The Sand Wash Basin wild horses are at risk AGAIN. Take action NOW to protect them >>


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We wanted to share some recent news about roundups, an update on the disease outbreak in the Bureau of Land Management’s Cañon City facility, and actions you can take to help protect Colorado’s Sand Wash Basin wild horses from further danger. Read on and see how you can help to protect these cherished animals!

TAKE ACTION: Protect the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses!

Photo by Kimerlee Curyl

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) removed almost 700 wild horses from the Sand Wash Basin in September 2021 due to what the agency determined as “drought conditions and lack of forage.” The roundup was stopped due to a public outcry after 684 horses were taken.

Now, concentrated Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use, is proposed for close to 19,000 acres in the southern part of the HMA. Please take immediate action to urge the BLM to make sure that the recreation plan for the South Sand Wash Open OHV Area protects the wild horses and their social structures, and does not detract from historic wild horse viewing opportunities!


Press: Countless Animal Welfare Violations Found at BLM Holding Facilities Across the West

In the wake of 145 wild horse deaths at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cañon City Off-Range Corral, we are calling for an emergency halt to all federal wild horse and burro roundups citing recently released BLM internal assessments documenting widespread animal welfare violations that place thousands of federally-protected wild horses and burros at risk of disease, injury, and death. Read the latest here:


Roundup Recap: The Sinbad Wild Burros

AWHC Program Specialist, Mary Koncel has been on-site at several wild horse and burro roundups. Watching these iconic animals being chased by helicopters, driven into trap pens, separated from their family members, then trailered off to holding pens is nothing short of senseless, inhumane, and heartbreaking.

The roundup of 153 wild burros from the Sinbad Herd Management Area (HMA) though, could only be described with one word: brutal. Read her report below and learn about ways you can help.


Thanks for all you continue to do to protect wild horses and burros, Meredith!

— AWHC Team


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