These are the last weeks of freedom for hundreds of wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

These are the last weeks of freedom for hundreds of wild horses in the West.

Just days after July 4, when America celebrates freedom, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will use helicopters in terrifying and often fatal roundups to rob hundreds of wild horses of their freedom.

Once captured, these iconic symbols of American freedom will be held in captivity for the rest of their lives. Of those who survive the roundup, many will then die in holding facilities in the weeks and months to follow. In holding facilities, the threat of slaughter looms large over their heads as the BLM captures more and more wild horses and burros from the wild and warehouses them at taxpayer expense.

Please make a donation to the American Wild Horse Campaign right now so we can be prepared for the BLM’s summer wild horse and burro siege.

In last summer’s roundups, foals were separated from their mothers and literally run to death. Helicopters ran horses into barbed wire and chased them for miles until they collapsed. We were there to make sure every abuse was documented.

Frequently, we’re the only public eyes and ears at these roundups. Documenting this cruelty and holding the BLM accountable is a fundamental step to creating change. Now we must build the resources necessary to be out on the range again, so we can document the roundups and the cruelty that will undoubtedly occur over the next few weeks.

As July 4th approaches, please remember the majestic wild horses who are living their last weeks of freedom, unaware of what’s to come.

Please take the first step to putting an end to this cruelty and make a donation today.

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