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Martina and her very young filly, Valentine, came to AAE from the DreamCatcher Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary in March 2018. Valentine was only days old. AAE had been supporting DreamCatcher’s herd reduction efforts since April of 2017 after the long illness and passing of their Executive Director, Barbara Clarke in November of 2016. Martina was thin and hungry with baby in tow, but she knew where to go.  She showed up at the DreamCatcher barn with Valentine after not coming down in the Fall for the Winter. Sadly, winter conditions at the sanctuary are fierce (for California, anyway), and AAE got a call.  Martina is a BLM branded mustang. She appeared to have minimal human contact when she arrived.

Once back at AAE, she got hoof and dental care, vaccines, deworming, and a microchip. She has had intermittent handling with intermittent breaks. Once in Pilot Hill, she’s spent most of her time on acreage with her mustang herd. She’s making very slow progress. Martina can be approached and haltered in a small space, with patience and a slow approach. Her hooves can be trimmed with sedation. She’s nervous and protective, but tries to understand what’s asked of her, but she’s really not much interested in human interaction.

Though she is coming around, Martina has been challenging, and she needs a person very experienced with mustangs to continue her progress.  She will likely do better in an environment where she is out of her herd, few distractions, and working daily with her own person. Her person should have no agenda, and no timelines, other than wanting to develop a trusting relationship and build confidence, a long term project, giving her the time she needs.

This beautiful gal has been her long enough! Let’s find her her own human. Martina is current with dental and hoof care, vaccines, and deworming. She has a microchip.

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