss but right now my tears continue to flow. At my age I doubt whether I could ever find another mule like I had for 14 years. He was the best, and I thank God that he was my good friend for all that time. I thank Meredith for her caring , comforting words at this sad time in my life.

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