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TAKE ACTION: Two wild horse herds are at risk (!!) in Oregon

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced plans that put two of Oregon’s iconic wild horse herds at serious risk (!!) The BLM is accepting comments for a disastrous 10-year plan that would drastically reduce the populations of the wild horses who call both the Three Fingers and Jackies Butte Herd Management Areas (HMAs) home. YOU can be their voice. Will you speak up for the Three Fingers and Jackies Butte wild horses right now by submitting comments to the BLM in strong opposition to this devastating plan? SPEAK UP FOR OREGON'S WILD HORSES → The BLM’s proposed plan would utilize brutal mass helicopter roundups and removals, and several methods of controversial contraceptives like the untested GonaCon vaccine and IUDs. The BLM’s ultimate goal? They want to reduce the populations for both of these HMAs to a devastating total of just 75 wild horses on 63,000 acres and 65,000 acres of land respectively.  That’s one horse for every 800+ acres of land in these HMAs. Meanwhile, the agency will continue to permit thousands of privately-owned cows to graze on these public lands. We refuse to stand by while the freedom of thousands of Oregon’s wild horses is stripped from them all to provide more land for commercially-owned cattle. If you want to see Oregon’s wild horse populations protected, will you speak up for them right now? Please submit your comments to the BLM now telling them that you strongly oppose this disastrous roundup. TAKE ACTION → Thanks for all you do to protect America's wild herds. American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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Show wild burros some love as we finish out our Help A Horse Day festivities!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: So far this week we’ve shared stories with you that highlight just how critical our PZP Program and our Legal Funds are to protecting the freedom and the lives of America’s wild horses. Today, as we close out our National Help A Horse Day festivities, we wanted to show our cherished wild burros some love, too! Over the next several months, approximately 2,500 wild burros will be targeted for removal by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Around 2,300 of these innocent animals will be sent to holding facilities, where many could be funneled into the slaughter pipeline via the BLM’s disastrous Adoption Incentive Program (AIP). Our Rescue Fund helps us ensure we have the funds necessary to partner with organizations to rescue victims of the AIP who have ended up in the slaughter pipeline. Will you make a donation to fuel our Rescue Fund today so we can help save more wild horses and burros? Meredith: Our Rescue Fund has helped us save over 100 wild horses and burros from the slaughter pipeline including the Oklahoma 12: Last year, our investigative team documented these 12 burros sitting in an Oklahoma kill pen ready to ship to slaughter at any minuteWe used our Rescue Fund to assist our rescue partner Evanescent Mustang Rescue and Sanctuary to pay the bail for each of these 12 burros so they could quickly get out of this kill pen and into foster care. After these animals were safe, we obtained their title paperwork. And Meredith, as we guessed — all 12 burros were adopted through the BLM’s AIP. Even worse, they were all adopted by one family who as soon as they got their incentive payments, flipped the 12 burros to slaughter. Even though the Oklahoma 12 are now safe and in loving care, the BLM’s unprecedented attack on burro populations means an increasing number of BLM burros will be moving through the AIP and are at risk of entering the slaughter pipeline. So, as we close out our Help a Horse Day festivities and more burro roundups rapidly approach, will you help us save more burros like the Oklahoma 12 with a donation to our Rescue Fund today? FUEL OUR RESCUE FUND → Thanks, — AWHC Team ...
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What Cirrus inspired:

