Take action to stop the BLM’s brutal roundups


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Over the last month, we’ve seen images of horses being rounded up, driven into barbed wire fencing, and chased by helicopters to the point of exhaustion. Foals have been literally run to death. Once healthy horses have been forced into holding pens, losing their freedom and their families forever.

So far this has been a deadly summer for America’s wild horses and burros.

It’s time for a freeze on the roundup program until a full investigation is completed.

Your hard work is paying off. We already have over 53,000 signatures on our petition calling for a halt to the roundups, but we need to expand that number before we deliver your signatures to the BLM.

BLM helicopters will take to the air again in September. Our tax-dollars should not be funding this abuse. Keep speaking out, and let’s stop these roundups.

Help us reach the 75,000 signatures we need.

Thank you,


PS – Read more about the work we are doing to fight these roundups.



  1. Jordan Dunbar03-22-2019

    I been looking into BLM, and I don’t like what I been reading I want to help anyway I can to stop BLM. I don’t have any money but i want to help any other way I can.

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