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It’s that time of year we share with you the work we’ve all been doing throughout the year. We missed last year while we were in the middle of our Big Move, so we have some catching up to do. The stories you’ll read this month are your donations, volunteering, likes, shares, and other support at work. We hope you enjoy!



AAE welcomed two donkeys from a family who offered to care for them temporarily to help a friend who was going through a divorce. The friend got the donks for free on Craigslist. The friend moved out of state, and the donks were left behind. The family didn’t have any equine experience and could not afford to provide for them. The friend said to find them a new home. Much to our dismay, when we arrived to pick them up, Loretta was standing at their feeder on a bed of triple mix and didn’t want to move much. Lainey was an endearing lil’ goofball.


Loretta, the gorgeous brown gal, has a beautiful long, amber mane that looks just like a horse. She was in such poor condition; she was so skinny, and her hooves were so neglected. Dr. Stolba came for an intake exam, collected blood samples, and took radiographs of her hooves. In a nutshell, old, malnourished, Cushing’s Disease, laminitis/founder, and arthritis, and she hadn’t gotten any help with any of this for a long time. It’s a lot, but this poor girl was a fighter, and deserved a chance to get some help and lots of love.


Loretta has been getting an appropriate diet, daily meds for her arthritis and Cushing’s, and her hooves are a work in progress. Her comfort level has improved, but she’s not pain free. (Many of us deal with chronic pain day in and day out, but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to live any more). She’s been in pads on her front hooves, and it’s helped. We’re working on shoes next to see if they offer some additional help. She’s eating well, she mosey’s around, and she thoroughly enjoys her humans grooming her, and loving and doting on her.

For now, her scale is tipping on the side of life. When that changes, and we can’t help her any more, we’ll make the compassionate call to give her love ’til the end. She’s just a really special old soul.

The gray donk, Lainey, on the other hand, was obese, and her hooves needed some care. She was in much better condition than Loretta. This girl is a hoot!

Dr. Stolba checked in with Lainey, as well. A new diet was her biggest issue. Both needed dentals, but we held off until Loretta had more time to settle in. Lainey is estimated mid-teens. Loretta’s upper teeth are worn to the gums, and there’s wasn’t a lot to float, but at least their mouths should be more comfortable now. Both girls are reasonable with hoof handling and the farrier. Not ideal, but that should improve as they are handled and trimmed more regularly.


This baby got back! The large bulges on each side are large hernias from being spayed. Her intestines hang from each side, and she doesn’t appreciate her sides being touched. Her fat is slowly melting, but she really enjoys her food and her shavings!

These girls are both ever so sweet, and they hold no grudges toward humans. The two are bonded, and Loretta, especially, at least for now, needs her girl, Lainey by her side (adjacent paddocks).

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