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The Sand Wash Basin round up has come to an end


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) wild horse roundup in the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area (HMA) has come to an end. Thanks to your voices, and the efforts of Governor Jared Polis. First Gentleman Marlon Reis, and Colorado Congressman Joe Neguse, the roundup was called early within the HMA, and 150 more magnificent Sand Wash basin wild horses remain free. This leaves more than 300 wild horses in the HMA, instead of the BLM’s target post-roundup population of just 163.

10,000 calls and emails in 24 hours. That’s what you did, upping the political ante and providing the public pressure necessary to back up Governor Polis’ work to implement more humane wild horse management practices in his state.

In his public statement, Governor Polis cited the “public outpouring” that demonstrated “how much people care for the well-being of these iconic Colorado animals.”

Together, we made important progress for wild horses in Colorado this month. Now it’s time to take the next step by calling on Congress to conduct an oversight hearing of the BLM’s costly and cruel wild horse and burro roundup program. Click here to take action now!


Photo by: Carol Walker

While we cheer for the 150 wild horses were spared capture via helicopter stampede and the 52 captured wild horses (25 mares and 24 stallions released to the Sand Wash HMA and 3 relocated to the Spring Creek Basin HMA), our hearts break for the 479 wild horses who were not so lucky.

They have been shipped to the BLM holding corrals at the state prison in Canyon City amidst mounting concerns about conditions there. These horses face an uncertain future, either warehoused for years in BLM feedlots or adopted through the BLM’s Adoption Incentive Program that’s sending truckloads of horses into the slaughter pipeline. The Sand Wash Basin helicopter operation left a trail of destruction and a litany of animal welfare violations, including tiny foals left alone without their mothers on the range. But know one thing: as the abuses mount, so too does the public outrage and the number of political leaders willing to step up to rein in the BLM. 

Will you help us shine a light on what’s happening by emailing your member of Congress and urging them to support an oversight hearing into the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program today?

The key ingredient to fighting back — and winning – is YOU. So on behalf of our whole team – and the wild horses and burros we all love — thank you for what you accomplished for the Sand Wash Basin wild horses.

Truly. You are the last line of defense for these cherished animals, and they need you to keep fighting for them. 

With Gratitude,
The AWHC Team

Wild Horses in NV, WY, CO and CA need YOUR help!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

This week there are four important Action Alert deadlines for comments on mass roundup plans targeting wild horses and burros in Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado and California!

So, please take a moment to weigh in for meaningful change for wild horses and burros by taking the actions below:

Lake Mead Burros
Comments due Friday, 4/30!

Burros are incredible animals and evolving science is documenting the important role they play in the desert ecosystem. But a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plan for wild burros in the Lake Mead Complex outside Las Vegas would zero out wild burros from two of three habitat areas, and leave behind a minuscule number of burros in the third. For good measure, the BLM also wants to capture and remove every wild horse living in the area. Take action to oppose this by Friday.


The Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses of Colorado
Comments due Saturday, 5/1!

Photo credit: Kimerlee Curyl Photography

The BLM is targeting the famed Sand Wash Basin wild horses in Colorado for mass roundup and removals. The HMA covers roughly 157,700 acres of public land and is currently home to an estimated 935 wild horses. The BLM’s proposed plan calls for the removal of 772 wild horses, leaving a mere 163 horses in this HMA!

The Sand Wash Advocate Team (SWAT) has worked tirelessly to implement a PZP program in this HMA, yet these horses are still targeted for mass removal. The BLM’s current plan calls for continued use of PZP, but would also allow for the use of unstudied IUDs as an alternative form of population control. Submit your comments by Saturday and oppose the BLM’s plan!


Devil’s Garden Wild Horses
Comments due Friday, 4/30!

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) wants taxpayers to spend as much as $18 million to fund 6-8 years of wild horse helicopter roundups in the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory in the northeast corner of California. The USFS wants to reduce the wild horse population to a fraction of its current size in order to maximize commercial livestock grazing on public lands where the horses live.

Worse, even though they’re asking you to pay for it, the Forest Service doesn’t want your comments on the plan! However, as one of a handful of designated “stakeholders,” AWHC is committed to making your voice heard in this process. Sign our petition by Friday.


Wyoming Checkerboard Wild Horses
Comments due Friday, 4/30!

Photo by Living Images Carol Walker

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is again targeting the wild horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard for a massive helicopter roundup that will remove a shocking 3,500 wild horses — or 40% of the state’s wild horse population — from 3.5 million acres of habitat in the southern part of the state.

The plan calls for drastically reducing the population to just 1,550 wild horses roaming free. Under this proposal, the BLM plans to treat and release 290 mares with PZP and use unproven IUDs. The BLM is also considering an alternative plan that calls for the surgical sterilization of 100 mares, the castratation of 100 stallions, and would skew the sex ratio of the population to 60% stallions and 40% mares. Submit your comments by Friday to oppose the BLM’s plan!


Thank you for your support,

—The AWHC Team