Oh Danny Boy, We Love You So!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:


As we’re settling into our new home in Pilot Hill, it seems the perfect time to reflect on some of the special horses you have helped over the years.

Another oldie but goodie is elderman, Danny! This ol’ guy is well known for his sweet demeanor and his hugs.


Danny’s story isn’t one of neglect, abandonment, abuse, or poor care. Sadly, it’s one of human health and aging. Danny was loved beyond words. So much, his former owner considered euthanizing him rather than risk him having difficulties transitioning to a new home, ending up in a bad home, or worse, the fear of auctions and the slaughter pipeline. It was an emotional day for all when we picked Danny up and brought him home to AAE.

Danny’s owner’s health was failing, and she was unable to provide ongoing care for him any longer. He knew no other owner, as he was born to her mare. Mama rejected him for four days, and on the fifth day, Mama finally accepted him. Danny spent those four days with his surrogate mom while she held mom and made sure he was able to nurse, initially go get the colostrum he needed. It was a very rocky start, but Danny and his other mom grew a bond like no other. She trained him; she rode him; they competed together. They spent 27 years together until they had to say good bye. Fortunately, the timing was right, and Danny had special people in his life that paved the way for him to get to AAE. He arrived in 2017, and at 27, we knew Danny would spend the rest of his years with us.

You can see the pattern here! Danny loves everyone he meets, and he is very generous with his hugs. Similarly, everyone that meets Danny falls instantly in love the moment he rests his chin on their shoulder. The emotions are palpable! Everyone simply melts when he rests his head on their shoulder.

Danny is another sanctuary resident that helps teach new volunteers how to work around horses. He very much enjoys interacting with humans, and spa days getting groomed. Danny is the most kind, mellow, and affectionate horse we have known, and we are so grateful he is here.

Danny appreciates the kindness you’ve shown him and his herd mates! Big Day of Giving is the perfect day to honor Danny and other horses like him!


A generous donor has offered to match every dollar donated for Big Day of Giving from now through May 5 up to $5,000!

Please consider making a donation to AAE in honor of Danny this week for BDOG, and you’ll DOUBLE your impact.


You too can raise the bar by pledging matching funds now! Inspire giving and double your donation to make your impact twice as BIG! To learn more about starting your own matching funds campaign for AAE, send us an email.

Big Day of Giving is this Thursday!

You can double the impact of your donation by helping us meet our initial goal to match $5000. [Help us reach our goal of $25,000 by making an early gift anytime from now until May 4 at midnight or donate on the BIG DAY itself.


Every gift makes a BIG difference for the horses!

Your gifts this Big Day of Giving will help the horses in so many ways including providing feed, veterinary care, and hoof and dental care. Hay prices have skyrocketed with the early weather this year. Your donations help assure we have ample funding for the care of our horses.

If you’d prefer to donate by mailing a check or via PayPal or Square, those are options, too. Send us an email, and we’ll send you the address or a link.

Big Day of Giving (BDOG) is a 24-hour online giving challenge to help AAE and other non-profits in the Sacramento area to raise funds and awareness. But you can support us on BDOG wherever you live!

There is a $15 minimum for all BDOG donations

To learn more about Big Day of Giving, visit www.bigdayofgiving.org.


Tickets will be available next month!

Boots & Bling is AAE’s most important fundraising event of the year for our horses and horses-in-need. There are many ways to support this event!. Sponsor the event? Sponsor a table? Donate to our auctions? Can you help? Together, in many ways, we can make a difference for horses like Danny!

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, or donating, please send us an email describing your interest to bootsnbling@allaboutequine.org.

Interested in volunteering at event? We are looking for volunteers to help with the Boots & Bling teams in the following areas: event planning and decor, sponsorships and auctions, ticket sales, and volunteer coordinating. We will be scheduling a planning meeting soon!

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, or donating, please send us an email describing your interest to bootsnbling@allaboutequine.org.

Thank you in advance!!

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