TAKE ACTION: 3 roundups are happening RIGHT NOW >>

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Many upsetting things are happening right now to our cherished wild horses and burros as the federal government’s helicopters fly this roundup season. As we speak, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is conducting three removal operations of wild horses and burros simultaneously across the West.

This is the most roundups that we’ve ever seen happen at once. And already, these roundups have caused the deaths of dozens of wild horses and burros.

It’s natural to feel discouraged by this news — but now more than ever, wild horses and burros need us to act on their behalf. That’s why today, we’ve come to you with actions you can take NOW to fight for the freedom of our beloved wild herds.


Right now, Congress is considering three major pieces of legislation that would secure more protections for wild horses and burros: 

1.) The annual budget bill, which could provide more funding for humane and proven safe fertility control, diverting funds away from brutal helicopter roundups;

2.) The Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act (H.R. 6635), which would ban the use of helicopters for wild horse and burro management;

3.) The SAFE Act (H.R. 3355; S. 2732), which would ban the transport of horses out of the country to slaughter.

These three bills would help change the BLM’s cruel and inhumane “management” tactics and would protect our precious wild horses and burros. But we need to make sure Congress knows how important it is to enact pro-horse and burro legislation.

That’s where you come in. We’re calling on supporters like you to help us raise our collective voices in defense of all the wild horses and burros stuck in the BLM’s crosshairs. Click here to take action now!


Thank you for stepping up for our wild horses and burros,

American Wild Horse Campaign