Wild horses and burros are under attack like never before

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Over the past month, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has waged an unprecedented assault on wild horses and burros throughout the West. We’ve had observers onsite at the roundups to document the inhumanity of the BLM’s helicopter roundups – and what we’ve seen is utterly heartbreaking.

At least 64 innocent wild horses and burros have been killed in BLM helicopter roundups in California and Nevada. 31 of these deaths took place at the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA) alone, including 11 foalsSeveral of these foals died suddenly upon arriving at temporary holding centers while others later succumbed to injuries they sustained while trying to escape the helicopters or in the temporary holding pens.

Twin Peaks. Steve Paige/American Wild Horse Campaign

As if the deaths of these poor, innocent foals isn’t bad enough, the BLM also euthanized multiple horses between the ages of 20 and 30 years old simply due to their older ageSeveral of these horses were considered healthy, but were still put down citing “partial blindness.”

These deaths during the Twin Peaks roundup highlight just how cruel the BLM’s “management tactics” truly are. Sadly, we are seeing similarly egregious deaths at several other roundups as well.

  • At the Triple B Complex roundup, 20 wild horses have died so far – including 4 foals and two horses who suffered broken necks.
  • At the Blue Wing Complex roundup, 14 wild horses and burros died and over 1,000 were captured.
  • And at the Bible Springs Complex roundup (which is still ongoing), 224 wild horses have been captured so far resulting in at least one death.

Meredith, how many more of these precious animals must die before enough is enough? The BLM must be forced to change its practices, or more and more wild horses and burros will meet the same tragic fate. That’s why we refuse to give up until these cruel helicopter roundups end for good. We are fighting back every day – whether that’s in the courts, out on the field, or in the halls of Congress.

But we can’t win this fight without your support. Your generosity is what funds our humane observers at roundups, fuels our legal battles, and drives our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and in key western states. So please, stand with us in this fight to save the lives of America’s wild horses and burros and make helicopter roundups a thing of the past with a donation today. >>


Thank you for helping us keep up the fight.

Suzanne Roy
Executive Director 
American Wild Horse Campaign