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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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This week, we launched a campaign to save the Onaqui wild horses in Utah. To truly understand how special these horses are, you have to see them for yourself.

Watch this video about the Onaqui wild horse herd, and share it with your friends to raise awareness of their perilous situation.


The BLM plans to round up 80% of the herd and put them in holding pens for life – because they say the horses are overpopulating the area. But it’s not true and it doesn’t have to be like this. Cattle and sheep grazing consumes the majority of the resources on these public lands, and we have safe and humane solutions to control wild horse populations that the BLM has failed to implement adequately. Instead, millions of dollars in taxpayer money will go toward cruel roundups and confinement.

These horses deserve to be with their families and to roam free in the wild where they belong. This is an incredibly unique, tightly-knit society of horses. We can’t let the government destroy their herd.

These iconic wild horses need all of the teammates and fans they can get right now. Watch and share our video, and help us spread the word to save the Onaqui mustangs.

Thank you for helping save these national treasures. Let’s #SaveOnaqui.

Grace Kuhn, Communications Director


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