Raising our voices for the Teddy Roosevelt wild horses

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

If there is anything our public awareness campaigns have taught us, it’s this: When Americans are made aware of the cruelty wild horses and burros face, they are upset, angry, and ready to take action. 

It’s imperative that we continue to build our grassroots movement, and we need your support. Will you chip in to fuel our work today?


These efforts are exactly why, despite the National Park Service’s proposal to eliminate the historic Teddy Roosevelt wild horses from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, momentum has been growing in the grassroots movement to keep the herd where they are — in large part thanks to supporters like you. Even the media is taking notice: 


Since we launched our North Dakota campaign:

  • We launched billboards in key areas to raise awareness about the Teddy Roosevelt horses;
  • More than 19,000 comments have been submitted to the park service — over 13,000 from AWHC supporters, with a resounding majority supporting keeping horses in the Park;
  • Governor Doug Burgum has signed into law a unanimous resolution urging the park service to keep the historic wild herd in the Park;
  • AND, hundreds of AWHC supporters like you have taken action to ask North Dakota legislators like Rep. Kelly Armstrong to support keeping the horses in the Park, where they have thrived for generations.

We are committed to doing everything we can to keep the Teddy Roosevelt wild horses on the lands they call home — and our awareness efforts are the first step.

There is still time to take action. We will rally, spread awareness, and fight hard to protect these innocent animals. To power our awareness efforts to preserve this historic herd in North Dakota and across the country, please rush a donation to support our work today!


Thank you for your support,