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Urgent: We have a chance to protect wild horses from roundups


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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We urgently need your help today.

The abject cruelty of the BLM’s roundup program was on full display this past weekend at a roundup in the Swasey HMA in Utah when a wild mare, chased by a helicopter, crashed into the panels of a trap pen, broke her neck and was dragged away with chains. BLM claimed she died instantly, but our observer and his photographs tell a different story.

The heartless treatment of our federally-protected mustangs by the agency charged with protecting them is nothing new.But now we have the opportunity to begin to address it.

U.S Reps. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz, Dina Titus, D-Nev., Joe Neguse, D-Colo., Jan Schakowski D-Ill., and Brian Fitzpatrick R-Penn., are sponsoring an amendment that would dedicate funding to protect America’s cherished wild horses and burros. It would require the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to spend at least $11 million to implement humane PZP fertility control as an alternative to cruel roundup and removal of wild horses from public lands.

It’s an effort to rein in the BLM’s cruel, costly and ineffective wild horse roundup and incarceration program and require the agency to implement humane birth control to humanely manage wild horse and burro populations in the wild.

Here is where we need your help. The Rules Committee will be deciding later today whether to allow the amendment to come to the floor for a vote later this week.

This is huge! Please drop what you are doing right now to help wild horses and burros. One call and one click WILL make a difference!

1. Call the Capitol Switchboard today to be directed to your Representative: 202) 225-3121. You can say:

“My name is [NAME] calling from [CITY] and I would like to request that Rep. [NAME] co-sponsor Amendment 6 to HB 7608. This amendment would dedicate funding to protect wild horses and burros, requiring the Bureau of Land Management to spend funds on humane fertility control. I also request that you contact the Rules Committee to ask them to advance the amendment to the floor by ruling it in order. Thank you.”

2. Follow up the call with an email by clicking here.

Thank you for helping us with this urgent request.

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!

-The AWHC Team



Today is a historic milestone for us and the fight to save America’s wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Today is a major milestone for us. One year ago, we signed an agreement with the State of Nevada to launch a PZP fertility control program for the famed Virginia Range wild horse herd in Nevada. It’s now the largest humane wild horse fertility control program in the world.

Our mission was to prove that there is an effective and cost-efficient way to humanely manage wild horse populations without expensive roundups, crowded holding corrals, or dangerous sterilization surgeries.

We’re proud to announce that this program hasn’t just been a success, it has exceeded all expectations. And we wanted to give you an inside look at this historic program as we expand on this work in the months ahead.

↓ Watch The Video ↓

In our program, volunteer darters deliver the safe and effective fertility control vaccine PZP remotely to wild mares on the range. The vaccine is 97% effective in preventing pregnancy and is an excellent tool to keep wild horses in balance with their environment.

And, unlike the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) $81 million-a-year roundup program, our program is cost-effective and most importantly, keeps wild horses where they belong: in the wild.

From the get-go, there were skeptics: “How do you expect to deliver fertility control in such a large wild horse population in such a vast habitat area?”

But we didn’t back down from the challenge. Our team — including our incredible volunteers — worked hard, day-in and day-out. And tens of thousands of you supported this work along the way.

Over the course of this past year, our mostly volunteer team delivered over 1,700 fertility control treatments (primers and boosters) to more than 950 mares in the 300,000-acre Virginia Range. That number represents nearly 80% of the reproductive-age mares in this roughly 3,000-horse mustang population.

The Stunning News? Our team actually OUTPERFORMED the BLM’s own program to administer fertility control!

You can read more about the program in this Reno Gazette-Journal editorial by our Director of Field Operations, Greg Hendricks.

We didn’t do this alone. This successful effort would not be possible without our village of partners and supporters — the Nevada Department of Agriculture, political and business leaders, including Governor Steve Sisolak, Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, tech company Blockchains LLC and real estate developer Lance Gilman, to local wild horse organizations, our amazing team of dedicated volunteers, and generous supporters like you.

I hope that you feel as proud as I do of this work, our team in Nevada, and what we have all achieved together.

Even as we celebrate these accomplishments, we know that this work is far from over. The BLM and the livestock industry continue to push for a multi-billion dollar plan to round up and remove more than 100,000 wild horses from public lands in the next ten years.

We’ll continue to fight back using every resource at our disposal. And, even during these difficult times for our country, we’ll work to expand our operations in Nevada — home to more than half of the nation’s remaining wild horses — to continue to show that wild horses can be managed humanely and to ensure that America’s mustangs stay wild and free.


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