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Happy National Help a Horse Day!  It’s hard to put into words just how important holidays like today are to our team at the American Wild Horse Campaign. To celebrate a national holiday specifically dedicated to protecting the animals we hold so close to our hearts means so much to our team who day in and day out carry on the fight to protect the lives and freedom of our wild herds.   So today, as we celebrate a holiday meant to inspire the masses about the plight of our dearest equines, we wanted to tell you about Cirrus — a mare whose story continues to inspire each and every one of us at AWHC.  In 2018, an AWHC field representative was on-site to report on the ongoing helicopter roundup and removal operations happening at the Warm Springs Herd Management Area in Oregon. There he saw the most extraordinary mare:  PROTECT MARES LIKE CIRRUS → Cirrus had the likeness of a horse imprinted on her neck. As she ran, chased by helicopters, the horse moved with her. To see something so beautiful in the most devastating of circumstances… was surreal, in a way that perfectly embodied the beauty of these innocent animals and the tragedy they are plagued by. We managed to keep track of Cirrus while she was in holding, hoping to find her a forever home. However, we found that she was slated, along with a dozen other mares, to be a test subject for a surgical sterilization study — an unproven and brutal procedure with a high mortality rate. When we found this out, we knew we had to continue fighting against these studies. So we joined forces with two of our partner organizations and filed a lawsuit to stop the barbaric surgeries from proceeding. And , we won.  Thanks to donations made to our Legal Fund and our amazing legal team, we were able to make this court win a reality. Saved from an uncertain fate, Cirrus is living out the rest of her days at AWHC’s Board President Ellie Phipps Price's 2,000-acre sanctuary, Montgomery Creek Ranch — the next best thing to being wild and free.    So, this National Help A Horse Day, we’re asking you to make a contribution of whatever you can afford to fuel our Legal Fund to help us win more battles in the field, on the Hill, and especially ...
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The countdown to National Help a Horse Day starts NOW!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Tomorrow, April 26, marks National Help A Horse Day — a day dedicated to bringing horse advocates like yourself together to protect America’s beloved equines and to spread awareness about the threats many of these cherished animals face. Help us celebrate with a donation today! >> Here at the American Wild Horse Campaign, we’re kicking off this important day early, because there is just so much to cover when it comes to protecting America’s wild herds! We never stop fighting to preserve the freedom of mustangs and burros, so this week we wanted to share exactly how we are protecting these innocent animals and highlight some heartwarming stories from along the way! Allow us to introduce you to Saddle Shoe. HELP MORE HORSES LIKE SADDLE SHOE Saddle Shoe is a 10-year-old pinto mare that lives on Nevada’s Virginia Range, a 300,000-acre habitat in the greater Reno area where we operate the world’s largest wild horse fertility control program! Through our documentation of the wild horses who call this area home, we have discovered that Saddle Shoe is the mother of at least 4 other mustangs who live wild and free! The lands surrounding the Virginia Range are slowly being swallowed up by encroaching urbanization as commercial companies build offices and housing throughout their habitat. We started our PZP program on Nevada’s Virginia Range because we wanted to ensure horses like Saddle Shoe and her babies maintain their freedom on the lands they’ve called home for centuries. Our work on the Virginia Range provides scientific evidence to the public and lawmakers that there is a humane way to manage wild horses that doesn’t require mass roundups, crowded holding pens, or dangerous sterilization surgeries. One of the biggest wins from this groundbreaking program? The wild horses of the Virginia Range, like Saddle Shoe, get to stay together with their families, and in the wild just like they’re meant to be!  So, Meredith, as we kickstart our Help a Horse Day celebration, we’re asking that you donate $30 or more if you can today — the cost to dart a mare with PZP — so that we can keep more horses like Saddle Shoe wild and free for years to come. FUEL OUR PZP PROGRAM → Thanks for your support, – American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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FWD: One final Earth Day ask of you

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Thank you so much for standing alongside us in the fight to protect America’s wild horses and burros this Earth Day and every day. While we take some special time to celebrate today’s important holiday, I want you to know just how grateful the entire AWHC team really is for your continued dedication to protecting our beloved equines year-round. I also wanted to make one final ask of you this Earth Day. As part of this special holiday, we’ve set a goal to recruit 50 new monthly donors to fuel our fight for America’s wild herds. Allow me to explain — as you well know by now, preserving the freedom of our cherished wild herds is an ongoing battle. One that isn’t won overnight. So, recurring monthly donations help to keep us in the fight for our wild horses and burros throughout the entire year. Monthly gifts, no matter the amount, are critical to continuing our work on the Hill, in the courts, and in the field. So, this Earth Day I’m asking: Will you join us as an AWHC monthly donor and continue to fuel our fight to protect our cherished wild herds year-round? BECOME A MONTHLY DONOR Thanks, Meredith. — Suzanne ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: American Wild Horse Campaign <contact@americanwildhorsecampaign.org> Date: Fri, Apr 22, 2022 at 12:34 PM Subject: 3 ways you can celebrate  Day AND protect wild horses and burros >> To: <meredith@luckythreeranch.com> Happy Earth Day!  More than 50 years ago, Earth Day was created as a day to put all other issues aside and focus on the protection of our beautiful planet and all of the amazing creatures who call it home. Every single day, our team sees firsthand the threats that wild horses and burros face — whether that be the dangerous adoption incentive program, brutal helicopter roundups, or the interests of the cattle industry superseding the needs of these innocent equines. So this Earth Day, we can think of no better way to celebrate than by lifting up our voices together to protect wild horses and burros and the public lands these cherished animals call home! TAKE ACTION FOR WILD HORSES AND BURROS AND MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD → Over the next 5 years, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to conduct mass roundups and removals of over 100,000 wild horses and burros from across the West – more of these ...
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