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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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The Red Desert Complex roundup is set to break all the wrong records.

The majestic wild horses and burros who call 705,500 acres of public land in the Red Desert Area of southern Wyoming home are firmly in the BLM’s crosshairs, now running in fear instead of free.

Five herds — and more than 2,400 wild horses – are, as of this week, being brutally chased down, separated, terrorized and rounded up in the largest wild horse helicopter roundup in the program’s history.

We must speak up, show up, and take action, Meredith. Will you sign and then share our emergency petition — now at 13,000 individual voices — demanding an immediate moratorium on roundups and a Congressional investigation into the BLM’s rampant animal welfare violations and failure to heed Congress’ directives to implement fertility control as a humane alternative to brutal roundups?

Photos by Lynn Hanson for AWHC

We’re doing EVERYTHING in our power to intervene when and where we can to protect our wild horses. In the field, in the courts, on Capitol Hill and online with emails like this and the launch of nationwide petitions and ads shared and seen by tens of thousands of people.

We’re also demanding that Secretary of Interior David Bernhardt retract the wild horse policy decisions made during the unlawful tenure of William Perry Pendley as head of the BLM. These include a shocking plan to round up 90,000 wild horses and burros over the next five years — virtually every one of these animals living free today — and efforts to codify the agency’s ability to subject wild horses to dangerous and invasive sterilization surgeries and sell them without limitation on slaughter.

Progress cannot come soon enough for our imperiled wild horses and burros but it IS being made, every day, by people like you. By all of us.

The BLM’s plan to roundup approximately 2,400 wild horses from the Antelope Hills, Crooks Mountain, Green Mountain, Lost Creek, and Stewart Creek Herd Management Areas (HMAs) is a stark reminder of who this public agency is working for. It’s not the American people, who overwhelmingly support wild horse protection. It’s the livestock industry: At the same time as BLM helicopters bear down on the wild horses in these five iconic Wyoming herds that have called the Red Desert Complex home for CENTURIES, the agency is permitting 20,995 privately-owned sheep and 9,753 cows to graze in this same public lands habitat.

The BLM plans to reduce the wild horse population to the “Appropriate” Management Level (AML) of just 480-724 within the complex, leaving just 1 horse per every 1,500+ acres. Three of the HMAs will have just 65 or fewer horses remaining when the roundup is over.

On the heels of the most aggressive roundup season we’ve ever seen, we can’t let this continue.

Please. Sign the petition – share it with your friends and family — and then donate any amount you can spare to our Roundup Fund that ensures we can keep up this fight for as long as these horrific roundups continue.

For the love of wild horses —

The whole team at AWHC



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