These Three Girls!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:


As we’re settling into our new home in Pilot Hill, it seems the perfect time to reflect on some of the special horses you have helped over the years.

We are all so very thankful, incredibly grateful, and unbelievably blessed to have your support in making better the lives of so many horses!!

This beautiful trio is still looking for a home. Chesney, Clare, and Teea are so very bonded, the ideal situation is for them to move to a home where they can be together. They are mid-teens and each very unique!


Three red-headed mares, oh my! Chesney, Clare, and Teea came to AAE from a distressed mustang sanctuary situation in the latter part of 2020. The sanctuary had cared for these girls, and many more, for about 20 years before falling on hard times. They were living in desert conditions, each in their own small stall (24′ x 24′ at most), each with a small shelter (roof only). No turn out, no attention. They were in need of basic care, it had been deferred much too long. It was a sad sight, needless to say. Though not a lot of handling, they each wanted to trust, and they trusted enough to follow us quietly onto the trailer, as if they new it was the path that offered the hope of something better, a new beginning.


Chesney was so incredibly shy and uncertain. She stood firm, but trembled. The fear in her eyes, and the quiver in her body spoke volumes, but she was willing. She allowed a slow reach below her neck and behind her ears to place a halter, then a lead. Slowly, she followed. She tried so hard to understand what was asked and then oblige.

Chesney is a 2006 BLM mustang. She got the works (e.g. dental, hoof care, vaccines, deworming, and a microchip) shortly after arriving at AAE. She’s slowly blossomed since arrival. She’s gaining confidence, and she becoming a greet you in the pasture kinda girl. Chesney still needs to grow some confidence, but she’s come a long way, and with a steady, confident person of her own by her side, she has a ton of potential. She halters, leads, and loads, though not fearlessly. She still needs some patience and reassurance.

Her hooves and body condition have improved immensely, and she’s absolutely gorgeous strutting her stuff with Teea.


Clare was a bit more confident. She new humans were her ticket to food. That said, she had her limits, namely, anything around her hind end. Beware! We got one warning, and didn’t test her limits. That said, if we respected her hind end, she was easy peasy. Poor mare had been suffering some gnarly allergies. She had large raised scarred areas on all of her legs, like scar over scar over scar. She had a rogue hoof. It was much longer than the rest, and it sure seemed uncomfortable as it rotated outward when she walked.

Clare is also a 2006 mustang. She also got the works shortly after arrival at AAE (e.g. hoof care, dental care, vaccines, deworming, and a microchip). Her legs were treated with an antibiotic ointment long-term, and they have improved tremendously.

Clare (left) is a sassy one. She’s a mare for sure. Opinionated, strong-willed, and sweet as pie when she wants to be. She’s learning to live in a cooperative way, maybe not with all the other horses, but she’s understanding cooperation among the two-leggers is the way to go. Humor aside, she’s got a really sweet side, and she enjoys being in the company of humans, in the pasture or in a smaller space.


Teea was such a red hot mess, a diamond in the rough. She was a pathetic sight with pancakes for front hoofs, and she, too, was so very scared. She trembled, but stood planted while introducing the halter and lead. It took a few times to assure her we meant no harm. Giving her time to understand and patience to earn her trust was enough. As the saying goes, with mustangs, slower is faster. She walked as if she had scuba flippers on her front hooves. If only we had nippers in the trailer, it would have made the long road easier. She loaded fine then, though she’s not so confident loading now.

Teea is a 2007 mustang. She too got the works shortly after arrival at AAE (e.g. hoof care, dental care, vaccines, deworming, and a microchip). Her hooves took a few trims to get them right, but she’s maintaining very well with maintenance trims now.

Teea’s confidence comes from her girls, mostly Chesney. If she loses sight of her, she loses her mind, kinda. It takes a big effort to bring her back to thinking about whats in front of her at hand. She’s getting better with time, but it’s clear, Chesney and Clare are her world. To separate them at this point would be an injustice to the bond they have. Teea is definitely most heavily bonded. With all of the space they have now, where there is one, there are three. They are looking for a home, together. Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing three beautiful redheads??? It would be the perfect ending to their time with AAE.

Chesney, Clare, and Teea are still waiting for that home of their own. If you have experience with mustangs, love the bonds you make with them, and would like to be a fabulous solution for these three big, beautiful personalities, it would be a dream come true for all of us!

No matter what, Chesney, Clare, and Teea appreciate the opportunity you gave them for a better life!

Big Day of Giving is the perfect day to honor them and other horses like them!


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