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AWHP: Urge BLM to Drop Wyoming Wild Mare Radio Collar Study!



The following is an update and call to action from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Your comments are needed today to stop the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from conducting an expensive and traumatic helicopter roundup of wild horses in the Adobe Town Herd Management Area (HMA) for the sole purpose of putting radio collars on 30 mares. The study is designed to lay the groundwork for zeroing out the HMA by showing that Adobe Town wild horses migrate into the Checkerboard sections of the HMA following removal of horses from that area. The entire premise of the study is now invalid, because the BLM has cancelled the 2016 Checkerboard roundup in response to our recet legal victory at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Tell BLM NO to wasting our tax dollars on another unnecessary and traumatic wild horse helicopter roundup and study by clicking here.

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WY Wild Horse Wipeout Continues – Take A Stand!


The following post comes from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Take A Stand Against BLM’s Illegal Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout!

The BLM is accepting public comments on a proposal to remove all the wild horses from the Checkerboard lands within and outside of the Great Divide Basin, Salt Wells Creek, and Adobe Town herd management areas (HMAs) in Wyoming at the request of ranchers. 

If allowed to stand, this action will place the fate of wild horses living on public lands throughout the West in the hands of private landowners who want them all removed. We have mounted a significant legal challenge to the BLM’s illegal Wyoming wild horse wipeout, and our case is currently being considered by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. While we battle the BLM in court, we need you to show the agency that “We the People” want our wild horses protected on our public lands. . . . Please take action today! 


ACTION ALERT: Stop BLM Spaying Experiment


An new action alert was issued by the American Wild Horse Campaign. Act now – comments are due by January 14, 2016.

We have only until Thursday (1/14) to get comments in to oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) disastrous plan to spay wild mares on the range in the White Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) in Wyoming. Surgically removing the mares’ ovaries is both physically dangerous and psychologically devastating as it stops the production of hormones that drive natural behaviors. AWHPC is committed to fighting this ill-conceived and destructive proposal, which also includes the removal of at least 169 wild horses, leaving fewer than 400 mustangs on 1,600 square miles of land! We need to bombard the BLM with comments opposing the spaying of mares, so please take action today and share this alert with your friends and family!